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Cannabis Related Freeware

    Here are a few fun things I came over while surfing through the internet. All of them are freeware products and if you want to you can download them.                                                                                            432 KB

    This newest (Windows) version of the infamous 80's DOS game Dopewars. You start of as a small drug pedeler and try to get rich
    by dealing drugs. Pretty fun.

calc_thc.exe                                                                                             49,1 KB

    Calculat how much THC is in your blood. Really handy when you are about to look for a job and might be faced with a drug test. (DOS)                                                                                              24,3 KB

    Screensaver that makes hemp leafes apear on your screen. Prefably not to be used at the office. (WIN)                                                                                            506 KB

    This is another screensaver where a hemp leaf appears on the screen and dances around. At the bottom of the screen appear
    legalization relevant quotes. (WIN)

optical.exe                                                                                                11 KB

    Some awesome optical illusion shit. Real nice thing for psycadelic drugs. (WIN)

tetripz.exe                                                                                                98 KB

    This is a Tetris game with some awesome optical shit. Good stuff for trippin. (DOS)                                                                                             11,2 KB

    Just a small gimmick for your PC. A weed-leaf-courser!!! (WIN)

HighGrow3.exe                                                                                             11,2 KB

    This is one fuckin fun game. You grow your own weed very realistic with all kinds of things to control. A must for anyone who wants to test what kind of environment is perfect for different seeds. (WIN)

If you have some nice freeware that you would like to share with some people go right ahead and send it to me.

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