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BODE. Sean Astin included.

Intro: I've been getting lots of suggestions about making an image archive for each of them. I can't do that because images take space, and I'm on a free server.
I've narrowed that down to picture of the moment. Submit or give me a link to any picture of any of the ppl in BODE (new, old, of two of them, all of them, or just one) and the best (cutest, or funniest) will be stuck up as 'picture of the moment'. Only up to 4 will be up at a time.
I will change the picture of the moment every time a new (better) one gets submitted. If no one finds a better picture than the ones currently up, then they will not be replaced. Submit to the other ones as well (quote and artwork of the moment) here

Pictures of the moment:

Quote/s of the moment:
"If I manage to work out the problems with it (a time machine) maybe Iíll meet them yesterday." source:

Artwork of the moment:
---------by Pluto ----------------------------------and by Lily

Do you have OTHER suggestions? What do you reckon BODE should have in it?:


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