calling my church from the four corners of the earth

Yahweh says….

I am calling my church from the four corners of the earth, I am calling you from the north, the south, the east and the west. I am calling you to unite. I am remembering my body, My church has been scattered, but once again I am bringing it together, I am connecting my body in its appropriate order. I am breathing life into my church once again, I am breathing life into those who have given up, into those who are wounded into those who feel their strength is dried up. Prophesy to my church, prophesy to my body, Prophesy life to those who are without hope, prophesy life to those who barren in spirit.

There is a shaking that is coming to my church, it is a shaking that will provoke unity, it will bring you together as one. I am raising my church, I am raising a vast and mighty army, I am placing you in positions. See that no area is overlooked, let there not be any open gaps, Children fill your positions so every area is covered. There are gaping holes in my body…..these areas are vulnerabilities….where you are susceptible to attacks.

Children you need one another, bear one another’s burdens, take your places, do not leave your posts, for when you do, you leave others at risk. Manage well what I have given you, and fulfill what I have asked of you and I will entrust you with more. There are many I have called, and some have drawn back from what I have called them to, they are weary and out of their weariness they have become unproductive.

But your King arises, and I have taken note of the state of my body, and I am breathing life back into those who have collapsed in the midst of battle. I will raise you up, I will resuscitate you, so you can stand your ground once again. Fill in the gaps, rise up, rise up, I am calling you, I am wooing you, occupy your position. Interlock with one another, so you may be a wall of praise that oppresses the enemy.

Then on Sunday November 21st, 2004 at 2:30 am Yahovah gave me another prophetic word and an answer to a dream I had 3 days ago. Earlier this year at the beginning of March, He told me that 2004 would be the year of The Whirlwind, and that we would see storms this year like we have never seen before, that these storms would baffle the weather forecasters. This was a record tornado year and there were also 4 Hurricanes that hit Florida in a row, which is the first time in history for that to happen. Several nights ago, I had a dream, and in the dream, I saw a large field, but it was all cracked dry mud, no greenery, nor grass, just a mass of flat land. In the distance, I saw 4 tornadoes in a row but they were not coming toward me, but then I began to see the dry ground begin to crack coming toward me, closer and closer, and the ground shook. I had been seeking Yahovah for the interpretation for days, and at 2:30 am, he woke me up and this is the word He spoke to me.

The Lord Says… For this was the year of the Whirlwind, and the winds blew, the winds of change have come but just as you have known 2004 to be the year of the Whirlwind, you will know 2005 as the year the Earth shook. In this next year you will see earthquakes in numerous places, in uncommon places. There is a shaking that has already began, it is in my church, just as the fig tree shakes the untimely and unripe figs loose, I have caused a shaking too see who is maturing and bearing good fruit and who is not. Those that cling to me will not be affected by this shaking, because they have purposed in their hearts to follow me regardless of the cost and to mature in My ways. But those who do not cling to me and bear good fruit shall fall from the vine before their time. Choose this day whom you will serve, where have you set your hearts, what and who do you treasure most? What do your eyes gaze upon?

I have come to provoke my people, this shaking will prove who is steadfast in following after My Word and My Ways and who is not. Repent children, if you have taken your gaze off of me, I am drawing you now to return your gaze once again upon me. Let go of that which has taken my place upon the throne of your heart. Return to me and I will return to you. Seek me now while I can be found.

I have come to call you out and set you apart, but will you come when I call?

I humbly submit these words….

Jennifer Thompson

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