Satan's Perfect Disguise

satan's perfect disguise


I Had Fear as a New Christian, I know what it is like to have fear. I had a "Spirit" of Fear on me. Yahshua delieverd me from it! I remember going to bed at night so afraid!

I had some of those little scriptures promises that come on little strips of colored paper.There sort of like what comes with a foretune cookie,that type. Well anyway I would literaly cluch those special ones in my hand at night I was so fearful!

And I was so frighten of reading from the Old Testment then also. It scared me! One of my friends gave me a living Bible a milder version !! It was awhile but I got through it with Yahshua Helping me. That Spirit got broken and cast off me!

And After that I started to change and grow more. And ANYTIME I EVER FELT FEAR I would quote "Elohim has not given me a Spirit of fear. but a Spirit of Power and of love and of a sound mind!" And I still quote That! Anytime I feel Fear! We never out Grow our need for Yahshua!

God showed this to me some time back as He was getting me set free of some things. He Told me Satan wears a perfect disquise and he fools us in to thinking that it is us, when it is really him!..

He desquise him self as us!.....As long as we keep thinking it is me, I am this way, He is hidden, fooling us! "Droping in thoughts", and we say why do I think these things?..And he laughs!...

We have to start seeing our self as Elohim see us! AS He word proclames us to be! WE are new creatures in Yahshua Messah old things are passed away behold all things are become new! Old things are passed away!...

We shall be CHANGED BY THE RENEWING OF OUR MIND! as a man thinkest in his heart so is he! WE have to feed our Spirit man with what a spirit man need to eat! The word! Thats what feeds the spirit man in us It makes Him strong! It makes him grow, Grow into the likeness of Messiah!

IT not enough to hear the word we must do the word, or we are deceiveing our self! And satan is laughting at us! He has caught us in a snare and we dont even see it we are snared!

2 Corinthians 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

So Take those thoughts captive and see if they agree with God's Promise or not! If Not; Cast them down!

Once we see this and start getting free Satan know he is in trouble! Because he doesn't have any power except what he can steal.. from ....US! Yahshua said behold I have given unto you all power and authority in my Name!

Lets Kick Dragon!