666 Mark/Seal of Beast

The German’s Eagle “Mark”, is the same Eagle “bird” (Zippor) abomination once over ancient Egypt and still over Egypt and all world Moslems/Arabs today. “746” Gods and Goddesses are engraved in stone in Egypt, and guess what number “747” flew over all of them? Their Eagle God, known also as the “Shadow of Egypt” (the Fowler) the Griffin, Al Nesser (in Arabic), and Nesher God (in Hebrew).

Have you ever wondered about the song: “Zippity do-dah, Zippity day, O my, what a wonderful day?” Or why multi-millions have a nine-digit Eagle God “Zip” Code, or use “Zippor” lighters?

Thus Saith Yahovah! The ‘Shadow and Abomination of Egypt’ is over you again!

It is also called the “Zappor” (Zu bird), and in Daniel and Matthew, correctly described as: The Abomination of Desolation, and in some translations, the “Abomination that makes Desolate”. In ‘public functions’, Masons call this Eagle God their “Master Architect” or “Supreme Deity”. It is that “ravenous bird, the man from the East”. (Isayah 46:10-11). “Nazir” means the Eagle, and was placed in many Eagle Son Little Horn King’s names as Nebochad-‘nazir’ of the Babylonians and King Asshur-‘Nazir’-Pal II of Assyrians: same as Gore Eagle Nazir God Tsar over Germans today. King Asshur was the third deified Eagle Son “Little Horn” One World Ruler of (Rev. 17:10-11).

(18 Assyrian kings following him had the names of Asshur, and Nazir named after their Eagle God!)

This truth is rejected by those who have bought lies and deceptions of Masons over them. Their wroth arguments are understandable: Their Eagle “Gott” has been over them for 6,000 years. The identical Masonic Double Headed (E-W) Eagle God is traced to Ur’s 1st. Dynasty and its on Royal King’s Seals to 3,800 B.C. If this ancient Gott and Mark is not rejected, the beast and its (man) image already has you. “He (Satan, Eagle God), had power to give ‘life’ (blood DNA) to the ‘image of the beast’, that the image of the beast (Last Eagle Son) should both speak.” (Rev. 13:5). The first part was done in 1947 and 1948 in the immaculate birth of Albert Arnold Gore Jr., and 2001 the last part, is over us.


We were not yet born when Yah spoke to Moshe, after bringing His chosen Israelites (of Jacob) OUT FROM UNDER “THE EAGLE GOD OF EGYPT” AND DELIVERED THEM ON ITS WINGS UNHARMED. (Abomination of Egypt in Exodus 8:26 is their Eagle God they worshipped. Eagle is not, and was not, a positive thing, as most Christians and Jews are led to believe today). But, we have the same Yahovah Spirit that was once placed in others that were chosen to speak His Living Word.

EAGLE GOD cannot be an ABOMINATION TO ALL OF ISRAEL as written, and at the same time, be TRUSTED and over EVERYTHING in U.S. Billions now worship and serve it, they pledge to it, and already take (receive) the Masonic Osiris-Iesus 666 “Eagle Mark” in their hands to buy and sell.

As Hosea and others warned Jacob/Israel, so do we once again: Behold! Because you transgressed against Yahovah and His covenants, He (Satan’s terrible Eagle Son ruler) SHALL NOW COME AGAINST YOU ‘AS THE EAGLE’. (Hosea 8:1) (Gore today is this Golden Eagle Son King).

Thousands of evil revelations are in the Washington, D.C. Grid Maps Last “Little Horn Eagle Son Number Eight” of Revelation 17:10-11

If you do not know what the Beast and image of the Beast is in Revelation, then you are now in severe jeopardy of “receiving the double portions” of Yahovah’s wrath. The penalty for worshiping the 666 image (Iesus), is the same as taking in your hand his mark, or 666 number of his name. (Rev. 16:2) It is written: “All that dwell upon the earth shall ‘worship’ him…” (Rev. 13:8) Understand now?


Eagle is the U.S. “God”: “God” is not blessing America now! Yahovah commanded the last bear to devour much flesh in World War III (Third Rib in bear’s mouth, Daniel. Amazingly, with lies, and great manipulation, 90% U.S. and the world now want this war!)

THE BEGINNING OF THE END: WORLD WAR III and devastation, death and utter destruction!

U.S. Patriots, Christians, and millions of “government workers” now wearing it shall not ever repent of this ancient “God” over them. As Yahovah led Moshe out of Egypt: “Refuse now to be called the sons (or daughters) of U.S. Daughter of Egypt”.This is extremely hard to do, especially for Jews.

As Yahshua led Paul, we do the same: “...choose rather to suffer affliction with Yahovah’s people (Jacob/Israel), than to enjoy the short pleasures of sin, (freedom from Yahovah) and by faith, forsake U.S. Daughter of Egypt and not fearing the wrath of the King (now Pharaoh-Caesar Al Gore), endure to see the promise of Him who is ‘invisible’ and soon to come.” (Hebrews 11:27) Who shall do this?

Thus Saith Yahovah: For a long time I have held My peace; I have been still, and refrained Myself. Now will I cry like a ‘travailing woman’ *; I will destroy and devour at once. I will make waste mountains and hiss, and dry up all their herbs; and I will make the rivers islands, and I will dry up the pools.” (Isayah 42:14-15) *
(Yah gave this vivid dream/sign to me through a woman in Jerusalem only a few years ago. It was in color, and since, the world is “drying up”).

Thus Saith Yahovah: In the day when I chose Israel, and lifted up My hand unto the seed of the house of Jacob, I made Myself known unto them in the land of Egypt, when I lifted up My hand unto them, saying, I AM YAHOVAH (YHVH). I saved them for My Name’s sake. See?

Saith Yahovah: “To make these ‘abominations’ (as the Eagle) with your hands, one is cursed”. “You shall not do the ‘wicked things’ that you saw done in Egypt (under Eagle God) in the land where I bring you.” “Neither shall you set up, or serve, or ever worship, their Egyptian, Hittite (Canaanite) strange Gods... (Nisroch Eagle of Ur Mesopotamians, Assyrian’s, Persian’s, and Hittite’s number one God) wheresoever you go on the face of the earth.” (See?

U.S. plainly states: “We are now at war!” You are either for us, singing “God Bless America”, pledging to the (Egyptian) Flag and “One Nation under God”, or you are for the terrorists!

(No middle of the road. Talk as this is non-patriotic, non-American, and against their God, Flag, and country. Talk about bringing all together to worship the wrong one! This one attack will also help many to turn directly against their brothers and sisters and even report them as security threats in their neighborhoods! Yes, politicians, ministers, armed services, police, and especially everyday citizens have been had, and they are now doing precisely as written in Revelation. They are together for “freedom” {from Yahovah and Yahshua}, determined not to give up, remain proud worshipping the wrong one, to fight to the end, and to never, never, repent!
They have until December 2001! Only a small window of opportunity is left to repent after that date, and that is for Yah’s people!)

“They shall be greatly ashamed, that trust in graven images, that say to the molten images, you are our Gods.” (Isayah 42:17)
(See? This includes the Mason’s Eagle God who is Osiris-Iesus!)

In Masonic books and in the Syrian Orthodox Greek Church, they verify that the image of their Iesus (Jesus Christ) is the Eagle. Since the Eagle is also the Mark of Cain, do you understand?
(That's Not our Yahshua!)

Al Gore revealed “who” he is to the wicked by using “Little Horn” Nazir “Son of the Sun” Orb ancient symbols, images, numbers, dates, and “mystery Babylon and Egyptian” signs: Letterman Show was “orchestrated” by Satan for enjoyment of his Masons and his evil Lost Angels. Letterman, a Mason, also revealed who Gore is today through hand signs, codes, and many evil coded “dark sentences”.


Osiris Capstone symbolizes “Gore” ;   ;   It also symbolizes “Isis” (This “Gap” was eliminated in 1995);   ;   (See her “Left Eye” larger)

For starting to understand things buried in ancient mystery, but understood by millions of Masons, when “Vice” President Gore stepped into the “limelight” on Letterman’s stage, this too was a sign: Polished “white limestone” once covered all of Satan’s ancient Giza-Cheops Pyramid in Egypt, his massive earthly “rock” of perfection. (Rock, as in GM “I-Roc” Z-28, and meaning: I’m an “Eagle”). (Look at the deceived today, including Jesus “Doctors of Theology”, trying to connect this to Yah!) Incredible as it sounds, the U.S. is today’s “Daughter of Egypt”. Aryans (Hittites) once ruled Egypt, and have made the U.S. the “Egyptian Daughter”, accomplished the past 200 years through “Eagle son” Masons: Satan/Gore’s continuous workers of darkness today communicate in “dark sentences”.

How can it be proven that Gore is Satan’s “Son of Destruction”? Through Yah’s “Living Word”. Revealing the Mason’s own “mystery” words, signs, symbols, images, names, places, dates, and numbers, and what they have done in D.C. proves it.

Yahshua promised His chosen vessels in these end times that... ”nothing done or ‘hidden’ in secret (by the wicked) will be kept from them”. Give Yahshua Messiah all praise. This is proof today that His Living Word is all truth, as written. Satan had to reveal to Masons that Gore was his 666 child, his deified and anointed chosen last one, “his son who now gets his power (42 months) to rule the world.” Then, Yahovah shall end it.

We have tried to give you understanding, as Yahovah has given us understanding, and we do know that these things of codes and dark sentences do not always present themselves quickly.

By Daniel Salmon

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