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~*~The Richard Burton Experience~*~

The Richard Burton Experience
The Richard Burton Experience







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Richard Burton

What's New on 20 April 2003: Visit David Varela - Writer for information on the 40th anniversary play, dedicated to Cleopatra, scheduled to air on the BBC internet site on 12 May 2003.

Acting or the Real Thing?

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor--or Dick and Liz, if you prefer--have to be one of the most recognizable couples in all of history. I happen to love them both. They had wonderful chemistry and had many obstacles in their lives together, but they also had many good times. I started out liking Liz, and not long after, I got interested in Richard. This page is dedicated to one half of that talented team. Although I adore Liz, I find Richard to be more picture perfect. So I've gathered several of my favourite photos from all over the web, along with my own scans and screen-grabs, and put them all here. If any of these are yours and you wish me not to use them, *please* let me know, as I don't want to steal anyone's personal collections. Feel free to eMail me about that or anything, including errors on my page, at I urge you to sign the Guest Book so I know people are visiting the site, and I will continue to make updates. Thanks, and have fun!

-Richard Burton Background-

Birth Name: Richard Walter Jenkins, Jr.
Nationality: Welsh.
Height: 5'9".
Education: Oxford (6 months).
Born: 10 November 1925.
Place Of Birth: Pontrhydyfen, South Wales.
Died: 5 August 1984, Sunday.
Cause Of Death: Brain Hemorrhage.
Place Of Death: Geneva, Switzerland.
Marriages: Sybil Williams (5 February 1949-5 December 1963); Elizabeth Taylor (15 March 1964-26 June 1974); Elizabeth Taylor (10 October 1975-1 August 1976); Susan Hunt/Miller (August 1976-1982); Sally Hay (3 July 1983-5 August 1984).
Children: Jessica and Kate by Sybil Burton; Maria (1961), adopted (1964) by him and Elizabeth Taylor.
Biography: Richard Walter Jenkins Jr., born on the 10th of November to Edith and Richard Jenkins, in 1925. (More....)
Awards: BAFTA Film Award, Golden Globe, Laurel Award. (More....)

-Richard Burton Quotes-

Richard (about working with Liz): Well, I suppose I must don a breastplate once more to play opposite Miss T!ts.
Richard (about Liz): If anything happened to her, I'd die.
Richard (about love): Unless you love someone, nothing makes any sense.
Liz (about her relationship with Richard): It was probably the most chaotic time of my life. It was fun, and it was dark--oceans of tears, but there were some good times, too.
Joan Collins (about Richard's womanizing): Richard, I do believe you would screw a snake.
Richard (in response to Joan): It would have to be wearing a skirt, darling, and it would have to be a female snake.
Richard (about his profession): I'm strictly in Hollywood for the fame and money.
Richard (about being an actor): Actors are poor, abject, disagreeable, preverse, ill-minded, slightly malicious creatures. And of that august company of idiots, I'm afraid I'm a member.
Richard (about popularity changing him): I feel the same. I mean as I've always felt. That is, like me. I look the same. Except I've put on a bit of weight. That's French cooking for you.
McPhisto (from Candy): Go away! How dare you?! Are you suggesting, that a potential candidate for the Nobel Prize in literature, is not capable of taking off his own trousers?


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