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Teresa Ann Foxworthy

TERESA ANN FOXWORTHY - Artist, Mystic, Author, Consultant

Teresa Ann Foxworthy
Screenwriter and Filmmaker

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As a filmmaker, Teresa has a variety of screenplays ready for funding. Her approach to film is very eclectic and intuitive. What shows up consistently in her work is her spiritual path and cosmology. Whether enjoying her dreamy visuals, goddess films, poetic images, or poignant stories, these films capture the imagination with pure delight.

“Film is the vehicle for the journey of the heart and soul,” she says, from her California home near the coast. "My stories about about people who are having spiritual awakenings in the midst of troubled times. With such, I hope to inspire everyone who feels an overwhelming sense of struggle in their life!”

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EMERGING GODDESS PRODUCTIONS is presently seeking capital investments for the above screenplays for film, videos, dvds, and TV shows. Arrangements for co-financing and distribution are in the works. Many have completed breakdowns and entire budgets. Biographies of principals are available.

Interested parties, including agents, executive producers, investors, patrons, and supporters are encouraged to call for more information, request our scripts, and arrange for screenings of programs. All others, please send query letters prior to sending an unsolicited material. Inquiries and submissions should be sent to:

tel: + 1 . 4 1 5 . 2 8 9 . 2 2 1 3

email: t f o x w o r t h y @ h o t m a i l . c o m


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