Part Two

Copyright 1996 By Ray Thomas


This technique is as old as politics itself, and has been used to control the masses for thousands of years. It is called "The Hegelian Principle."

Thesis, antithesis, and synthesis:

  1. Thesis: create a problem.

  2. Antithesis: Generate opposition (fear, panic, hysteria) to the problem.

  3. Synthesis: Now offer the solution to the problem you have created. A solution which involves changes that would have been impossible to have imposed upon people without the proper psychological conditioning obtained through stages one and two (Thesis, antithesis).

I saw this principle at work from close up during the sixties when I lived in southern California. College students created an uproar the likes of which I had never seen before that produced many sweeping changes which are still causing major problems for the populace of this country. But not for the liberals, because they were the ones who created the problem so they could solve it. If you look at many of the problems now promoted by this government and the solutions offered to solve the problems, you'll see the Hegelian Principle in operation.


Like the Wizard in "The Wizard of Oz," this country is, for the most part, being run by people whose names you would not recognize, who manipulate events so as to daily increase their power over us all. There are many such people, and some of them are actually in competition with each other. But their aims are the same: total domination and power over everybody in the world. And a "New World Order" and a global government run by the United Nations, is at least one, and probably several of the conspiracies.

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill himself said: "From the days of Sparticus, Wisehophf, Karl Marx, Belacoon, Rosa Luxenberg, and Emma Goldman, this world conspiracy has been steadily growing. This conspiracy played a definite recognizable role in the tragedy of the French revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th century. And now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their head and have become the undisputed masters of that enormous empire."

Justice Felix Frankfurter of the U. S. Supreme Court said: "The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes."

Franklin D. Roosevelt, in a letter written November 21, 1933 to Colonel W. Mandell House (founder of the CFR and an admitted Marxist), said: "The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the U. S. since the days of Andrew Jackson."


Is this the stuff of crackpots? After reading what you've just read, is it possible for you to ignore it and go on while they try to make you a simple pawn in their efforts to gain control over everything you do? I could go on and on, quoting well-known and respected people who tell of this conspiracy, but I think I've made my point: Communism (Socialism) is alive and well all over the world. Not just in Russia, but in most other countries too. Any country that has a Socialist government is no different from a communist one in that it requires you to "live for the sake of others," not for yourself. The people who have tried to tell the American people about these conspiracies are not nuts. They are well-respected people and they should be taken seriously. It's one thing to read what extremists say, but quite another to read what these people say.


Any government which demands that you sublimate your own needs and desires to the needs and desires of others is robbing you. Any government that penalizes you for becoming successful is jealous of that success and any part of the fruits of that success that they take from you, they've stolen. It doesn't matter what "good things" they've used as an excuse. To take from you the fruits of your labors against your will is theft.


It doesn't matter what name they give it, it's still forced altruism, and forced altruism is the philosophy of the thief. The basic maxim under which forced altruism (and all the other isms mentioned above) operate: "From each according to his ability, and to each according to his need," is a license to steal. It advocates taking from the productive members of society and giving to the unproductive. Therefore, those who operate under this maxim are, by definition, thieves. They steal what you have earned and give it to others, whether you agree or not.


Why do they do it? It's not for the money. Most of the elitist liberals in this country and in others are already rich (no matter how much they may deny it). They don't need the money. What they want is power. Unbridled power to tell you what you can and cannot do. David Rockefeller, chairman emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, founder of the Trilateral Commission (both One-world Socialist government organizations), doesn't need your money. Teddy Kennedy doesn't need your money. They've both got more than they could hope to spend in several lifetimes. What they want is the power to completely control you. From the evidence that's in, they'll do just about anything. Foment wars (Iraq), murder people (Waco, Ruby Ridge. etc.) ruin people, create famine and starvation, bankrupt the country, and just about anything else if it advances their goals.


Communism is only as dead as you make it by your belief that it is. Communism is "alive and well" and will continue to be so long as there is one forced altruist left on this planet. Communism in Soviet Russia is dead. Because they say it is, and all the former communists say they are no longer communists while they continue to run the country. As Gorbachev said to the Politburo, their purpose is to "disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep." Are you going to allow that to happen? Or are you going to wake up and do something about it? Don't buy the thesis that one person can't create major change. You can, mostly by informing yourself and exposing their game for all to see. Find out what they're doing and tell everyone you can so they can't fool us any longer. Search out information on their doings and when you find it tell everyone you can think of. Exposure can ultimately stop them.

Believe it or not.

The first thing you must do to help in this fight is to keep yourself informed as to things the power seekers don't want you to know.

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