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Research notes:

Originals were lost. However here is a few of the ongoing notes I was pursuing:

I found that the cycles of the moon and the day of the most successful frequency activation was the same day I was born on. coincidence?

Use of a head band amplifies the energies and has quite an effect.

Parts must be throughly cleaned before use.

The machine has a habit of accumulating negative energies after a broadcast.
Click here and follow this procedure after a frequency has been activated or
just set the machine out in the sun for a few hours to dispel the negative energies.

In the year 2005 I will disclose a method for levitating / moving extremely heavy objects. If mans insanity is at a level where he/she deserves this knowledge than I will release it.

It seems the Mayan race knew about the planets and their energies. These energies from this machine may explain their disapperance and how they were able to "portal" to another world or planet.


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