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I've been a fan of The Who and Tommy since I was a little boy, so getting a chance to be in the show in the role I've always wanted is like a dream come true. I've gone a little crazy and decided to build a website devoted to Tommy in all its incarnations. If you click on the icons on the left, you'll be taken to articals about Tommy. I should warn those of you who have never seen the show/movie or heard the album that some of the articles give away the ending, so if you're the type that likes to see a show and have no idea what it's about, then you may want to turn back. However, if you'd rather be informed and perhaps have a chance to better appreciate the show, then by all means, pick a link and read on.

Click on "Who made Tommy" to learn more about The Who and the history of Tommy.

Click on "Show Synopsis" for a relatively brief synopsis of the stage show.

Click on "The End" to learn how the ending has changed over the years and what it means.

Click on "The World of Tommy" to learn more about important symbolism and characters in Tommy.

Click on "See Me" to see videos.

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