~*~Gene Hackman Net Ring~*~

~*~Gene Hackman Net Ring~*~
Gene Hackman Net Ring

This ring is for all Gene Hackman fans. If you have a website that has anything to do with Gene, including Superman, Bonnie & Clyde or other Gene-related movies, then feel free to join! You MUST save the photos to your OWN website. Do not link directly from my site. Please change the two photo (generingleft.jpg & generingright.jpg) addresses to your own addresses so my bandwidth isn't used up.

Here are the photos you'll need to download:

generingleft.jpg generingright.jpg

Go to the main page of this site and click on the Ring Surf link on the ring banner, or go to the Ring Surf page and search for "Gene Hackman" for the ring home.

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