Sheís Got Chutzpah!

mumtaz.aai021.jpgA tough life. So how do some women battle it out? Gutsy woman Ė Mumtaz Ė tells life after an illness should be a celebration.

ďIím holidaying in Beijing right now. One thing Iíve learnt from the Chinese here Ė Never Give Up! They keep coming back to me again and again, forcing me to buy some fake bag or shoe. In life, thatís how you need to be. Fight back always. To fight cancer, you have to be very strong. I was, I never gave up on my positivity. My family has been a pillar of strength, my sister, my two daughters, and my husband. I would be under weather for days feeling low. For a woman, breast cancer can be traumatic, as thereís a threat of losing your breast. We rate our vanity highly. I remember, the days I was getting chemotherapy, I would be sick, really sick and felt very low. You have to be very intuitive about your body. Just be strong, fight it out. Iíve been a fighter throughout my life. In my career I was a fighter, I would fight to be at the top. In my marriage, I was a fighter... And in my illness, Iíve been a fighter. Thereís no other way. The day you give up, thatís the end. Now, Iím busy travelling, I read this book, 1000 places to Visit Before You Die. Iíve seen 200 places, and Iím trying to finish at least 300... Thatís the spirit I live my life with.Ē

Nona Walia in Times of India, April 2008


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