Fardeen to marry Mumtaz’s daughter?


Since the past few months, Fardeen has been seen regularly escorting a pretty little thing to all the public and private dos. Naturally, it gave rise to a lot of speculations. Who is she and what's brewing up between her and Fardeen? Not having seen the pretty lady too frequently on the party circuit, initially, many didn't realise that she's Fardeen's dad's heroine, Mumtaz's older daughter, Natasha Madhvani. When people did realise who she was, curiosity escalated.


The Madhvanis and the Khans have been family friends for years. Mumtaz has continued to be in touch with Fardeen's family even after she got married 20-odd years ago. Was Fardeen then only being dutiful and taking his pretty house guest around? After all, he had been previously seen escorting Mumtaz's younger daughter and Natasha's younger sister, Tanya too. But the buzz about Fardeen and Natasha refused to die down.


Fardeen's relationship with his earlier girlfriend Ruheen had been dwindling when suddenly Natasha, whom Fardeen has seen and known since childhood, appeared on the scene. They realised they had things in common they hadn't paid attention to. And the moment they rediscovered each other Fardeen and Natasha have been inseparable.


Apparently, the first person Fardeen went to, when he realised he was getting serious about Natasha, was his father, Feroz Khan. Fardeen confided his feelings for Natasha and expressed his desire to settle down with his childhood pal and make her a permanent part of their family. The Father and son are said to have then flown to London immediately to speak to Natasha's mother and Feroz Khan's one time heroine, Mumtaz.


Mumu was not too surprised. She had noticed that her daughter Natasha was spending more and more time in India with the Khans and that her stays were getting longer and longer. Although it had all happened too suddenly and soon, without giving the mother enough time to give it a thought, Mumtaz is said to have conceded to her daughter's wishes and given the nod eventually. Mumtaz had known the Khans for long enough to know that her daughter was in safe hands and she had no misgivings whatsoever about her daughter's choice per se. Her friends in London reveal that the youngsters were absolutely sure about each other and had not taken an impulsive decision.


But people close to Fardeen insist that the young actor has never been so sure in his life. He has made up his mind that it is Natasha he wants to spend the rest of his life with.


So while cousin Zayed Khan is making plans to get married this year, Fardeen is hoping to bring his bride home too. Although the family wishes not to make too much noise about the alliance, the industry is already speculating on a double wedding for the Khans this year. Zayed and Mallika; Fardeen and Natasha.


Cine Blitz, January 2005


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