Merry Christmas


Oh, if we could just have the innocent wonder of Christmas that children have.  If we could find joy in the little things......


the hug from an

unexpected friend...









simple songs from the heart...

(how often do we hear the songs children make up?  how can we not smile at that?)


quiet words

of love




a new adventure

(or "interruption")

of any kind...


A light shining

in the darkness..

no matter how small...





a touch of the Comforter's hand...


the little "owies'

in life...with a tender

healing touch ...





"work" to be done...

little critters....





a good book...


And what do you see now that you hadn't found joy in before?



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I will

add more!



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Joy To The World...music provided by

  Rhesa Siregar  

for the Songs Of Praise Christmas page