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Welcome To Timeless Beauty// A Tamara Braun Fansite. This site is dedicated to the amzing actress Tamara Braun, who portrayed Carly Corinthos on ABC's General Hospital. [2001-2005] Tamara can now be seen on NBC's Days Of Our Lives as Ava Vitale On this site you will find up to date info pertaining to Tamara and her career.

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Days Of Our Lives [daily,nbc]
Little Chenier: Official Website


4/2: Okay so I SUCK as a webmisstress, I'm soo sorry there haven't been updates. Until recently there was nothing to report about Tamara. As most of you probably knows she has joined Days Of Our Lives as Ava Viatale, I dont' watch Days so I don't know much about her story, but hopefully now that she's back on our screens there will be new articles and interviews to share.
I'm working on a new layout for the site as well..keep checking back for updates!