Victory over Battle with Life

Mumtaz, who was a top heroine in her times, has undergone very bad phase in her life.
Once she was disturbed over the wrangle with her husband, and then cancer oppressed her.
Presently, she is very happy after overcoming both of them.

Mumtaz has been the princess of box-office during sixties. Her pairing with superstar Rajesh Khanna has been incomparable. She married Mayur Madhvani who is a billionaire in London, but their relations got strained. In the meantime Mumtaz was diagnosed to be suffering from cancer. However, she overcame the dreaded disease as well as mutual discord after a long fight.

Chemotherapy to Rescue

Mumtaz had developed breast cancer. Narrating her suffering, she said, “It started with a node in my breast. I was under the expert supervision of Dr. Soonawala and Dr. Kurkure. They removed the node. I was under chemotherapy for one year, due to which I always used to in a bad mood.”

Mumtaz was highly disturbed due to cancer. She told, “Hair from my scalp and eye lashes fell. Though my husband bought a beautiful wig for me, but I never wore it. I do not believe in any artificial things. As an alternative, I used to wear a scarf. I gained lot of weight due to cancer, but am trying to reduce after recovery.”

Heart’s Desire

Mumtaz feels, “Cancer sometimes develops if there is too much of tension and pain in the heart. After a few years of my marriage, my husband developed an affair with someone. Those times were extremely painful for me. Due to loneliness, I also got attracted to another person. As a result, the miseries further grew day by day.” Narrating her painful story, Mumtaz says, “I have learnt from my life that if my own husband is not reliable then why I should expect from others.”

Happy Ending

Mumtaz’s illness revived the delicate feelings between her and Mayur. Mumtaz says, “We love each other even today, but the attitude has changed. I never expect that my husband should suffer in any way.”

Farhana Faroukh in Dainik Bhaskar, October 4, 2006


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