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Heart Strings

Elegant music for any occasion.

Tiffany Vandenhul

Professional Harpist & Pianist

Harp music is a beautiful addition to weddings or special occasions.   Harp music doesn't overpower voices, and sets a perfect mood no matter where engagements are held.  Live harp music adds an elegant dimension to any occasion. 






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   Holiday Events


   Original Composition

Arranging music programs for weddings, receptions, and other engagements is one of Tiffany's specialties. 

"I truly enjoy helping people decide on what music they want for their weddings and receptions.  I try to make each wedding as unique as the couple by specializing the music to fit their needs.  Couples have requested themes such as Irish, Medieval, Classical, and even Country and Western! I have been trained classically, but I enjoy playing all styles of music.  I just request a 30 day notice for specialized songs so there is adequate time to prepare them for the wedding date."

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Tiffany VandenHul

Colorado Springs, Colorado

For more information: (719) 598-2471

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