I still say wow to beauty

mumtaz-iifa-award.jpgItís a lifetime achievement to live, so every minute counts. Nothing gets her down, says Mumtaz.

ďLife is to be lived to the full! Enjoy and savour every moment. You donít know what the next moment brings. Hug the laughter and the tears. Live to the fullest and have no regrets. My faith in God is sacred! Recent, I got the Lifetime Achievement Award at IIFA. I know itís been a result of patience, dedication, and belief in self. I never give up Ė thatís my personal faith and spiritual belief. Itís the spirit I live with! In life, through ups and downs, God gave me the strength and I never gave up on anything. I fought cancer with strength and determination. I never gave up on my positivity Ė it gives you courage and wisdom.

Iíve been a fighter throughout my life. Be it career or marriage, spirituality helps you believe in yourself. Isnít that how you conquer the world? Never be afraid of obstacles. Donít let anyone or anything bother you. My family has been a pillar of strength, my sister, my two daughters, and my husband. When I was suffering from cancer, there were days, Iíd be low. Iíd think of the time when life was only sunshine. You have to keep faith alive. Donít indulge in self-pity. And I never detached myself from the world. I travel, I see the world with excitement, marvel. I still say Ďwowí to beautiful things.

Iíve kept alive my childlike innocence. I donít let anything or anyone dampen my zest for life. Now, thatís very important. So, I make sure that I live everyday to the full. I just had a holiday in Beijing, I still want to see the world. Thereís so much to learn from life every minute. You can enjoy the good things and have faith in life. Thatís the spirit I live my life with.Ē

Times Life! Sunday Times of India, July 20, 2008


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