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When I went off to college, I already had a dream of being a nurse as I had worked as a nurses' aid throughout high school.  So as I entered college, I worked again as a nurses' aid, and after 3 years, entered nursing school 
The most important person in my life during those three years was a lady I met my first day at work, at the hospital there.  She had been there for over ten years.  Yes, you read right - over ten years!  She had been brought in by family very ill and they never came back.  She had encephalitis, and never regained her health.  When I met her, she could not talk nor communicate, and was considered a "vegetable" but the sisters that ran the hospital had taken her in as a "border."  This was in the early 60's when hospital care was very different, and long term care was not available without funds.
Everyone seemed very fond of her, and I was drawn to her with no reason I could explain.  She made eye contact, but that was the only way I saw her communicating.  But I noticed that nurses and aides spent a lot of time talking to her.....it seemed weird, but did not surprise me.  I knew she was special to everyone that worked there.
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  We had an aid on that floor who was mentally handicapped, and did amazing work.  She was never given responsibility to make decisions, but could carry out many of the duties the rest of us did...and many times better.  She had a tender heart for our patients.  I would see her hobbling down the hall, and always humming a tune, always cheerful, no matter what was asked of her.
She taught me much about becoming a nurse that loved unconditionally - and that had nothing to do with any knowledge I gained through my studies.  Her patients loved her and seemed to "catch" her gentle peace.
Yes, she was special - but the lady I am really talking about here is Jeannie, the patient I mentioned.    The nurses' aide I just told you about took care of Jeannie everyday she worked.  And those were Jeannie's best days.  As I observed them, and became connected to them, I noticed something else.  Jeannie could make grunting noises, but could not form any words...but as I watched Jeannie and this aide, it became very evident that they were communicating.  Not just talking, but communicating on a deep level..
The more I watched the two of them, the more fascinated I became.
They laughed together and cried together!  Jeannie's whole body would shake and her eyes water as this aide would laugh...she was laughing!
On her bad days, Jeannie's was obviously in pain, and the tears would roll - and the aide's tears also were flowing.  She understood what was happening with Jeannie.
I had a hard time understanding this aid's words, but eventually got  to where we could talk.  Then I realized, Jeannie was talking just like her but her muscles could not form the words well!!!  Jeannie and the aide laughed mercilessly at me when I finally figured out that Jeannie was talking!!  In the 10 years she had been there, only this aide- with no education- had been able to see Jeannie's potential!
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Soon after that, we moved into a new hospital, and Jeannie was put on the "stroke" floor and we were all transferred there too.  She had a bed by a window there-- the first she had seen of the outside world for ten years!  You can imagine her delight to watch the things we miss every day.  She discovered the new cars, and the speed they traveled!  She saw the changes in the weather we took for granted.  She saw the beauty of every morning and evening that we so often ignored.  She taught all of that knew her to appreciate and love every day we had!!
In school, I learned about a new concept of message boards to communicate with post stroke patients (remember this was in the 70's and these were brand new concepts then!)...so I brought the idea to work, and we learned it with Jeannie.  For the first time, she could spell out her words to us and convey an abstract thought.  And oh, the thoughts she had!
That woman could praise the Lord in ways I had never heard before - or since!!
She loved God with a love that goes beyond any comprehension I have.  Never did she complain nor whine about her lot in life - she constantly thanked Him for His love and provision.
She was our counselor and friend.  A private mentor in how to accept life and become victorious and HAPPY no matter our circumstances.
When one of our own nurses was struck down in a violent crime, she comforted us.
When our head nurse suffered a heart attack and had to retire, Jeannie was her mentor - restoring her to health.
She loved hearing about our lives, and we all brought in people to meet her.  Everyone who met her loved her- and knew they had been blessed in meeting her.
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bunny my angel umaware- Jeannie bird
This is "Our Jeannie"
Oh, how I pray you may have the pleasure of being blessed by such a precious person in your life!
don't we all need a little security?
I know none of us who knew her will ever forget her 
- nor will we ever be the same as before we knew her.
these are for Jeannie
 So, you tell me...
do you think she may have been an angel unaware?
Angel Unaware Indeed!
too sweet!
Jeannie passed away in 1977 (I believe). 
But before she left this earth, she was reunited with her daughter- who remembered as a 5 year old girl, taking her mom to the hospital, and driving away with her dad and never seeing her again.  She searched for her mom for nearly 5 years ( as well as I can remember her story) before she found her.  I remember the day we got a call asking if we had a patient by that name - nearly blowing all of us away!!!  Within a week, a woman came to meet "OUR JEANNIE"....as her mom.  Oh, the tears flowed that day!  And Jeannie was a grandmother!
God blessed her faithfulness with friends - and reuniting her with her own family before he took her home.
But I think if you could ask her now, she would always say her biggest blessing was "MY JESUS."
Nothing in her life was as precious to her - and I pray her example will always be my goal!
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