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As they wind around the Stoney Island property, our ski trails pass through quite varied scenery. Leaving from the Club Hut, the first section is thick cedar bush which provides maximum protection from the wind as you warm up. The Red Trail then winds along the banks of Thundering Creek, over Sakari Bridge, and into the open Meadow section. Taking the left fork you pass through Pine Avenue (planted by Rangers during the 1980s) and back through the Meadow. Another cedar section (Unter den Zedern) leads to the gentle downhill of the South Loop, swinging through more open bush to Tennants Tumble where you descend the old shoreline for the first time. A steep rise and descent at Herringbone Hill takes you up and down the shoreline a second time. Crossing thew new Ventures Bridge 1, you ski down more open woodland to the present Lake Huron shoreline with a short sharp drop at Karel’s Cut down beside the present beach where strong north-westerly winds sometimes create deep drifts (despite our planting 500 cedars for protection). After a sharp rise you swing right which brings you on to the old Logging Trail which passes right through the property as open hardwood forest.

At the bottom of Jack Rabbit Hill you have the choice of staying on the Logging Trail as it swings to the left, or taking the right fork to go up the hill, turning round at the top, and have a downhill run down the Bunny Hill as it swings to the right and rejoins the Logging Trail. After the new Society Bridge you have another choice: take the left trail to avoid Kamikaze Hill, or climb the right trail and along the top of the old shoreline to the steep descent of Kamikaze Hill which leads into the long glide down Roly’s Runway. Turn left at the junction and south on the Middle Trail across the property back to the Logging Trail again. Repeat the Logging Trail; but this time you must take the right fork after the Society Bridge and keep straight on at the top avoiding Kamikaze Hill, turning east beside Concession 7 through open hardwood forest up to the Nut Grove where you cross Whispering Creek and finish through a dense cedar bush back to the Club Hut.

Our snowshoe trails begin at the South side of the parking lot. After just 30 meters you have 2 choices:

A: Turn right and follow the Forest Trail which winds through thick bush, crossing the main ski trail. Eventually you emerge at the top of the old shoreline just above Society Bridge where there is a bench made by John Lash where you can enjoy the scenery. From there follow the Ridge Trail which follows along the top of the old shoreline with breathtaking views over the west side of the property. The Ridge Trail then turns inland, through some cedar bush crossing the main ski trail again and ends at Sakari Bridge. Across this bridge you can either turn sharp left up to Ventures 2 Bridge, cross it and return to the parking lot – or continue to the right and follow Choice B.

B: Go straight on to Ventures 2 Bridge, turn right and follow beside Thundering Creek to Sakari Bridge. Go straight on (don’t cross the bridge) and follow a twisting trail for 50 metres until there is a short-cut on your right. Take it, and straight ahead of you is the South snowshoe trail winding through open bush ending close to the top of Tennants Tumble. Go straight across and you will see a new gentle ramp down the glacial shoreline. Turn right on a small trail which leads to the picturesque old Ventures 1 Bridge. Cross the bridge and take a right turn along a small trail. In 50 meters you can either turn left and follow the new and amazing Big Root Trail (see C - below) or go straight on to the bottom of Jack Rabbit Hill. Continue straight across and there is a trail to your right up a narrow valley which connects up to the Ridge snowshoe trail. There you can then either turn left and return to the Car Park along the Ridge and through the Forest Trail, or for a shorter route - turn right and return to Sakari Bridge, then to Ventures 2 Bridge and left to the parking lot.

C: Big Root trail is named for two immense roots of trees blown over in gales. Assuming you are doing the loop clockwise, you start near the old Ventures 1 bridge. You start towards the lake and in 50 m will see on your left Lovers' Rock (a huge glacial, erratic). Continue winding through bush and you will slowly approach the shore of Lake Huron. Eventually you will come out on the top of the bluff - some 50 feet high. Follow it northward for about 100 meters, then look for a turning to your right, heading inland. Follow that trail - it crosses a ski trail - and after another 400 m. you will come to a huge cedar tree root. Continue inland close to the main trail, then it will turn north and wind through some dense bush and you will see another huge root of a massive hemlock tree that blew over 20 years ago. Continue another 400 m and you end up at the Bunny Hill - then go up the narrow valley as in B.

See you on the trails! 


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