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A Brief History Of Rosetta Stone

In 1973 childhood friends Ian Mitchell, Damian, Terry and Colin McKee, formed a band called Albatross (later Bang, still later Young City Stars, and finally Rosetta Stone). They played local clubs and dance halls and quickly became popular, often opening concerts for the Bay City Rollers. Andy LeGear also had his own band called The Wooden Shoe before joining Young City Stars.

Young City Stars with Jim Whyte

Young City Stars with Alfie (whom Andy replaced) and with organist Marie

In early 1976 Ian decided to leave Young City Stars to join the Rollers. Young City Stars added guitarist Andy LeGear from Belfast. Later that year Ian returned to Young City Stars. Roller manager Tam Paton, noticed their talents and became their manager. They changed the name to Rosetta Stone in 1977 and signed on with Private Stock Records later that year.

The first album, "Rosetta Stone" was released in the United States in May 1978. "Rock Pictures", the Japanese and UK release of that same album was also released in 1978.

A second album, "Caught in the Act" was released in 1979. In early 1979 Ian departed Rosetta Stone and was replaced with Paul "Flash" Lerwill. Paul left in the early 80's and was replaced with Enda Walsh. In 1982 the EP "Hiding From Love" was released. In 1984 they disbanded.

While Rosetta Stone disbanded, their fans remained loyal and in August 1998 the very first Rosetta Stone Fan Fest was organized, by Marianne Bean, and a group of 14 fans flew in from various countries and met in Downpatrick, where the McKee's (along with two substitute guitar players) performed. Ian and Andy were unable to come due to schedule conflicts.

In July 1999 the second Rosetta Stone Fan Fest was a Reunion of the original members of Rosetta Stone. It was the first time they had performed together in almost 20 years. It was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado and it was the very first time that the band performed in the United States.

September 2001 brought the 3rd Rosetta Fest in Gatwick, England. Over 50 fans attended and the performance was done by Damian, Colin, Terry, Ian, Gary Limbaugh, and Hugh.

Rosetta Stone Shopping Center