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Princess Noor Appreciation Society International 1998

How I became interested in Princess Noor and her story

I became interested in Princess Noor's story in 1985 after reading the chapter entitled "Madeleine" from the book: A Man Called Intrepid - Sir William Stephenson. Then, five years later I came across a well-worn copy of the book: Bodyguard of Lies which offered a different perspective and served to increase my desire for more information.

Eventually, I came into contact with the crusading British author who brought Noor's story to public attention with her 1952 best-seller, "Madeleine".

After reading her re-published work, entitled: "Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan, GC, MBE, CdG.", I felt convinced that many more people would also benefit from the discovery of Princess Noor. Incidentally, this publication is still available in paperback - Visit a page dedicated to Jean Overton Fuller

Miss Fuller was most helpful in offering suggestions concerning the right course of action to take for the Postal Commemorative Project.

The first Page to be published on the Internet in honour of Princess Noor, was launched on October 24, 1998: The Begum Noor Connection

At the time, there were no other digital resources mentioning Noor Inayat Khan, with the exception of a brief book review entitled: Indian Heroes and Heroines of World War II, by Vidya Sagar Anand.

Since 1998, other pages have been created on our Princess Noor Links Page, focusing on various aspects of Noor-un-nisa's short but eventful life.

I find it most gratifying, when I see that yet another person has visited these pages and perhaps derived some benefit from learning a little about this 'Champion of Liberty'.


Tom Lipscombe,
Web Administrator
PNAS International
Montreal, QC, Canada
March 16, 2000

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