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archives: april 2002
- April 29
>> Article: Effects wizards bound for Banff from TORN
>> More of the same article on the MTV awards here and here. I think they just visit each others sites and copy everything from each other.
>> I've thought about 'BODE', and here's a preview. Is the idea ok? E-mail me if u've got suggestions!
- April 26
>> Orlando Bloom In 'Denim Invasion' article from TORN
>> Orlando's mentioned in this article but I'm too lazy to read it...
>> New fan art, beautiful, wonderful art by Lily: one / two / three And also from Liz. (aren't they great?) Check out the rest (the old ones) here
- April 24
>> MTV Awards: Orlando is up for 'best breakthrough male'. You know who to vote for! (you can vote as many times as you want *nudge, nudge*)
>> Article from Yahoo!: "Rings" Lords over MTV Movie Nods and another very similar article here.
>> The DVD 4 disc collector's edition boxed set: Discs 3 and 4 will contain six hours of supplementary features! WOW! SIX HOURS! :O Read more here
- April 23
>> Empire Magazine will have exclusive TTT shots for us soon! Read the short article here
>> A few people have been submitting things to 'stuff', and I'd just like to say thanks, keep the ideas coming in, and that I'll be updating that section around once every 1 or 2 weeks!
>> The rumor's going around fast as hell that Orlando Bloom will play 'Nathaniel Hawkeye' in a film adaptation of 'The Deerslayer' by James Fenimore Cooper. Click here to get to TORN if you haven't been there already (they came up with this). I looked up IMDB to get a little idea of the charater Orlando *might* be playing and it seems he's a pretty funny guy who likes some girl called Cora Munro. Here's some quotes from a previous movie in which the character 'Nathaniel Hawkeye' was in.
>> Found a really pretty poster/banner thingy on eBay here
- April 21
>> has pics of the DVD (boxed set) and it looks SO good! I can't wait to get it! Click here to see it
>> Article from the April 21 2002 Sun Herald: The Kelly Gang Gathers. thanks to Gretchen for finding it
>> In case anyone's interested, I've just updated my art site. Please visit it :)
- April 19
>> If there was news, I'd put it up, but since there isn't, well then I can't... Send along any news you have! Most things today are site updates. Which are just as good, of course :)
>> For those of you who live in Australia, why not e-mail Rove to get Orli in as a special guest on Rove Live?
>> The section in Orliology called "stuff" has beed done, so now you can visit it and contribute! Just e-mail me for any improvements or additions you think should be made.
- April 16
>> Wow, I'd like to congratulate everyone who voted in this poll, for in the space of two days, Orlando's votes have gone from 60 to 2265. Keep voting!
>> Added 4 pics to gallery 13, some of which are new
>> A full page poster of Orli is available with the May 2002 Issue of TV Hits
>> Something amusing I found on e-bay: a Legolas clock
>> More Two Towers pics HERE. Thanks to!
- April 14
>> OMG, look at this. I don't believe it. I know it's no big, high profile voting thing, but Orli is coming TWENTY THIRD. We might not be able to catch up, but every little bit helps! thanks to Rosie Greenleaf for pointing this out.
>> A few photos have been added, some galleries have been fixed up, and a new one's been started. Here they are: gallery 4, gallery 11, gallery 12 and gallery 13.
- April 12
>> Sorry haven't updated for some days, I've just had a big Shakespeare assignment and I'm reading two very interesting books, and those two put together don't give much spare time. Now I'm on holidays, so if there's lotsa news goin' round, then there'll be lotsa updates here.
>> I've added two great fan artworks by Pluto < see them: one / two > That second one's so good it can get you drooling! I love fan art, so don't hesitate to send along any submissions!
>> Ever wondered what the part of Orliology called 'BODE' is? Well, here's you answer.
- April 9
>> An exciting rumor for people from Australia! Gretchen's told me that Orli has arrived!! (for The Kelly Gang filming) Keep in mind that it's still unconfirmed, but I'm hoping, I'm hoping...
>> There's a picture I haven't seen before of Orli, Dom and Billy in the April 8 2002 issue of NW Magazine, page 16. My friend has it but won't lend it for a scan. If you happen to have this magazine at home, please scan the pic and send it!
- April 7
>> Added a few more screen caps from the trailer: < The Two Towers II >
>> Short article "Director's original 'Rings' short under wraps" (from Jam! Showbiz)
>> Another short article "Filming Helm's Deep battle was challenging for Orlando" (from Avanova)
- April 6
>> New gallery up, with TTT Trailer pics. < gallery here >. Got them from Orlando Multimedia.
>> Added some fan art here!
>> Girlfriend Magazine has a 2 page thing on Orlando, with an article which has derived practically all it's info from the net. Still, you might want it for the picture that comes with it.
- April 4
>> Wow, I'm sorry, I haven't updated in a while. Lotsa homework. Got some good news though, and here it is:
>> Ok, so you've heard it, we've all heard it: the rumor that Orlando's going out with Christina Ricci. My reaction? 'No, no, I don't believe it. No.'
>> THE TTT TRAILER!!! < download it here >. This link was posted here with permission from Lucy, who got this from Emily. Thank you SO much! Also, if anyone would be so kind to take Legolas screen caps for me, I'd love it... :)
>> Orlando loosing poll!! VOTE FOR HIM HERE at the Dolly top 100. Don't let him loose!
>> Two beautiful additions to fan art, by Jun. See them here: < pic 1, pic 2 > Or visit the fan section. Don't hesitate to send art contributions!
>> Short article from TORN.
>> The May issue of Dolly Magazine has TWO beautiful posters for your wall of Orlando. One of them is 4 A4 pages big (Black and White), and the other is A4 size. Cool stuff, go buy the mag!
>> Come back this time tomorrow, I'll be adding screen caps from the TTT trailer. Can't do it now, need sleep.
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