~*~I Luv Dickie Dawson~*~

I Luv Dickie Dawson


'Ello! This is just a little page to show my love for our very own Dickie Dawson. I'm amazed at how many sites there are out there in Cyber Land for people who weren't even around 20 years ago. Richard Dawson has done so much and yet he doesn't have as much publicity. I wanna encourage everyone to go around to all the websites you can find about Richard, learn a little about him, and then ask yourself why he doesn't have more stuff about him out there. If you wanna help spread the word, grab that little button down there and stick it up on your webpage. It links back to this page. Maybe people will pass it along and we'll get him some more attention. Then perhaps I'll get less people asking if he's still alive. Because he IS! Now go get that little button, save it, upload it to your web server, and wah-la! Promotion for Dickie! And don't forget to watch him on reruns of "Hogan's Heroes, "Match Game" and "Family Feud." And check out The Running Man cos that's the greatest! Now, you know your mission....see to it!

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I Luv Dickie Dawson!


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