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Indoor Yield-O-Rama

About Browsing This SiteWelcome to the Indoor Yield-O-Rama! This site is devoted entirely to the subject of yields produced by indoor cannabis gardens using artificial light. It is the product of a database project started on the Internet in 1996. The project came about as a result of the the lack of objective information published for indoor cannabis yields and the great interest growers showed in the subject. Not only were experienced growers eager to improve their lot, but prospective growers anticipating freedom from the black market needed to know which indoor resources would be expected from them in order to produce the degree of self-sufficiency they wanted. To those ends, particularly to help new growers from becoming discouraged by the school of hard knocks, information from the database was distilled using several sophisticated statistical analysis techniques and put to use in this site's production resources. For details surrounding the project and its creation, please read about the Origins of the YOR Database Project.

Site Resources


Introduces the findings discovered from analyzing the database. Details about the analysis techniques Moon Doggie used, their results and the source data are available for review. Analyses results are used in the site's interactive production resources for projecting yields.


Where yields can be projected. Through the use of several interactive resources those new to growing can state their yield expectations in terms of a self-sufficiency production target, then peruse the indoor resources needed to achieve it.


Offers information on the way artificial light, space and yield interact, as well as the effects on growth and the esthetic values many growers place on their harvests. Its focus is on the balancing acts commonly encountered while dealing with limited space or lighting resources.


Where comparative resources are found. This area allows those with a history of harvests to compare their yields using various expressions of productivity. Its interactive resources are not predictive or in any way derived from the YOR database. Instead, it reports back user-statistics for various indoor resources based on yields the user already produced.

About Weights

Discusses the ins and outs of assessing weight figures supplied by a diverse body of growers. Focuses on the ways growers process their harvests to arrive at the final weight.


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Basic & Advanced Interactive Formats

Interactive resources on this site can be viewed in basic or advanced formats. Basic formats are geared toward those new to growing, and by default appear first. Advanced formats, for those wanting more than the basics offer, are available from an animated graphic link at the page's bottom.


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