Pearl Jam Frequently Asked Questions
Version 5.02
Monday, October 19, 1998

This page contains questions that have shown up repeatedly on mailing lists, web pages, and the Pearl Jam News group.


1.01 Who is in Pearl Jam?
1.02 What drummers have been in Pearl Jam?
1.03 Where is the band from?
1.04 When did they get together?
1.05 Who is Dave Krusen?
1.06 Who is Matt Chamberlain?
1.07 Why was Dave Abbruzzese fired?
1.08 How did Pearl Jam come together?
1.09 Where does the name Pearl Jam come from?
1.10 Do the members of Pearl Jam do drugs?
1.11 I've heard of Bad Radio. What is it?
1.12 What is Eddie Vedder's real name?
1.13 Does Eddie Vedder have any siblings?
1.14 What's that tattoo on Eddie's right calf?
1.15 Do the members of Pearl Jam make music outside the band?
1.16 What are Pearl Jam's influences?
1.17 What this Ticketmaster controversy all about?
1.18 What is the marital status of the band members?
1.19 Do any of them have children?
1.20 What are the birthdays of the band members?
1.21 Did any of the band members go to college?
1.22 No Code's cover concept was by Jerome Turner. Who is that?
1.23 Yield's cover concept was by Carpenter Newton. Who is that?
1.24 But songs have publishing names. Which publishing name goes with what band member?


2.01 What albums have the band released?
2.02 When was [ALBUM NAME] released?
2.03 How many copies did [ALBUM NAME] sell?
2.04 What was the first song released by the band?
2.05 What songs are on the various album?
2.06 I know I have heard other Pearl Jam songs. What gives?
2.07 How come "Even Flow" sounds different on the radio than on my CD?
2.08 What does Eddie mumble at the end of the song "Once"?
2.09 What does Eddie whisper at the beginning of "Release"?
2.10 Are there any live audio and video of Pearl Jam available commercially?
2.11 I have an extra, unlisted, instrumental on my copy of Ten. Is this rare? What is "Master/Slave?"
2.12 Why does "Footsteps" sound almost exactly like Temple of the Dog's "Times of Trouble?"
2.13 Why was the first album called Ten?
2.14 What is [SONG NAME] about and what is the inspiration for it?
2.15 Yeah, but what does "Yellow Ledbetter" REALLY mean?
2.16 Does Pearl Jam play [song name] live?
2.17 Where can I find the Pearl Jam song book?
2.18 What is Eddie mumbling at the end of "Corduroy?"
2.19 In the song "Rats," who is Ben?
2.20 Who is "Dirty Frank?"
2.21 Is "Immortality" about Kurt Cobain?
2.22 I'm confused about the No Code trading card thing.
2.23 A couple of the lyric cards I got with No Code are blacked out. Why?
2.24 Who is playing the harmonica on "Smile?"
2.25 Who is that on the cover of the "Who You Are" single?
2.26 I heard that "Hail Hail" was a single but I cannot find it. Why?
2.27 What is "Lukin?"
2.28 I like the song "Mankind" but Eddie sounds weird on it. Why?
2.29 So Stone sings "Mankind" but what does "Bachannal" mean?
2.30 I have the European pressing of Ten and in the liner notes it credits someone named "Abrellesse " on the songs "Wash," "Dirty Frank," and "Alive (live)." Who is this?
2.31 I have heard other names such as Monkeywrench, Checkpoint Charlie etc. Are these albums? Where can I find them?
2.32 What does "MFC" stand for?


3.01 What videos have the band done?
3.02 What awards have the band received?
3.03 I was watching the movie Singles and I thought I saw Pearl Jam. Are they in it?
3.04 Are there any video tapes of the band available?
3.05 Where can I find the Concert Video Guide?
3.06 What does Eddie Vedder say at the end of the "Even Flow" video?
3.07 Where was [VIDEO NAME] shot?


4.01 What instruments do the band members endorse/use?
4.02 What magazines are good for Pearl Jam music?
4.03 Where can I get a hold of some Pearl Jam sheet music?
4.04 How come the lyrics in the music books are wrong?
4.05 Have any books ever been written about the band?


5.01 What is Hallucinogenic Recipe?
5.02 On the Mookie Blaylock bootleg, there are 2 songs ("Hold your Head Up" and "Mystery") that don't sound like Pearl Jam. Why?
5.03 I am looking for a good boot, where do I go? Any recommendations?
5.04 Where can I get a copy of the Bootleg discography?


6.01 Does Pearl Jam have a fan club?
6.02 What do I get for my $10?
6.03 Are there any other Pearl Jam organizations besides the Ten Club?
6.04 Are there other places on the Internet that I can find other Pearl Jam stuff/info?
6.05 Why are there multiple addresses to the Ten Club?
6.06 What's the difference between the Ten Club and the Vitalogy Health Club?
6.07 Is there a phone number or hot line for the Ten Club?


7.01 Where can I find Lyrics?
7.02 Where can I find Guitar and Bass Tabs?
7.03 Where can I find Drum Music?
7.04 Where can I find the Concert Video Guide?
7.05 Where can I find the Sony site?
7.06 Where can I trade live shows?