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Indoor Yield-O-Rama

Yield Calculator - MH Lamps
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Crop Yield
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Self-sufficiency Planner
Synchronizes consumption, production, veg time and maturity time
Target Production Settings

Select your daily cannabis consumption

Select a Veg time if different from the 3 Week default. Or select No Veg Time if you plan to use a high enough number of plants to bypass a veg phase in your single grow area, or veg concurrently in a second grow area.

Adjust your rainy day safety margin (surplus)

Please choose a growing scenario before using the planner

Annual Target & Consumption Projection





Target Production
(incl. safety margin)


Workload & Time Frame
(to meet annual Target Production)

Days Spent
Growing Crops

Strain Maturity Time
(Days Flowering)

Crops Grown




Current  63  Scenario





Days Spent Growing Crops

Greater than 365: you will not meet your annual target (readjust your target settings or growing scenario).

Exactly 365: you will meet your annual target, growing continuous back-to-back crops for the entire year.

Less than 365: you will meet your annual target, growing intermittently with some free time between crops.

Based only on your daily consumption and growing scenario's crop yield, a single crop would produce a day supply of cannabis. However, in order to replenish your supply as it runs out over time, your crop yield, veg time and maturity time for the strain you use needs to be synchronized with your target production. The first table shown above projects your annual consumption and target production (target production is your annual consumption plus the selected safety margin).

The second table uses your target production, 63-day crop yield, veg time and, in conjunction with a list of other strain maturity times, estimates how many crops and how long it will take for each in the list to meet your target production. Consult the notes above for interpreting days spent growing crops. Crop numbers have been rounded up to the next integer so that all crops can be counted as consumable, fully matured crops. To see the numbers before rounding click the Fractional Crops button, but be aware that a fraction of a crop (0.5) cannot be consumed until the crop has fully matured (use at your own discretion).

Maturity times for many cannabis strains can be found at
The Seedbank Update web site (listed by strain)
Strainguide archives (listed by seedbank)

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