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Hello! My name is Baby Tiddley Winks. I am pleased to introduce you to all the baby ponies up for adoption! You can adopt as many as you like. They would love to have a new home on your pages! Please remember that you cannot use them for graphics on your pages. If you want custom graphics, I'll make you some in trade for ponies. (pays for time involved)

Here's the rules: *sigh* (I wish I didn't have to make rules, but too many people have been mean to me by using/altering my images for ebay.)
#1. Don't use these adoptees for graphics for your webpages (they need to be in their adoption table). Don't even alter them for web graphics. If you want graphics, go to my graphics page. Or I can make you custom graphics in trade for a pony. WHY? Because all of the adoptees are hand-drawn by me, and are not edited from coloring books, printed material, etc.

#2. Don't alter the adoptees in any way. This means don't. Even if it's a bow, or a pony idea you want to see as an adoptee- please don't. If you want an adoptee custom made, just ask me to make one. It may take me a few months. If you really, really have an itching to make one, email me and I may approve it, but it will show up for everyone to adopt.
(however, you can adjust the size of the pony by changing the image tags)

#3. You must have each pony you adopt in their table, you must not alter the table code (located at the bottom of this page) in any way except to put in the adoptees name or adoption date in. This means not erasing the link to my adoption pages, etc...

#4. You can adopt as many as you like. It's up to you, if you want to clutter your web pages. I don't recommend it, 'cause personally, I don't think cluttered web pages look nice. But hey, it's up to you.

Baby girl poniesBaby boy poniesBaby DragonsBaby Bushwoolies

name of baby
was adopted on month/day/year at Dreamchaser's Lullabye Nursery Adoptions

All you have to do, is select the text below (starting at the "TABLE" tags), go to "edit" in your browser window and select "copy" (or if you are know the shortcut: command/control "C") You can then paste (command/control "V") the table in your web page. Or you can paste it into a word processing document for later use. All items in red are the items you need to change to fit the pony you have adopted.
Please note, that you may have to include the whole file name for the image to show up. I know that Angelfire is like that. In example:
<IMG SRC="">
If you need more help please let me know and I may be able to help you, Alright?
Without further adu, here is the table for your pony adoption.

<table border="3" width="30% bordercolor="#E569FF" bgcolor="#A9FFFE" >


<td bgcolor="FFFFC0" ><IMG SRC="imagename.gif"></td>

<td><p align="center"><font color="#00B800" size="2"

face="Comic Sans MS"><B>name of baby</font></B><BR>
<font color="#FF80C0" 
size="2"face="Comic Sans MS"><B>was adopted on


<font color="#FF80C0" size="2"face="Comic Sans MS">

<font color="#0080FF" size="2" face="Comic Sans MS"><B> at</B></font

<font size="2" face="Comic Sans MS"><B> </B></font><a

<font size="2" face="Comic Sans MS">
<B> Dreamchaser's Lullabye Nursery Adoptions</B></font></a></p>



NOTE: Right clicking has been disabled due to too many people stealing my images for ebay. If you need to use right-click to get this table for your adoptions, please PLEASE CLICK HERE! Thanks!

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