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Swedish Borgward Meeting 22nd of May - 24th of May 2009 in Sätra Bruk - Tibro

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Swedish Borgward Meeting 23rd of May - 25th of May 2008 in Hässleholm

Hassleholm_1 Hassleholm_2 Hassleholm_3 Hassleholm_4 Hassleholm_5 Hassleholm_6 Hassleholm_7 Hassleholm_8 Photobucket Hassleholm_10 Hassleholm_11 Hassleholm_12

Swedish Borgward Meeting 2nd June - 4th June 2006 in Frillesås/Vallersvik

Vallersvik_2.JPG(69574 bytes) Vallersvik_3.JPG(69574 bytes) Vallersvik_4.JPG(69574 bytes) Vallersvik_5.JPG(69574 bytes) Vallersvik_6.JPG(69574 bytes) Vallersvik_8.JPG(69574 bytes) Vallersvik_9.JPG(69574 bytes) Vallersvik_10.JPG(69574 bytes)

Here you have some pictures from the Swedish Borgward Club's meeting 2006 in Vallersvik.

Borgward spare parts catalogue on CD for sale

CD_omslag_1_RevA.jpg(77326 bytes) ersatzteile_1.jpg(77326 bytes) Bremsanlage_1.jpg(77326 bytes) PAGE_197.JPG(77326 bytes)

I have now put together an original spare parts catalogue for all Isabellas on a CD. The spare parts catalogue consist of all drawings and spare parts lists and is in total over 500 pages long. The catalogue is updated with all models up to late 1960, the only missing model is the so called model 61/62 (the last approximately 800 build Isabellas). For model 61 there are no drawing but the spare parts list is up to date with for example all parts for the late brake system.

The catalogue is very useful when searching for parts from other car makes and there are lots of drawings showing for example profile for rubber parts and for some parts there is stated the measurement for the part.

The catalogue is in both German and English.

The price for the CD is 40 USD or 35 EURO and this includes worldwide shipping.

If you want to order this product, send me an e-mail to

Borgward links page

BW_romb_vingar.jpg(77326 bytes) Romb_normblatt.jpg (77326 bytes) Isabella_57_soltak_webe_jpg.JPG (77326 bytes)

Mvc_137s.jpg (77326 bytes) Look under the hood and examine the world of Borgward!

If you miss your Borgward, Lloyd, Hansa or Goliath page, send me an E-mail. If you have questions regarding Borgward products and especially Isabella send me an E-mail.
My name is Lars Källbom und Ich spreche auch deutsch! I live in Sweden.

Germany.gif (77326 bytes)German text

Some pictures of Borgward Isabella that I have been an owner of

My first Isabella standard -61 never went into the road, only used as a spare part car, scraped in 1974.

Is_61_renovering_jpg.JPG (185115 bytes)

This rebuilt Isabella Coupé -60 I bought in 1987 (chassis number 368 631). It consists of several Mercedes and Volvo parts! It is still waiting for restoration.

DYL022_1.jpg (185115 bytes) DYL022_front_OGE_landet.jpg (185115 bytes) DYL022_rear_landet.jpg (185115 bytes)

In December 2013 on its way to my new dry garage, still waiting for total restoration  photo IMG_4287_small_zpsb831ead6.jpg  photo IMG_4285_small_zpsf3c88f3d.jpg

This is an Isabella TS -60 with, Golde Faltdach, big canvas sunroof. This car was scraped due to heavy rust in the body and missing registration papers. I have kept almost every thing from this car, as well as roof, front- and rear body parts, as spare parts.

TS_taklucka.jpg (69574 bytes) TS_taklucka.jpg (69574 bytes)

This is an empty body to an Isabella TS de Luxe -61 (chassis number 1500018), a late car but still not a model 61/62 with black steering wheel and round speedometer! This car was bought in 1992 with lots of spareparts and the intention is to restore this car and put the big sunroof on it. I have during the years collected most missing TS de Luxe parts, but I still miss some of the chrome parts around the windows, anybody out there willing to sell or part with me?

TS_deLuxe_Tibble.jpg (69574 bytes) CHY_2.jpg (69574 bytes) TS_deLuxe_fenders.jpg (69574 bytes)

The total rebuild has started in autum 2007

TS_de_Luxe_Oskarshamn_2.JPG (69574 bytes) TS_de_Luxe_1 TS_de_Luxe_3 TS_de_Luxe_2 TS_de_Luxe_4 033_ljusare TS_de_Luxe_6 046_small Interior_ready_welded_1 Interior_ready_welded_2 Photobucket Rear_axel_new_bracket Radius_arm_left rear_left Trunk_lid_part Trunk_lid Front_axel_lose Front_axel_old Front_axel_painted_parts Engine_green Engine_1 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

New objects bought in June 2008


This will be called the "shoe box project". A Borgward Isabella Coupé -58 (VIN 346781) not running since 1978!

FFS_left FFS_enine_compartment FFS_rear FFS_rear_on_trailer FFS_front_on_trailer Photobucket FFS_rear_off_trailer FFS_in_garage

This is a Borgward Isabella TS -61 (VIN 1191012) not running since 1975!

AME_front AME_left AME_right AME_rear ANE_interior_steering_wheel Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket> Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

This Isabella standard -60 I owned between 1992 and 2000. Now this car has returned to Germany and is rebuilt to better standard than it was originally delivered from the factory in Bremen!

bil.JPG (185115 bytes) ETUEKY.jpg (92187 bytes) ETUfront.jpg (79385 bytes) ETUrear1.jpg (85900 bytes) ETUstol.jpg (68105 bytes)

Some pictures of my previous car at a visit to my home 2004

ETU_Jorg_Mdl_4_EKY.jpg (85900 bytes) ETU_Jorg_Mdl_6_EKY.jpg (85900 bytes)
A very nice picture taken at the Swedish annual Borgward meeting in Hjo 2004 of the fully restored Isabella now living in Kiel, Germany.

ETU_723_Hjo.jpg (85900 bytes)

Borgward Isabella Coupe' -61
This is an Isabella Coupé -61 (chassis number 370 313) that I bought in 1996. The car is undergoing a running restoration and is now back on the road after some 25 years standing in several barns. A lot of welding was necessary, among others all floor panels are new.

EKY_eker_colur.jpg (69574 bytes) EKY035_renovering.jpg (69574 bytes) eky035_u_bax_jpg.JPG (69574 bytes) Mvc_646f.jpg (69574 bytes)

She is back on the road with a fresh badge on the rear number-plate after a visit at Svensk Bilprovning, the Swedish "TÜV" Here are some photos from here first 50 kilometres long test-run to Sörö south of Gothenburg. No type badge and moulding on fender and door are yet attached and wire wheels and sport mirrors of "Talbot" type is missing. That will soon come and there are also Marchal extra headlamps to be equipped on here along with an Ansa like twin-pipe silencer "Endschalldämpfer"

EKY2_329_Kallbom.jpg (69574 bytes)

Here are some pictures from the first longer test-run to the annual meeting of the Swedish Borgwardclub on the island Visingsö. Some 400 kilometres were made with no problems, only some oil was to be topped up in the engine. Now the wire wheels are on and also new tyres 185/70R14 to look like the original 6.40x13.

Visingso_EKY035_front_left.jpg (69574 bytes) Visingso_EKY035_front_right.jpg (69574 bytes) ekerhjul_EKY035.jpg (69574 bytes)

At a car meeting in Gothenburg the summer 2003

EKY_Skanskaskrapan.jpg(69574 bytes)

This picture is taken at the Swedish Borgward meeting 2005 in Figeholm. Now the original Talbot rear view mirrors and Borgward letters on the hood are there and 4 Marchal extra lights!

EKY_extraljus.jpg(69574 bytes)

Some pictures from the car meet Tjolöholm Classic Motor 2005. Now the big hood ornament is on the car!

eky035_Tjoloholm.JPG(69574 bytes)

The car is totally rebuild and now is in Germany

E_Bay_1.JPG(69574 bytes) E_Bay_7.JPG(69574 bytes)

NEW 2005-10-16 Borgward Isabella Coupé -60 from US

xhs533_left.JPG(69574 bytes) xhs533_rear.JPG(69574 bytes) XHS533_Stravalla_low.JPG(69574 bytes) xhs533_Stravalla_2_low.JPG(69574 bytes) xhs533_Stravalla_3_low.JPG(69574 bytes)

Here is my new Isabella Coupe -60, a previous USA car bought from the first owner north of Minneapolis. The car arrived to Sweden in September 2005 after its long journey back to Europe.

XHS533_USA_1(69574 bytes) USA_testrun.JPG(69574 bytes) USA_owner.JPG(69574 bytes) USA_owner_2.JPG(69574 bytes)

Tests run in USA before the purchase and the previous owner Harold (in blue T-shirt) and his brother.


In Bremen 2006

Angelholm_10.JPG(69574 bytes)

With wire wheels in Ängelholm 2007


In Oskarshamn harbour 2007


With new EU bumpers in front


and rear


On its way to a new owner in June 2008

Sold in Germany december 2013 for 23 000 EURO after getting new paint  photo _57_zps6832beea.jpg  photo _62_zpsc3088128.jpg  photo _60_zps4bb52c5e.jpg  photo _59_zps8e9c3b51.jpg  photo _64_zps93691bd7.jpg  photo _63_zps0c098cb0.jpg  photo _67_zpsd420c7f4.jpg

"Värmlands TS:en" not running since 1972 a model 1961 undergoing a full restoration and fitted with disc brakes.  photo DSC00351_zps5d56d40d.jpg  photo DSC00354_zpsd7beb7f1.jpg  photo DSCN4344_small_zps73e2ab97.jpg  photo DSCN4394_small_zpsb12ddd7e.jpg  photo DSCN4614_small_zps0355756e.jpg  photo DSCN4637_small_zpse631e124.jpg  photo DSCN5440_small_zpsd074fc10.jpg  photo DSCN5441_small_zps2d1c195e.jpg  photo DSCN5442_small_zps87cf5620.jpg  photo IMG_2720_small_zps9ac0fd53.jpg  photo IMG_4200_small_zps36e4f545.jpg  photo IMAG0120_small_zps210ad4de.jpg  photo IMG_4199_small_zpsbaeb3e69.jpg  photo IMAG0135_zps65572b08.jpg
Latest restoration object, Isabella TS -61, purchased in Högsby December the 1st 2013.  photo IMG_4261_small_zps89db38ac.jpg  photo IMG_4259_small_zps4965b356.jpg  photo IMG_4262_small_zpsecf6e455.jpg  photo IMG_4278_small_zps970c8e4c.jpg  photo IMG_4283_small_zps3955e8a5.jpg  photo IMG_4342_small_zps1e5037be.jpg

This is an Isabella TS -59 that I saved from being scraped in 2000. The person trying to rebuild it to a cabrio did not follow the standard from Karl Deutsch, who made some 800 original ones in Köln. This car dose not have any doors and the canvas roof is missing, so you have to drive it a sunny day and of that kind there are not much in Sweden. I traded this car and got a Borgward engine that turned instead!

FBJ748_1.jpg (69574 bytes)

This is the last picture of my fathers second Isabella just before it was scraped in 1972. It was an Isabella standard -58, and it was in the families possession from brand new until it was scraped. With this car I learned how an Isabella is build and should be repaired.

o44082_last1_jpg.JPG (68105 bytes)

This is my fathers third Isabella, also a standard, but a 1960 model. It was bought in 1968 for only 1200 SEK (approximately 120 USD) and was scraped in 1974 after running some 50 000 kilometres. With this car I learned to drive and made my practices before getting my driver's license!

o28039.jpg (68105 bytes)

Here you can read the history of my involvement with Borgward (new 2005-04-04)

My involvement with Borgward

Here you can read all about Carl F W Borgward (thanks to Russell Smithies, New Zealand)

Borgward History

Zu gut für diese Welt. Von Aufstieg und Untergang eines deutschen Automobil-Pioniers und von der Rückkehr seines Lebenswerks (new 2001-08-08)
Motor_Isabella_54_jpg.JPG (335794 bytes) Borgward cars and parts

Borgward oldtimer, verkaufe Borgward aus dem ganzen Bundesgebiet (new 2001-08-08)
Buy Borgward model cars, raod-tests etc, search for "Borgward" on (new 2001-02-12)
Buy wood parts for Isabella Coupé and steering wheel in wood (new 2001-04-11), with prices and advertisement around Borgward cars (new 2001-09-05)
Solex Pierburg Vergaser (new 2003-03-13)

Auto Himmeln (Roof fabrics) (new 2003-08-07)

Drawings of spare-parts for Isabella

Carl F.W. Borgward GmbH Automobil- und Motoren-Werke Bremen, Ersatzteilliste (new 2003-07-02)

Colour for Borgward

Glasurit Colour (new 2003-08-05)

Color combinations for Isabella Coupé 1959 (new 2003-10-29)

VIN numbers for all Isabellas (new 2004-01-26)

VIN numbers

Spare parts from other cars

Spare parts from other cars that will fit Borgward cars (new 2003-10-29)

Borgward Isabella spare-parts:

Thomas Lietzmann Borgward Teile (new 2010-02-22)

GARAGE TOXOPEUS (new 2003-08-05)

Borgward keys, search for "Borgward" (new 2003-08-12)

Oldtimer Garage Henry Preneux, Mittelweg 93, DE-59302 Oelde, Tel +49 252262091, Fax +49 252262092,

Order a 60 pages spare-parts catalogue, send 10 DEM

Preneux_katalog_2000.jpg (335794 bytes) Oldtimer Garage Henry Preneux homepage(new 2001-04-11)

My Favourites Borgward Links

Borgward Car Clubs

Hemsida för Svenska Borgwardklubben / Homepage for the Swedish Borgward Club (updated 2002-04-26)

Join the Swedish Borgward Club and get the magazine "Borgward-Nytt" with four issues per year. I am the previous editor of this club magazine!

BW_Nytt_61_ny_jpg.JPG(69574 bytes)

Borgward Club Nederland (new 2004-05-04)
The United Kingdom Borgward Drivers Club
Borgward Club of South Africa (new 2005-06-02)
Borgward in South Africa
Den Norske Borgwardklubb (updated 2005-01-14)
Dansk Borgward klub (updated 2007-11-22)
Australischer Borgward Club (updated 2006-10-22)
Carl FW Borgward IG
Borgward - Club Frankfurt - Würzburg (new 2006-07-03)
Borgward Owners' Club
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Borgward Truck Club (new 2005-04-04)
Club Borgward Argentina (new 2005-04-04)
Borgward Owners Elite
Borgward in Hungary (new 2007-01-02)
Borgward Club Bremen (new 2008-03-21)

World Of Goliath,Borgward & Lloyd Links Page (updated 2005-07-01)

Borgward-Oldies in der EuRegio Berchtesgadener Land, Salzburg und Traunstein (new 2005-07-01)

44 Borgward cars in Bremen (new 2004-02-10)


Oldtimer Festival Rosenheim (new 2003-09-26) (click first "History" and then "Chronik")

Isabella 50 years

Isabella als Polizei Auto (new 2007-01-02)
Isabella 50 years in Bremen (new 2004-06-23)

Isabella renovation in Sweden

Raymond Derngren Isabella page (new 2009-04-26)

Isabella Combi
H.E. Jansen combi page (new 2004-04-05)

Isabella Coupé
coupe.jpg (68105 bytes)
Coupe_drawing.jpg (68105 bytes) Coupé drawing (new 2004-02-10)
Coupe_cab_drawing.jpg (68105 bytes) Coupé Cab drawing (new 2004-02-10)
Isabella Coupé on German stamp (new 2003-08-07)
Isabella Coupé for sale (CH) (new 2003-08-07)
Elfenbein Isabella Coupé from NL (new 2003-09-24)
Nice pictuere of a blue Isabella Coupé from CH (new 2005-06-02)
Nice pictuere of a blue Isabella Coupé in a Mexico museum (new 2006-03-11)
Isabella Coupé in Zimbabwe (Restauration) (new 2007-01-02)
Isabella Coupé in Zimbabwe (Almost finished) (new 2007-01-02)

LLoyd-Freunde IG (new 2002-08-26)
Lloyd Freunde Interessengemeinschaft (new 2001-01-17)
Peter Arzberger's Facts about Lloyds (new 2001-01-17)
LLoyd 300 (new 2001-01-17)
LLoyd-Freunde (new 2001-05-08)
LLOYD (updated 2003-05-07)
Lloyd LP400 (new 2002-06-14)
Lloyd LT600 (new 2002-07-01)
Nuckelpinnen Daf, Lloyd and Goliath page (updated 2005-05-21)

Goliath and Hansa (after 1945)
World Of Goliath,Borgward & Lloyd Links Page (updated 2005-07-01)
Russell Smithies Borgward, Goliath and Hansa Information Site (up-dated 2002-12-19)
Goliath and Borgward page (in Swedish)(updated 2005-09-12)
German Goliath-page(new 2001-01-17)
Goliath GP700 page (and other Goliath cars) (new 2002-06-25)
GOLIATH 1931 to 1963 (new 2003-10-29)
GOLIATH Express 1100 page (new 2003-11-03)
GOLIATH Autohaus (new 2004-03-17)
Goliath GP900E estate for sale (new 2005-01-14)

P100, der Grosse Borgward (2.3 L)
P100_ritning.jpg (68105 bytes)
P100 with black top
An Australian P100 with many pictures
Borgward 230GL (new 2003-08-07)
Borgward P100 for sale in Germany with lots of pictures (new 2003-11-07)
Borgward P100, nice pictures (new 2005-06-02)

Sports Cars and Racing

5 Racing Borgward's at Bremen Classic Motorshow 2006 (new 2006-03-11)
Borgward 1500 Rennsport (new 2003-10-29)
Borgward Isabella Combi and Lloyd Alexander with V8 engine (new 2003-1004-04)

Improved performance by Blydenstein "Trim stage 1" (new 2005-04-11) Trim_steg_1_low.jpg(77326 bytes)

Hansa before 1945
Hansa page (updated 2002-09-30)
Borgward 2000/2300 and Hansa 1100 (updated 2003-08-07)

Borgward LKW Treffen am 21 Mai im Tiel / NL (new 2005-04-04)
Borgward LKW B611 / B1500F (new 2003-02-11)
Borgward LKW home page (new 2002-09-25)
Borgward LKW home page (new 2002-09-25)
Feuerwehr B2000 (new 2001-09-05)
Andys Borgward Truck info (new 2002-02-12)
LKW 0,75t gl BORGWARD (new 2003-02-27)
Sylt Inselbahn with B3000 (new 2003-08-07)
Sala Karosseri B1250 (in Swedish) (new 2005-06-02)
B611 bus (new 2005-06-02)
Borgward Lastern (with lots of pictures) (new 2006-03-11)
More Borgward Trucks (with lots of pictures) (new 2007-01-02)

Borgward Sammlung Würnschimmel, Wien (new 2002-12-18)
Automobiliar Schreiber
Werbeschild Borgward Isabella Coupé
NL Borgward homepage with electric schema (new 2002-03-05)
Swiss Isabella Limousine -58 for sale (updated 2002-03-05)
Gunnar Wulf's Borgward and Alfa page
Borgward und Citroën page mit Werbung und Prospekte
Smandman's Borgward page (updated 2002-08-05)
Motorbase Borgward models
Motorbase Isabella Coupé
Borgward info / A Borgward linkspage (new 2003-02-11)
Borgward world, another Borgward linkpage (new 2001-08-15)
Borgward Sonderausstellung (new 2003-02-11)
Isabella Coupé sales photo (new 2001-04-11)
Hans-Christoph Unger ... als Borgward-Fan (new 2001-08-08)
Beilfuss Borgward Isabella (new 2001-09-05)
Borgward, Lloyd and Goliath page (new 2003-02-11)
Isabella Coup� Cabrio from Carl Deutsch (new 2003-02-11)
Ein Leben für das Automobil, Borgwards Rolle im Nationalsozialismus (new 2003-02-27)
Borgward page from PL (new 2003-03-12)
Borgward products from Bremen (new 2003-03-12)
Isabella TS -58 for sale in Sweden (new 2003-03-12)
Borgward and Goliath page with "stolen" pics from this links page! (new 2003-03-12)
Karsten Antelmanns Borgwards and other Borgwards in Berlin (click on "Mitglieder") (new 2003-04-24)
Richard Senftlebens video och photogallery (updated 2004-09-21)

Here are some links to Borgward products in junkyards.

A very rusty Isabella Coup� -61 in US (new 2003-03-12)
Two different Isabella's in very bad conditions (new 2003-03-12)
Junkyard in Finland (new 2003-03-12)

Here are some pictures of modified Borgward products, prototypes etc

Lots of Lloyd Frua pictures (new 2003-08-05)
Isabella Combi Hot Rod with lots of hp! (new 2003-02-27)

Here is a suggested development of the Isabella into the year 1981, and my personal view is that it could have ended up with something very similar to the BMW 5-series!

Isabella_future_retusch.JPG (69574 bytes)

Traumwagen_prototyp_jpg.JPG (69574 bytes)This is one out of two experimental vehicles Borgward called "Traumwagen". Body made of aluminium and equipped with a boxer 4-cylinder engine.

Is_coupe_56.jpg (69574 bytes)This is the Coupé Carl Deutsch in Köln made in a limited edition before the Isabella Coupé by Borgward went into production in February 1957.

Isabella_4_door_jpg.JPG (69574 bytes)The only 4-door Isabella, went never into production.

Isabella_begravningsbil_jpg.JPG (69574 bytes)Funeral car

P90_75.jpg (69574 bytes)This is a P90, a P100 with a 4-cylinder "next generation Isabella engine" and without air suspension and less chrome parts etc. This car becomes a "P75" after it was equipped with an ordinary Isabella TS engine.

A new Borgward 2002! (new 2002-09-27) borgward2002_co08.jpg (77326 bytes)
Bertone Borgward prototype (new 2002-11-27)
Master work of a new Borgward Coupé made by Henning Holstein (updated 2003-06-03)
A new Borgward model P101 2006 (new 2006-03-11)

Borgwards for rental

Isabella Cabrio for hire
Oldtimervermietung Borgward Isabella Coupé und Cabriolet, click "Fahrzeugbestand" and then "Borgward" (new 2002-07-01)
Borgward Isabella TS de Luxe (new 2001-04-11)

Here are som links to pictures of Borgward cars

Siegfried Bunk Isabella coupé (new 2003-02-27)
Borgward Isabella Coupé Cabriolet (new 2002-06-12)
Green Swedish Isabella Combi
Isabella Coupé side
Isabella Coupé front
Isabella pick-up model
A previous DDR Borgward Isabella 1955 with changed headlights now undergoing total restauration (updated 2005-01-15)
Borgward sales literature (new 2002-02-12)

Modeller_Isabella_1.jpg(77326 bytes) Modeller_Isabella_3.jpg(77326 bytes) Isabella_model_car_11.jpg(77326 bytes) Isabella_model_car_21.jpg(77326 bytes) Isabella_model_car_31.jpg(77326 bytes) Isabella_model_car_41.jpg(77326 bytes)
Here are some pictures of my modified Revell Isabella Coupé equipped with a remote controlled chassis from a SAAB 93 giving the Isabella "fat" chromed wheels. If you are interested in how this modification is done, send me an e-mail.

Lloyd_model.JPG(77326 bytes)
Here is a picture of my modified Revell Lloyd
Here are some links to manufacturers of Borgward car toy models

Blechautos von Isabella (new 2003-02-11)
Brekina Borgward B1500
Busch Isabella Coupé model 1:87 (new)
Schuco Borgward models (new 2001-08-15)
NL Borgward Isabella Coupé model(new 2002-02-12)

Here is a Swedish bookstore with lots of "automobilia" Lafri bookstore

Here is a German bookstore with lots of Borgward "automobilia" Verlag Peter Kurtze (updated 2004-09-21)

Here is a US bookstore with lots of Borgward "automobilia" US Original Borgward Sales Literature (new 2002-02-12)

And here are some other car links

My BMW 2000 CS Links Page (new 2007-07-05)
BMW link page
Swedish BMW 2000 CS page (new 2007-01-02)
German BMW 2000 CS page (new 2007-01-02)
MARTIN PFEUFFER'S BMW 2000 CS page (new 2007-01-02)

This is a picture of a Borgward Macht Weiter, the nickname for BMW among some "Borgwardians". This car is certainly the development of an Isabella in to the year 2000. This was my daily drive until the spring 2006 and I enjoyed driving this car every day! It is a BMW 520i -97 (E39).

RMS976_2.jpg (69574 bytes)

I hope you enjoyed this Borgward page and learned something about this make that vanished in 1961 (except for the P100 build in Mexico between 1967 and 1970)!

Regards Lars K, living on the Swedish west-coast, outside Gothenburg.

3st_Isabella.jpg (69574 bytes)


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