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(21 May, 2004) Troy adapted from "The Iliad"
Directed by Wolfgang Petersen
he plays: Paris

(200?) Pirates of the Caribbean
Directed by Gore Verbinski
he plays: Will Turner

(200?) The Calcium Kid
Directed by Alex De Rakoff
he plays: A young boxer.....?

(2003) Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly photos here, the official site
Directed by Gregor Jordan
he plays: Joe Byrne

(2002) Black Hawk Down
BHD screen caps from Orlando Bloom Central.
Directed by Ridley Scott
he plays: Todd Blackburn

(2002) Lullaby of Clubland
he plays: Finney

(2002) Deed Poll
he plays: Sean Poll

The Lord Of The Rings, adapted from the books by JRR Tolkien
the official site
Directed by Peter Jackson
(2001) The Fellowship of The Ring
(2002) The Two Towers
(2003) The Return of The King
he plays: Legolas

(1997) Wilde, The story of Oscar Wilde
he plays: Rentboy

(1997) Midsommer Murders, episode 12: Judgement Day
he plays: Peter Drinkwater