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Rotterdam Rehearsals 87

"These recordings are taken from three different days of rehearsals at the Rotterdam Ahoy Halle prior to the start of the Glass Spider Tour on the 30th May 1987.
They include a version of Because You're Young and Scream Like A Baby, which were dropped before the tour and are therefore of particular interest to the serious collector."

Tracks 1-4, 23rd May 1987
Tracks 5 & 6, 19th May 1987
Tracks 7-10, 20th May 1987

01. Purple Haze / Intro
02. Up The Hill Backwards
03. Fame
04. Time
05. Because You're Young / Scream Like A Baby
06. Sons Of The Silent Age
07. Loving The Alien
08. Fashion
09. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
10. All The Madmen