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A Gallery of Kolams

Vortex of kolams was created mainly to function as a gallery of Kolam images done by yours trully. Drawn to my imagination some might seem common and some beguilling but all were done in the mood set by the day.
Alangara Kolams
The Conch and Its Lotus
A Simple Pattern
The Endless Circle
Symetrical Wonder
Twisting Lines - Geometric Patterns
Spider Web
Fiesta of Nature
Step by Step
Fiesta Havoc
Spiral Of Life
Spiral Havoc
Images of symmetrical coordination
Reverting Colours
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Photographs of Kolams
Devi in her True Form
Dancer amongst Peacock Feathers - A pencil sketch
Krishnas Venkulal
Light, vanquisher of darkness.
Pulli Kolams