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Gene Hackman Links
Here's a collection of some of my favourite links, along with some banners to my site and other sites. All links open in new windows. Wanna trade links? Drop me an eMail and use one of the banners below that links back to my site.

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Gene Sites!

Gene Hackman Net Ring - If you have a website that's about Gene, or Gene-related, join the ring and help promote your site by being part of the collection of Gene sites on the web!

Gene Hackman Experience Yahoo! Group - The Yahoo! eGroup version of this site. Come chat with other fans and share photos, links and information.

Gene Hackman Yahoo! Group - Another Yahoo! group full of Gene fans to chat with.

The Gene Hackman Connection - Great info, clips and photos of Gene! Picks up where we left off.

Gene Hackman - Great page with lots of movie photos!

Nightmare's Gene Hackman Page - Fan page with lots of information and some photos!

Internet Movie Data Base - Biography, Filmography, Photos and more!

Don't Talk To Me About Gene Hackman - One of the best essays I've ever read! A look back on one man's views and touching experiences of Gene. Nifty photo, too!

Gene Hackman Compatibility Test - Enter your birth date and see how well you match Gene!

Celebrity Storm: Gene Hackman - Information page with some photos!

Celebrity Wonder: Gene Hackman - Fact sheet with some extras!

Star Pulse: Gene Hackman - Biography with photos sale!

Celebrity Games: Gene Hackman - Play a few silly games with a Gene theme!

Alto Celebs: Gene Hackman - A small fact sheet and a few photos!

Tv & Movie Trivia: Gene Hackman - A few nice photos, facts, trivia and a sound!

Gene Hackman's Hollywood - Find out where he's appeared, but don't stalk the guy!

Digital Hit: Gene Hackman - Nice biography and a photo!

Jam!: Gene Hackman - Awesome interviews and articles about Gene. Really shows what a great guy he seems to be!

Book Bytyes: Gene Hackman & Daniel Lenihan - Nice interview with Gene being silly at the start, and the two reading parts from their book entitled Wake Of The Perdido Star.

Stage & Screen Chat Transcript - Online chat transcript with Gene and Daniel Lenihan about their book Wake Of The Perdido Star.

News Trove: Gene Hackman - Many news articles about Gene.

Movie Times: Gene Hackman - Nice photo and the gross income of most of his movies.

Gene Hackman - Fan site with an adorable photo and some other neat ones as well.

Behind Enemey Lines Trailer - Movie trailer in realplayer format.

Good Morning America Interview - Gene interview in which he talks to GMA about The Replacements.

The Old War Horse Speaks Out - Film Monthly interview with Gene and his views on acting, war and life in the movies.

The Making Of The Replacements - Site with cool photos from the making of the movie.

The French Connection Script - Script from the movie.

Useless Movie Quotes: Crimson Tide - Some good quotes from the movie.

The Captain's Unofficial Justice Leagur Of America Homepage: Lex Luthor - Great background information on the Lex Luthor character.

Danville Public Library: Gene Hackman - Check out the sound file of Gene where he personally welcomes you to the site. Cool information and some rare photos of Gene in Illinois!

Guardian Unlimited: Who Are You Calling A Star? - Informative article on Gene.

Classic Movies: Gene Hackman - Categorized links to a lot of Gene sites on the web, with some photos.

Gene Hackman Caricature - Cute cartoon of Gene!

Superman Re-Release Trailers - Trailers from the movie!

Empire Movies.com: Heist - Information and trailer from the movie!

Film Force: The Royal Tenenbaums - Exclusive photos and clips from the movie!

Enemy Of The State Projection - Clips and trailer from the movie!

The Numbers: Gene Hackman - Box office data and more!

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The Royal Tenenbaums - Official movie site!

Heist - Official movie site with a great flash preview of the movie!

Heist - Official movie site with flash graphics for the intro. A lot of information on the movie and stars! Also has some downloadable wallpapers!

The Replacements - Official movie site!

Behind Enemy Lines Official Site - Official movie site with great flash effects and sound clips when you click!

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Related Gene!

Corbis - Do a search for Gene and check out the great photo selection! There's Corbis watermarks on the large photos, but they're still a treat to look at.

Wire Image - Variety of Gene photos! You gotta register to look, but there's some cool stuff in there.

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Lisa's Memory Palace - All about me with photos, links, my other sites and more.

The Gene Hackman Survey - Take a fun survey about Gene.

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Gene Hackman Fanlisting!

The Gene Hackman Connection

Pre-Order The Royal Tenenbaums

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