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Sons Of The Silent Age

Official Releases
"Heroes" (1977/1991 EMI reissue)
"Heroes" (1977/1999) EMI Remaster)
Sound+Vision III (1989 Ryko issue)
Sound+Vision (2003 EMI issue)

6th/7th November 1987 Sydney, Australia Glass Spider video
6th/7th November 1987 Sydney, Australia Glass Spider DVD

Covers And Collaborations
Philip Glass "Heroes" Symphony

Unofficial Releases
March/April 1987 Rehearsals New York New York's A Go Go
19th May 1987 rehearsals Rotterdam Rotterdam Rehearsal 87
23rd June 1987 Sunderland Roker Park 1987
3rd July 1987 Paris The Spider Over Paris
3rd July 1987 Paris Tonight The Zeroes Are Singing For Paris
11th July 1987 Dublin He's Not An Absolute Beginner
28th August 1987 Ottawa Live In Ottowa
30th August 1987 Montreal David Bowie Live
30th August 1987 Montreal Montreal 87 Vol.2
1st September 1987 New York Madison Square Garden '87
3rd September 1987 Foxborough Tape Will Crawl
10th October 1987 Dallas Dallas 87
3rd November 1987 Sydney Sydney 87
3rd November 1987 Sydney Smiling Through The Darkness
6th/7th November 1987 Sydney Glass Spider
23rd November 1987 Melbourne He Never Let Us Down
28th November 1987 Aukland Glass Spider Finale