Oh, My child!

Why do you run after false promises when I have never failed you?

What blinds your eyes to My love?

Why do you not see what glorious things I have in store for you?

Instead, you turn your eyes away from My glorious light,

And follow a flickering ray of hope-

Only to be taken off the path of My wonderful plans for you.

If only you would turn around,

You'd see Me holding out My arms to you.

You'd feel the warmth of My light

And hear My songs of love for you.

But you run toward that tiny light,

Hearing only the promises of love and music and warmth,

Settling for momentary happiness instead of everlasting joy;

Conditional love instead of that which has no end;

A short burst of song instead of heavenly choruses.

You think you'll find your dreams come true,

But you are so far off the path I have prepared for you!

I know the plans I have for you,

     the only way there,

        and they will never change.


I'll wait for you to turn around and see me, and when you do, and come humbly back to me calling out for my help and forgiveness, I'll open my arms wide to you.  Until then I'll cry for all the pain you must go through before you'll let yourself turn away from the false flickers and promises.  I'll weep over the lost joys along the way, and the time we lost with each other. Pray you do not wait too long and lose your way all together!

Copyright 2002 Glenda Bell All rights reserved


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