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Where Are They Now

As the 1980's started Rosetta Stone finally found their nitch in the music world. They had been recording music from a new upcoming song writer, Bryan Adams, and were making a name for themselves in Canada with their EP "Hiding From Love".

After some time they came to the realization that they wanted a more steady life...families, homes, etc.

Since the break-up in 1984 they have managed to fulfill their dreams.

Damian and Muriel have 5 lovely children (Nicola, Damian Jr., Emma, Connor, and Adam) and grandchildren.

Colin and Belinda have 2 children (Rebecca and Sam).

Terry and Libby don't have any children.

Andy is married with children.

Ian and Wendy have no children.

Damian and Colin own a printing business and are extrememly successful with it. Damian is also manager of his 2 sons' band ACIDTONE (Adam and Connor).

Terry works with machinery.

Andy has asked me not to reveal his occupation.

Ian still performs.

Enda Walsh now works with the band "Van Morrison".

Paul Lerwill (who has changed his name to Gregory Gray) is living in London and still in the music business.

Alan Ward worked with Rosetta Stone for a few months after they recorded "Boys In Action". Here's a cute incident he recalls: "One gig that springs to mind was at Oldham. We lugged all the equipment up a stair to the stage, set up, and ready to go. Then we were informed that we were to use the P.A. system that was already there. You can imagine the conversation that followed. a lot of ##### and a lot of ====++++++++! Need I say more?"

Gary Limbaugh (who played with RS while they were in Canada) lives in London, England and works for a radio station.

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