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These web pages have been dedicated to

the incredibly handsome,talented and sexy cover model

Massimo has retired from doing romance covers, and has moved
on to follow his dreams. He has been on over
400 romance covers to date. As I find more of the covers,
I will continue to add them to the list.
Because of limited space, only a few of the covers will be shown on these pages.

by Brenda Novak
Harper Collins
November 1999

by Shannon Drake
February 2000

The Mistress of Rosecliffe
by Rexanne Becnel
St. Martins
March 2000

Magic and Moonlight
by Sharon Pisacreta
June 1999

The covers and stepbacks on these pages are believed to be Massimo. I only have a couple of definite confirmations from the artists who did the cover art. If anyone knows that a different model is pictured on any of these covers, please let me know.

Massimo in the slim chance that you may see this site, I have included you because I love your work. I would like to put more information about you on this page with your kind permission. You are quite popular with many of the romance readers.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us, if only for a brief time. I would also like to thank you for being the wonderfully generous man that you are, may you always have good fortune.

Although Massimo has retired from doing

romance covers. Maybe one day he will decide to

return to do more covers but for now

he is pursuing other dreams.

His fans certainly wish him all the best, always.

This is purely a fansite in appreciation of Massimo's talent as a model. No copyright infringement intended. I have a great deal of respect for the artists, photographers, the models and the authors.

Special thanks to all the photographers and artists

whose work is displayed on these pages.

* Jon Paul thank you for creating such wonderful cover art.

Thanks to the authors for creating such delicious romantic stories.

Special thanks to my friend Syl,

who created the lovely collage at the top of the page.

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