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  As I walked around the mountain property with my old, deaf, and partly blind miniature Schnauzer "following" me, I learned some very valuable lessons.  If there was no semblance of a trail, she stayed close behind me.  On a natural trail, she'd run on ahead- not turning back to see if I was following, but nose to the ground, choosing her own "forks in the road."  She was definitely following another's tracks.

  When we came to a real road, she took off even faster in the tracks of many vehicles, and then off the road into the brush, completely ignoring me as she explored.  She was totally unaware of any danger or of my warning cries or whistles.  The excitement of new smells seduced her away from me.   Her safety was in my hands,  yet she was out of my reach.  All I could do was follow until I could catch her, pick her up, or leash her  to make her get back on the path.

  I was impressed with the comparisons in my own life and the similarities of our "walks" and the dis-tracks we take.  I am excited to share these with you:

  God has a plan for us, and a chosen path is a part of that plan.  If we keep our eyes on Him, and follow where He leads, we are not only safe and protected, but we will also reach the goal He has for us in His  time and with few battle scars.

  I am saddened to admit,  I do the same thing  my dog does.  As soon as I see it is a path a few others have taken, I push on ahead and follow their lead, taking my eyes off of Him.  When I come to a fork in the path, if I don't stop and wait until I see where He leads me, I very well may take the wrong way. A 50 percent chance of getting it right is not good odds!

  When I get to a place where many have gone before (like the real road) it is easy to speed up, take in the scenery, and walk or even run on down the well-established path without my Guide and Protector.  That's where it is easy to get distracted by the things I see - things that might seduce me on a fleshly level and draw me clear off the path.  If I looked around and waited, I'd see where He was waiting for me to come back.  But, usually by then, I've gotten out of the practice of seeking His presence and have begun seeking and  following  substitutes for Him. There are plenty to be found.

    He'll watch as I meet up with the trouble that comes from following false guides and put road blocks and detours in my way to get me back where I belong.  Hopefully, I'll stumble on to a path that leads back and I'll see Him...and follow again. He desires my humble obedience and will do what He needs to do to get me there.  If I refuse to bow, He will force me to kneel before Him.  His love is so great, He will always point the way to Him!  Although He may correct me, He will never abandon me.  His correction is not His rejection of me. It is to get me into an obedient relationship with Him.  When I cry out to Him, He will come and get me, pick me up, carry me and place me back on the track.  If I have learned from this experience, I'll truly understand why He tells me not to turn to the right or to the left.   Otherwise, I'll be a lost victim of many dangers.

Oh Father, I see that You want to protect me and lead me in Your ways, yet so many times I find myself a victim of my choices.  How awesome You are to love me enough to follow me, and pick me up and carry me when I turn back to You!  I pray I will learn to daily stay close to You in all that I do and be able to enjoy the wonderful walk You have for me on this earth!   Keep me from being distracted by "dis-tracks"  so my life will be to Your glory!  I praise You and thank You for Your protection.  I look forward to our times together and all You have for me!  You are my awesome Father and I love You with all I am!

In Jesus' name I pray,



Just as I desire to protect my little dog, I cannot always do that because of her choices.

  God desires to protect me but will allow me to suffer consequences of my choices.

Biblical  Examples:  1 Chronicles 3-4;  2 Chronicles 34-36

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