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The History of Lincoln Douglas Debate



In the links below you will find the best resources on the net for the history of Lincoln Douglas Debate. Knowing the history of LD Debate can only improve your odds of out-smarting your opponent. Please let me know if you find a link that I am missing.


Lincoln - Douglas Debates of 1858 - A very brief history of the actual debates and a map of where the debates took place.

Actual speeches from the Lincoln/Douglas Debates - Interesting to see what debating was like back then.

A short, but good article about the historyof Lincoln Douglas Debate - A good piece of background about the political state in 1858.

The seldom heard history of Stephen A.Douglas - A very extensive look at the life and politics of the lesser known Stephen Douglas.

Why did Lincoln and Douglas Debate - An interesting look at the original debates.

A great resource for history of Debates with pictures - An easy read with lots of valuable info.

More info about the famous debates - Another easy read with lots of great facts.

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