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Film(s) (Self)

Khilona, Aap ki kasam

Film(s) (Others)

Mother India, Mughal-e-Azam


Dilip Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar


Madhubala, Nargis, Nutan

Singer (Male)

Mohammed Rafi, Kishor Kumar

Singer (Female)

Lata, Asha


Zindagi ke safar mein ( Aap ki kasam)


Mehboob Khan, Rishikesh Mukharjee, Yash Chopra








Chinese food (and all good food)


Swimming, walking, reading


Art collecting, carpet weaving by hand

Personal Comments

Most Challenging Role

Tere Mere Sapne

Easiest Role

No work is ever easy in life!

Zodiac sign


Reaction to gossip

I hate people who stab me in the back.

You hate

I try not to hate anything or anyone, but I hate cheaters.

What is luck?

I donít believe in luck. I believe only in hard work, and feel luck will always follow you.

Your fear

Of loosing anyone of my family.

Your Dream

To travel and see every inch of the world, which is difficult in one lifetime.

What is Love?

Love is pain, but you have to love to be loved in return, so take the chance.

What you expect from a relationship

Faithfulness, honesty, trust


I love everyone who loves me, and consider myself very lucky to still have so many people around the world who love me and care for me, and were with me through the tough times in my life.

What you expect from friends

Good honest friendship

Your Precious possession

My two daughters

Message to fans

Thanks for being there when I needed you all the most, your prayers and support helped me pull through the toughest times in my life. Whenever I am down, it makes me so proud to have all of you as my backbone, and this makes me a stronger person, to battle through all the obstacles in my life. I have two things to say, when you fall in love be very careful with whom; and hard work will never be wasted.

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