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With PremixPPM you can find the Nutrient Profile for your nutrient solution mix from information found on your premix fertilizer labels, up to seven fertilizer products can be used. This Excel* workbook displays the elemental ppm for N, P, K, Mg, S, Ca, Fe, B, Mn, Zn, Mo, Na, Cu, Cl, Co, Si, and Se. You can also find how much of an element is being added to your solution from using some common pH adjusters. Import data from a list of popular fertilizer products known as the Nute-O-Rama so you can evaluate a fertilizer before you buy it or use it. Includes instructions and other handy utilities. A complete resource for users of premixed fertilizer products.

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The SaltMix Excel* spreadsheet is similar in function to the PremixPPM utility, but for chemical compounds instead of premixed fertilizer products. This nutrient solution content utility contains some common fertilizer salts and is for those wishing to dabble in mixing their own fertilizer from scratch.

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The ScrOG-O-Rama download is a collection of more than 130 threaded posts of questions and discussions on the ScrOG technique. See the ScrOG article for details.

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Excel spreadsheet software used for creating a Control Track is available. However, it can only be downloaded through a link in the Control Track article which contains the instructions for using it.


*Excel spreadsheets compatible with excel.exe v8.0e running under MS Office 97 SR-2



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