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Vrindavana dasa Thakura
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The Sri Caitanya Bhagavata of Srila Vrndavana dasa Thakura is a central work of Gaudiya Vaisnavism wherein the life and teaching of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu are recorded. To chronicle the activities of an incarnation of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna, demands the greatest of authors, and Srila Vrndavana dasa Thakura displays herein the mastery that confirms the sastric statements that he is no less than an incarnation of Srila Vedavyasa, the compiler of the Vedas.

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    Rupanuga Vedic College
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    Fax: (816) 924-5640
    Rupanuga Vedic College

    One Is FOREVER, I did a search: Srimad Bhagavtam Stupid Servant of the Cruel Master, came up with my site; Roger's Total RAVE Site They aint got one at the library, self medicated inebriated stupid .... The Cruel Servants of the Cruel Master. Great time to be playin whats Hip & Cool! ...... Action, Bibles, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, The Vedanta. ... -

    A Matrix; something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form would be anything that takes over the body and mind as a network of unnecessary desires as modern society addicts one to its products to continually be consumes in a variety of ways in multiple variety’s and forms thus illusion steals away ones fortune and health. The mind becomes an ocean as rivers of incessant desires enter the sea in this way one is imprisoned.

    I looked up Sat-Cit- Ananda this is what I came up with, Eternity Sat: The psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning, A state of eternal existence believed in some religions to characterize the afterlife A seemingly endless time interval (waiting) Knowledge Cit: The psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning Bliss Ananda: A state of extreme happiness Form: (physical chemistry) a distinct state of matter in a system; matter that is identical in chemical composition and physical state and separated from other material by the phase boundary (physical chemistry) a distinct state of matter in a system; matter that is identical in chemical composition and physical state and separated from other material by the phase boundary (biology) a group of organisms within a species that differ in trivial ways from similar groups

    I really wanted to explain the mechanic’s of the cruel world as a conception only as being cruel or separate from God realization in concept only as by desire being fulfilled giving rise to karma reactions which are reactive actions. What kind of servant of the Cruel Master has to kill them selves. It’s a concept only that one perceives the objects of the senses within oneself as the action of the mind as it is actualize that actually it is “self” that is the perceiver, as jiva is not the body or mind nor the identification process.

    Actually Bhagavatam is full knowledge of the astrometry, astrology, the sciences, medicine, yoga’s, and philosophies, as an example 24 elements jiva self and oversoul Paramatma as 25th & 26th elements. This is mystic yoga Sankhya Philosophy. San•khya Pronunciation: \säŋ-kyə\ Function: noun Etymology: Sanskrit sāmkhya, literally, based on calculation: an orthodox Hindu philosophy teaching salvation through knowledge of the dualism of matter and souls. 5 knowledge acquiring senses, 5 working senses, sense objects, sound, sight, touch, taste, smell, mind intelligence, ego, earth, water, fire, air, ether, directions or space and time or Kala. This study is intended to free oneself from these elements as self is not a product of matter as the first Sutra of Vedanta Atho Brahma Jnasya- Now with human intelligence is the time to inquire what is BRAHMAN. Living actually means lots of questions. Searching for answers constantly creating theory’s that are again revised as soon as another thesis is accepted as common knowledge.

    Jiva – self perceives the wakening & dreaming states of consciousness, desires certain conditions and situations bound up by Karma, Desire, the modes of nature- Satva Goodness, Rajas – Passion, Tamas – Ignorance. I am currently full time practicing an aesthetic way of life in an Ashram studying under the Spiritual Master who operates his Temple of Vedic Learning. Full Time Study, Meditation, Tapas, Sadhana Bhakti.

    Internalize the process within ones self as an actual application to the inner self, Clears the impure mirror of the mind to perceive clearly real nature in relation with the source of even oneself as a quality of the totality itself as cognizant as its conceptions determine ones reality or illusions. This is the theme over and over again yet remains as mystery within infinity. One becomes the master or remains the under the master of Illusions. Some kind of mechanical arrangement of energy manifested from the eternal source as its cause mistakenly accepted as the totality itself is illusion of the actual fact becomes under nature as action, relation chain of events which arise like so many bubbles in each wave of the ocean swept back out again to sea by each rip tide. Sand Castles return to the sea, eventually.

    The disguise of externally absorbed attention spans walking in straight lines conformity nerds of varieties of isms of only to choose from waiting to break all of ones bones finally at the end with birth waiting solemnly ahead as another hell to wake to.

    Striping away of identification, false walls give way to background jeweled gold ornamented construction, self illuminating emanating from its godhead source of itself as full realization. Vedas are the winds that carry this truth as awaken self’s take to heart the ships master upon the vessel of accomplishment

    Watering the leaves and its branches, polishing its cage’s, placing it approximately, never reaching the actual real source of nourishment. A Friend is one who has pointed out the correct destination. Is not a ticket to be purchased or flight to be caught, it is a destination non the less. For all are on a path either by controlling factors of time, space, karma, inherited modes of nature mixed with free will of limiting choices.

    Source of beauty surrounded by others similar to its Source in recline enjoying each others company greatly in the presence of artistian musicians expert as its source of creation of all knowing cognizance Lord offering as its mater and owner of actual awareness, realization, or knowledge; notice; perception as bees hum about the sweetness of the nectar inherent of aroma of lotuses along side the humming birds of paradise.

    As each atom is composed of energetic principle nucleus compounding combinations of molecular corresponding relative reality governed by its manifest – unmanifest states Its Actual Owner – Proprietor all pervading, all knowing seeing One as ears, hands, legs, mouths are everywhere, as the same self reliant self satisfied Godhead as truth is the means to reach its very goal: TRUTH.

    As fidgeting philosophers of ages past as present present theories or life regressions as all must be impulse guided to continue ones species building craft design in nature to cross external existence as MIND Ships cannot possible come to these conclusions themselves as a great mystery is reveled as the Sun rises on the eastern horizon to vanish into the Sea only as daily orbit allows. Darkness does not remain in the Light, only as shadows remain to remind one as full knowledge allows very naturally as easy as small children meddling life time after lifetime creating legacy to never enjoy as one must go on.

    Hare Krsna

    Welcome to my site

    My name is Rocanadeva dasa
    I first Joined the movement in 1976 when I was 17 yrs old in Los Angeles, It was Krsna's mercy that I was an emancipated minor and that the state of CA. released me into the custodianship of ISKON,
    just 5 weeks before Prabhupada came to Los Angles for 10 days and gave us His darshan, Through daily Srimad Bagavatam Lectures and personally being present for Guru Puja. He was Escorted along Venice Beach for his Morning Walks.

    The last time I was in the Los Angeles temple,
    I worked on a painting for the Ratha-Yatra.
    It was on the gate's as the devotee's enter.
    I worked on a design of the lotus repeated design that is in green, and on help painting on the Lions on the gates. It was in the local Newspaper in Culver City, the press came by and took pictures and had an article about the Art as being "Service to God" I showed the article to Jayadvaita Swami and he through a garland over around my neck. I then went to San Diego, as accepted by Jayadvaita Swami to contribute bhakti on the Back to Godhead Magazine staff.

    I am taking a spritual online course. This is good enough for an esay.

    I have been studying Vedic Philosophy since I was 17 in 1976 begining with Bhagavad Gita as it is. 31 years to date.

    There are 4 Sampradaya's, Bramha Sampradaya, Rudra Sampradaya, Laksmi Samprdaya and Kumara Sampradaya.

    This Parampara linage of Spritual Masters is a very great and important Sampradaya beginning with Bramha the first created living being inthe universe being born from the lotus flower that sprowts form the navel of Lord Garbadaksi Visnu.

    This is known as The Brahma Krsna Goudia Sampradaya. It includes Krsna and Lord Caitanya. Also Great Acaryas Such as Ramanujacarya, Nimbarka, Vyasa.

    Bhaktivinoda Thakura is the father of Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati. Bhaktivinoda had written books to reestablish the Teachings of Lord Catainya and Goudia Vaisnavisim. Before the turn of the century late 1800's he sent books in the English language to library's in the western countries.

    Past Acaryas, The Six Goswamis, Panch Tatva, Sri Caitanya

    10.Jaya Tirtha
    17.Brahmanya Tirtha
    18.Vyasa Tirtha
    20.Madhavendra Puri
    21.Isvara Puri(Nityananda/Advaita)
    22.Lord Caitanya
    24.Raghunatha, Jiva 25.Krishnadasa
    32.Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati
    33.A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

    by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Maharaja
    Srila Baladeva Vidyabhusana writes in Sri Prameya-ratnavali (1.7):


    jayadharman kramad vayam

    vyasatirthams ca samstumah
    tato laksmipatim sriman
    madhavendras ca bhaktitah

    tac-chisyan srisvaradvaita
    nityanandan jagad-gurum
    devam isvara-sisyam
    sri-caitanyam ca bhajamahe

    yena nistaritam jagat
    With great devotion we glorify the succession of spiritual masters in the Gaudiya Vaishnava sampradaya. A list of their names follows:

    1. Svayam Bhagavan Sri Krishna
    2. Sri Brahma
    3. Sri Narada
    4. Srila Vyasadeva
    5. Sri Madhvacarya (Sri Anandatirtha)
    6. Sri Padmanabhatirtha
    7. Sri Nrharitirtha
    8. Sri Madhavatirtha
    9. Sri Aksobhyatirtha
    10. Sri Jayatirtha
    11. Sri Jnanasindhu
    12. Sri Dayanidhi
    13. Sri Vidyanidhi (Sri Vidyadhirajatirtha)
    14. Sri Rajendratirtha
    15. Sri Jayadharma (Sri Vijayadhvajatirtha)
    16. Sri Purusottamatirtha
    17. Sri Brahmanyatirtha (Sri Subrahmanyatirtha)
    18. Sri Vyasatirtha
    19. Sri Laksmipatitirtha
    20. Sri Madhavendra Puri
    21. Sri Isvara Puri, Sri Advaita Acarya and Sri Nityananda Prabhu (who were disciples of Sri Madhavendra Puri)

    Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is the disciple of Sri Isvara Puri. He is the object of our loving devotional service and He liberated the entire universe by giving the treasure of sri krsnaprema to everyone.

    krsna haite catur-mukha, haya krsna-sevonmukha,
    brahma haite naradera mati
    narada haite vyasa, madhva kahe vyasa dasa,
    purnaprajna padmanabha-gati (1)

    In the beginning of creation, Sri Krishna spoke the transcendental science of devotional service to four-faced Lord Brahma, whose inclination toward serving Sri Krishna thus came into full bloom. Infused with this mature devotional mood, Lord Brahma then passed Sri Krishna’s teachings on to Sri Narada Muni, in whom a strong conviction to engage in bhakti subsequently awakened. From Sri Narada these transcendental instructions, endowed with the moods of devotional service to Sri Krishna, were bestowed upon Srila Vedavyasa. Sri Madhvacarya, his devoted follower, inherited this transcendental knowledge from him.

    Thereafter, Sri Purnaprajna Madhvacarya, who was also called Anandatirtha, became the sole refuge for Padmanabha-tirtha.

    nrhari-madhava-vamse, aksobhya-paramahamse,
    sisya bali’ angikara kare
    aksobhyera sisya ‘jaya-tirtha’ name paricaya
    tan’ra dasye jnanasindhu tare (2)

    Following forth from Sri Madhvacarya were Nrharitirtha, Sri Madhava-tirtha, and then the swan like Sri Aksobhya-tirtha. The principal disciple of Sri Aksobhya-tirtha was known as Sri Jayatirtha, and Sri Jnanasindhu devoted himself to the service of Sri Jayatirtha in order to receive transcendental knowledge from him.

    tanha haite dayanidhi, tan’ra dasa vidyanidhi
    rajendra haila tanha ha’te
    tanhara kinkara ‘jaya-dharma’ name paricaya,
    parampara jana bhala-mate (3)

    From Sri Jnanasindhu the parampara continued with Sri Dayanidhi and from him it continued with his devoted servant Sri Vidyanidhi. It was then continued by Sri Rajendratirtha, whose dedicated servant was named Sri Jayadharma and who was also known as Sri Vijayadhvaja-tirtha. One should properly understand the guru-parampara in this way.

    jayadharma-dasye khyati, sri purusottama-yati,
    tan’ ha’te brahmanya-tirtha-suri
    vyasatirtha tan’ra dasa, laksmipati vyasa-dasa,
    tanha ha’te madhavendra puri (4)

    The great sannyasi Sri Purusottama-tirtha was renowned as the servant of Sri Jayadharma. From Sri Purusottama-tirtha the succession of bona fide gurus continued with Sri Brahmanya-tirtha, who was very erudite and wise. Sri Vyasatirtha, who carried out his order, was his devoted servant, and Sri Laksmipati-tirtha was Sri Vyasatirtha’s devoted servant. From him the line continued with Sri Madhavendra Puri.

    madhavendra puri-vara-sisya-vara sri isvara,
    nityananda, sri advaita vibhu
    isvara-purike dhanya, karilena sri caitanya,
    jagad guru gaura mahaprabhu (5)

    Sri Isvara Puri was the most prominent sannyasa disciple of the great Sri Madhavendra Puri, whose disciples also included the avataras Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Sri Advaita Acarya. Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the Golden Lord of lords and the spiritual preceptor of all the worlds, made Isvara Puri greatly blessed by accepting him as His diksa-guru.

    mahaprabhu sri caitanya, radha-krsna nahe anya,
    rupanuga-janera jivana
    visvambhara-priyankara, sri svarupa damodara,
    sri gosvami rupa, sanatana (6)

    Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who is none other than Radha and Krishna in one form, is the very life of the rupanuga Vaishnavas, those who follow Sri Rupa Gosvami. Sri Svarupa Damodara Gosvami, Sri Rupa Gosvami and Sri Sanatana Gosvami were the dear most servants of Lord Visvambhara (Sri Krishna Caitanya).

    rupa-priya mahajana, jiva, raghunatha hana,
    tan’ra priya kavi krsnadasa
    krsnadasa-priya-vara, narottama seva-para,
    yanra pada visvanatha-asa (7)

    The great saintly personalities (mahajanas) Sri Jiva Gosvami and Sri Raghunatha dasa Gosvami, were very dear to Sri Rupa Gosvami. The intimate follower of Sri Raghunatha dasa Gosvami was the great kavi, or Vaishnava poet, Sri Krishnadasa Kaviraja. The dear most follower of Sri Krishnadasa Kaviraja was Srila Narottama dasa Thakura, who was always engaged in guru-seva with great devotion and exalted moods. Srila Narottama dasa Thakura’s lotus feet became the only hope and aspiration for Sri Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura.

    visvanatha bhakta-satha, baladeva, jagannatha,
    tan’ra priya sri bhaktivinoda
    maha-bhagavata-vara, sri gaurakisora-vara,
    hari-bajanete yanra moda (8)

    From among all the Vaishnavas surrounding Sri Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura, the guru-parampara then continued with his most prominent disciple Sri Baladeva Vidyabhusana. It then continued with Srila Jagannatha dasa Babaji Maharaja and his dear most Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura. From Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura it continued with the best of the maha-bhagavata devotees, Srila Gaurakisora dasa Babaji Maharaja, whose only delight was hari-bhajana, internal absorption in loving service to Sri Hari.

    ei saba hari-jana, gaurangera nija-jana,
    tandera ucchiste mora kama
    sri varsabhanavi-vara, sada sevya-seva-para,
    tanhara ‘dayita-dasa’ nama (9)

    All of these devotees are the personal associates of Sri Gauranga-deva, Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu. My sole desire is to serve the remnants (ucchista) from their lotus mouths in the form of their words, or whatever divine instructions they have left for us out of their causeless mercy. Srimati Radhika, the daughter of Sri Vrsabhanu Maharaja, is the best of Sri Krishna’s beloveds, as She is always engaged in loving service to Her worshipful Lord. This song was composed by the humble servant of the beloved of Srimati Radhika.

    It is very important to receive the Vedic Philosophy Disciplic succession by the descending method because one cannot by world jugglery or by mental speculation or by any other means of ascending interpretation cannot award any real eternal benefit.

    The Knowledge of the Absolute is Truth is transcendental to this world and there are no words or expressions of this limited temporary external terms to express what is beyond its own nature.

    The Knowledge of the Absolute is all inclusive in that it describes its transcendental nature as well as external nature in relation to Absolute transcendental truth on its own terms by its very nature.

    It must be received through the proper channel in order for one to understand it, It remains a mystery to the non devotees thus they try to speculate.

    It effects me in such a way that all the guess work is removed no need for speculation when it is to be understood in the proper way by Vedic conclusions given by the self realized spiritual masters who are bonafied and authorized. The Surpreme Lord in his own words in Bhagavad Gita tells us to aproach him in this way to approach the spiritual master. By the Grace of Krsna one finds guru and by the grace of guru one finds Krsna this is the process and the mystery of Vedanta and the only way to be accepted or understood.

    The books I have studied are Bhagavad gita as it is, Srimad Bhagavatam (I have the whole set) read a little of Caitanya-caritamrta, Srila Prabhupada lila amrita and "Prabhuda" he built a house the whole world can live. Sri Isopanishad, Brahma Samhita, Live comes form live not matter, Beyond birth and death, Krsna book, Raja vidya the king of knowledge, Beyond Illusion and Doubt, Krsna the reservoir of pleasure.

    Apart from Srila Prabhupada's books I don't think there are any authoritative Vedic scriptures really other than Babajis writings and I have begun reading his Vedanta Sutra which I am really impressed with, it has clear understanding. I understand that as long as it is Vaisnava teachings containing the proper conclusion of Krsna- the Absolute Truth, The Esoteric Principal, that the philosophies of our Acaryas can be translated and commented upon.

    I once looked at some Vedic writings by western university scholars at the library in 1990, it was very dry and even some mental imagery that was quite gross and offensive. This must be the real meaning of such a place of pilgrimage for vultures and crows because this arm chair speculator on Vedanta demonstrated his skill of imagery describing a rotting carcus with flys all about in the sun on dry grasses. very dry and offensive. I put the book down.

    Apart form these there are the meditation books I started reading when I was 16 in 1975. Be Here Now and the Only Dance There Is by Ram Das. Before I went to Denver again in 1994- 95 I had been attending Nicheren Diasonin budhisim Nam Yoho Renge Kyo and Have received a Gohanson and I was chanting Daimoku - The Lotus Sutra.

    Meat eating promotes a lower consciousness, a demon society as one cannot possibly understand real spiritual subject matter as well as the obvious, intoxication impairs ones ability to function and reason. It also is very offensive to others and is bad hygiene. Illicit sex rivets ones consciousness to the body. It is also unhealthy that the HIV and now there is so much bad karma that medical science just calls the conditions as STD's.

    One develops the quality's of the mode of nature they associate with by their actions, thoughts, feelings and the senses mind and inteligence are the sitting places for lust. One has to be free from material desire.

    One must be in the mode of Goodness Stava guna to begin spiritual practice. Chanting Hare Krsna Maha Mantra at once elevates one to the spiritual transcendental platform. It is an offense to commit sins on the strength of chanting the holy name of the lord. If one is not faithful and committing sins and offenses, they cannot make any progress or their preaching cannot be effective. Milk touched by the lips of a serpent has poisonous effects.

    In preparing food stufs one must be clean neat and well organized. No nibeling or desireing the preperations for ones own self.

    Placing my offering before the deity or pictures of Srila Prabhupada, Lord Chaitanya and Krsna, recite the following prayers.

    Prayer to Srila Prabhupada

    nama om vishnu-padaya krishna-preshthaya bhutale
    srimate bhaktivedanta-swamin iti namine
    namas te saraswate deve gaura-vani-pracharine
    nirvishesha shunyavadi pashchatya desha tarine

    Prayer to Lord Chaitanya:

    namo maha-vadanyaya krishna-prema-pradaya te
    krishnaya krishna-chaitanya-namne gaura-twishe

    "O most munificent incarnation! You are Krishna Himself appearing as Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu. You have assumed the golden color of Srimati Radharani. and You are widely distributing pure love of Krishna. We offer our respectful obeisances unto You."

    3. Prayer to Lord Krishna:
    namo brahmanya-devaya go-brahmana-hitaya cha
    jagad-dhitaya krishnaya govindaya namo namaha

    "I offer my respectful obeisances unto Lord Krishna, who is the worshipable Deity for all brahmanas the well-wisher of the cows and the brahmanas and the benefactor of the whole world. I offer my repeated obeisances to the Personality of Godhead, known as Krishna and Govinda."

    To describe my current activies, I have a few things online that can be viewed. Some devotional art work: Art gallery

    A Professional Rock Music Magazine as well a cabinet shop that I did the web sites.

    California Song Music Magazine
    The Cabinetmaster And Son

    I have created an information data base portal called the Resource resource at It's an educational web site good for homework help that I have brought together in one place many resources on the web. It includes a World Religion page at:
    World Religions

    Rock n Roll Hollywood
    The web site of Tequila Mockingbird

    Hare Krsna is fun
    My Devotee Web Ring and Newsletter

    I worked for Guthy - Renker on the "Doing business On The Internet Seminar" in 1996
    Choice Mall
    Guthy Renker
    This is the advertising Company Located in Palm Desert, CA. I verified attendance for the seminar, and accepted inbound calls form our clients to assist them in their small business on the Internet.

    I have had quite an interesting professional carrer, I started in the manufacturing industry in automobile and aircraft, and I was a wood worker for Acoustic Control Corp which manufactured Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, stereo speakers, PA's, Mixers and Stage Monitors from 1982 - 1984

    I received my GED in 2000

    My Education in Technical Training

    ICS / Harcourt 2000
    PC Specialist: Understanding software & hardware, Windows advanced topics, Preventive maintenance & upgrading, Microsoft Office97 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, The basics of networks, Understanding computer viruses.

    NRI Schools 1997-2000
    Multimedia Programming: Introduction to microcomputers, Multimedia basics, Programming basics, Multimedia techniques, Windows 98, Working with BASIC, Internet Explorer, Netscape navigator/ communicator, Liberty Basic, Asymetrix Multimedia Toolbook. This course included a state of the art PC.

    Van Nuys College of Business 1990
    Data Processing: Introduction & history of computers Typing.

    Watterson College 1989-1990
    Commercial Art: Life Drawing, Page layout and design, Mac OS, Macintosh PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Marker Rendering.

    Well anyway, as much as I can recall it was the Lords Grace that I was distributing the Back to Godhead Magazine in Los Vegas in 1977 and I was asked to go ahead and write my initiation letter. Ramesvara was to be Srila Praupada's secretary for that period and had brought along the letters for Srila Praupada to review and I was accepted.

    The thing that Praupada had suggested strongly in his writings is that religion with out philosophy is fanaticism and philosophy with out religion is only sentimental lip service.

    So in this regard I would like to express my realizations based on Srila Praupada's writings.

    In one lecture Praphupada states that Krsna Consciousness is not a religion it is the science of the soul or the self. This is a science. The result can be perceived by applying oneself to the practice of Sadana with faith (Sradha) by association with sadhus in the process. This leads to spiritual perfection as Sadhana Siddi and Sradha Siddi Bhakti by the practice of sadhana bakti with faith in the association and direction of pure devotees.

    Srila Praupada had taught that the very first Vedic teaching is "Atho Brahma- Janasa" which means "Now that we have attained the valuable human form of life with the acquired intelligence, having passed through 8 million 4 hundred thousand species of life, NOW is the time to inquire as to what is spiritual - transcendental and how to aleve our true selves of the condition of being in contact with the external energy or matter and retain our original spiritual composition of spiritual reality."

    The firs preliminary understanding is Aham-Bramasmi that I am not this material body but that I am spirit soul. This understanding is in which the practice of the spiritual science begins. the sense of I am the experiencer of the body which is a biological instrument in which I utilize to do my work and interact in this universe. The statement of Sril Jiva Goswami in his Bhagavat Sandarba of the citti's and the citta nivitri explained as such: One in the bodily concept of life identifies falsely as the body as being the self therefore identifies with the senses of perception: the citti's, as well as identifies with the interaction of the mind with the senses as an impulse that takes place within when the senses are in contact with the sense objects. The self or the jiva-atma is the perciver only neither the body or senses or mind, rather a pure spiritual being. The body of course is made possible by birth by the interaction of semin and egg. Is purly chemical- biological and is not the self. the self is eternal and leaves the body when the soul leaves this world. I am coming and going all the time and I leave my current situation to begin another as an example. The body has impulses and it needs to remain in a healthy state. It shouldn't be accepted to give in to these impulses in many ways become unhealthy. the body is subject to sickness and other types of abnormal conditions such as obesity substance addiction etc.

    Of course Srila Praupada's position is that he didn't mainly focus on the Vedas but rather the devotional texts that pertain to Devotees of Krsna.

    So now according to the advice of the Devotees is to first praise your Spiritual Master, Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Praupada, Tridandi 108 Paramahamsa Pavaracacarya,

    Who, being desirous to fulfill the order of His Spiritual Master, Boarded upon the Jaladuta, and endured the seas upon that ship. arriving in a forgian land of Sense Gratification and Kali Yuga Sin, Delivering the poor souls, being completely in illusion and forgetfulness of our actual eternal reality.

    May I praise this great Mahatma, and all of his followers who are dedicated to this great mission - Body, emotional, mind, Intelligence, and soul - With everything within their possession.

    The structure of the Maha Tatva is a very encompassing area contained within the Bramajoti, Unlimited Expanse of Spiritual Sky covered my mater. Molecular combination's composed by atoms forming earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false identification with matter (False Ego).

    I will describe the life of Brahma and the duration of a universe. The living entity composed of what the substance is of Krsna in smaller degrees is that of Sat - Cit - Ananda, (Eternal knowledge blissfully.) Are Trapped within a repeating cycle of reincarnation through eight million, four hundred thousand species of life which is a process that takes millions of years to transmigrate through, Are forced to identify with that particular body in nature to perform its way and function of life according to its nature and facility.

    A complete living hell created by our own karma. ---Destiny Verses Our Own FREE WILL----.

    The symptom of the disease is diss-satisfaction and frustration of our attempts. The real frailty is the forgetfulness of our real spiritual nature. Perfect spiritual; beings covered by matter involved in external illusory attempts based on the notion of being a product of matter impregnates the human mentality error. The rectification is the development of the perfect spiritual mentality devoid of the false notion of enjoyment exclusively through sensual and mental stimuli. Simply put: the medicine to cure ourselves of the disease is the spiritual development potential inherent in us as pure spiritual jiva-atma as part and parcel of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.

    Sin is actually identified by any action being performed in forgetfulness of God and our Spiritual Constitution.

    Its all about choices, and we get our desire fulfilled by the goodness of the Lord. A life form to facilitate our desires for sensual expression in many combination's

    The thing that is Illusion or Maya is that our object of love becomes another residual impression of another Jiva For Me it�s a woman and visa versa. We have this need to be loved and to share this love, its originally meant for god and the jiva object just has a tendency to step into the picture and becomes more important.

    The relationship with the husband and wife is an important aspect of our natural tendency and to dutifully share this love in worship and servitude to the Lord, Who after all just wants us to be happy eternally and doesn�t want us to continue to be in the false conception of severance from the lord, who we are in an intimate relationship in abeta beta atatva.. Simultaneously One and Differential.

    Our love is for God, Krsna and the point that gets us stuck as jiva atmas is that we don�t full fill the function in its healthy original duty or natural spiritual function as Gods Expression of our love for us and to recriipcate that love by showing our faith and our internal prayer hoping against hope for Gods favor.

    Now we were eaten by tigers, larger fish, Humans, and we also did the same as those life forms. Insects feeding on one another, Very bizarre world, those insects are very exotic and in some rain forest three thousand of these life forms were discovered on a daily basis.

    The rules of the universe, which are common sense physics are that every living life form must work for its subsistence and that every living entity is food, or produces food for another. Even the Vegetables are a life form.

    The life forms are as follows in acceding order: Aquatics, plant life, Insects, Reptiles (legged and non legged), Feathered Fowl, Four legged Mammals, Humans which include the Simian Races, and Demigods of the Higher Planetary Systems.

    The actual situation of the Maha - Tatva is that of a reaccurring incidence --- ETERNALLY.


    The ages or yuga's are four and are approxamitly 1.5 million years rounded off figure say give or take a few thousand for each. One day of a Bramha is that of a thousand yuga cycles is the duration of his one day and also of his night.

    So take 1.5 million years multiplied by 4 per Yuga cycles, multiplied by 2 thousand. Multipled again by 350 days a year, times 100 years.

    So just stretch your own thinking for your own self and tell me the duration of just this tiny dark speck within the whole sceme of eternity.

    The Ages or Yuga's are: Satva Yuga 1,728,00yrs, Tretya Yuga 1,296,000, Dvarpa Yuga 864,000 yrs, and the current age Kali Yuga 432,00 yrs--- The Iron age of Quarrel & Hiproscracy, Industrialized Confused Technological Advancement, Creating an artificial standard of society. Self Centered diverse cultures and interest's ocur during this period creating conflict.

    I have hear recently that some belive that Lord Kalki is coming and that it is the end of Kali yuga. Srila Prabhupada wrote in His purport to this verse in Bhagavad Gita 8.17 That the Current time frame of this Kali Yuga is 5,000 years into this degraded age. The Surpreme Lord can do what ever He wants He can appear at any time. As far as tjhe scripturs go Lord Kalki comes at the end of Kali Yuga and then a new Satva Yuga will begin. It was just inquired of me very recently about the Issue of War. There are 4 Yugas and the standards of interaction with the physical laws of nature act different in these times. For instance the Brahmins in previous ages could ignite the fire sacrifice by mantra - Sound, Spiritual hymns for such.

    These accounts within History are recorded in the scriptures, We also live within and age called Kali at the current moment. In these times the expressions are of a nuture that harass the living entity. Srila Vyasadeva, out of his extreme compassion for the unfortunate souls in this age has accumulated the Srimad Bhagavatam. We as Jivas are the part and parcel of the lord. A tiny particle of him as marginal energy that can be conditioned by matter. The Supreme Lord is not affected by his creation and is never conditioned but remains as He is.

    Everything in this external and the Internal potencies are his expressions of love for the living entities, and war is a reformatory procedure based on the Karma accumulated by Society as a whole. The scriptures recommend a way of living and a standard for society to avoid conflict by not creating negative Karma and to have to be subjected to negative results but rather positive results resulting in a peaceful life consisting of pleasant weather producing ample supplies of food, and agriculture producing dairy products, little or no crime and the UN-wanted progeny born by the nature of the actual conception of the parents in a selfish ego identification of pleasure and then the children are not wanted very much unless its conveint to accept assistance from government allowances.

    War is a product of our own making do to sins aqiured by Society. The good son is rewarded by a very happy Birthday party and every one is happy, But at some other time the child may have done something wrong and the father loves the child and will punish the child within reasonable method to rectify his doings and that he will not get into any serous trouble but will learn form his mistakes.

    War is the same thing, Actually every incidence within history is an expression of the love of Godhead has for us, Extreme, as it is He is trying to show us his love in this way, So we can learn. Even in the Maha- Barata, The great battle of Kurusetra was by political methods debated to try to avoid the war. But such diplomacy was not effective and no actual agreements were made and Mobilization had to occur.

    In these times of war, We must be strong, because we might be asked to perform some activity that we may learn in life to regret. Nobody wants war, and nobody really wants to do it. We are very sorry to hear that some equipment or vehicles may be damaged or destroyed and possibly, some people may be hurt or killed.

    We hope to learn from our mistakes, and hope that history doesn�t repeat itself. We can learn to live accordance to the scriptures and create a golden age, rather than the negative results of our current condition. In this way society can benefit and be rewarded in another way and we can be happy even still within this life time and go back home back to Godhead.


    The Maha Tatva again comes into play and Maha Visnu lays down within the casual universe. He impregnates Pakriti (nature) with his glance the living enties Jiva souls. Pakriti is Krnsa'a external energy as such she is worshiped as Kali, again Lord Siva's wife is Pakriti as an expanstion of the exteranl evergy of Krsna. she is Maha Maya the Illustion of seperate extistance and being as such product of matter and the restless scanning of the mind for pleasure in amny varites and forms and the ambition. Which one only finds that what was necture in the beginning has really just turned out to be poison.

    The War Ends when Lord Shiva steps upon the chest of his consort Pakriti - Nature. The war and the crazy corupt state of affairs occurs when Lord Shiva does his dance. Lord Shiva is often depicted riding his bull Nandi through forests, Like Lord Shivas Hermatige where he meditates or most commonly is Lord Shiva Dancing within a Mandala of fire.

    Another Thing about Lord Siva is that there are these Murhuta's times of the day and hours when Lord Shiva rides his bull by and one can become Gostly Haunted by the ghosts that assoiciate with the Demigod of destruction.

    There are 3 Chief Demigods within the universe, Bramha, Visnu and Shiva. The beging and the interm and the end of all things eventually.

    Krsna is the background and the cause of all causes the Karma interacting at this time of due to a lot of missfortunes such as indutralized meat disstubution and the consuption of forbiden things. War is associated with this Karma as well as the interation of the temporary names and forms of the world's personalitys and there are so many more causes and interactions. If Lord Siva the Demigod of destruction were to then just stop the dance of destruction and step upon the chest of Mother Nature Pakriti, Maha Maya and also Known as Durga the War will End.

    Lord Shiva is also Known as Sambu.

    Sri Brahma-Samhita

    Krsna never consorts with His illusory energy. Still her connection is not entirely cut off from the Absolute Truth. When He intends to create the material world the amorous pastime, in which He engages by consorting with His own spiritual [cit] potency Rama by casting His glance at the deluding energy in the shape of sending His time energy, is an auxiliary activity.

    [The secondary process of association with Maya is described.] Ramadevi, the spiritual [cit] potency, beloved consort of the Supreme Lord, is the regulatrix of all entities. The divine plenary portion of Krsna creates the mundane world. At creation there appears a divine halo of the nature of His own subjective portion [svamsa]. This halo is divine Sambhu, the masculine symbol or manifested emblem of the Supreme Lord. This halo is the dim twilight reflection of the supreme eternal effulgence. This masculine symbol is the subjective portion of divinity who functions as progenitor of the mundane world, subject to the supreme regulatrix [niyati]. The conceiving potency in regard to mundane creation makes her appearance out of the supreme regulatrix. She is Maya, the limited, nonabsolute [apara] potency, the symbol of mundane feminine productivity. The intercourse of these two brings forth the faculty of perverted cognition, the reflection of the seed of the procreative desire of the Supreme Lord.

    The function of Sambhu in relation to jivas is that this universe enshrining the mundane egotistic principle has originated from Sambhu.

    The external potency Maya who is of the nature of the shadow of the cit potency, is worshiped by all people as Durga, the creating, preserving and destroying agency of this mundane world. I adore the primeval Lord Govinda in accordance with whose will Durga conducts herself.

    The external potency Maya who is of the nature of the shadow of the cit potency, is worshiped by all people as Durga, the creating, preserving and destroying agency of this mundane world. I adore the primeval Lord Govinda in accordance with whose will Durga conducts herself.

    Actually I was allways interested in hearing about Krsna more than the technical details of the society and was more interested in how to be a devotee.

    So I will Describe the highest Lila -- NEVER TO BE IMMATATED---

    According to Srila Bhaktishidanta ou Spritual Grand Father in the Disisplic Succession in his Brahma Samita

    The Goloka Vrinavana and the Gokula Vrinavana. The tract of land in Barata Varsa (Earth)India caled Vrindavana 40 miles South West of Deli is the Gokula Vrinavana. Krsna performed his most intimate pastimes there. More than performed in the Spritual World of Golokla Vrinavana. What was that? He over stepped his own boundries in performing his Ras Lila with his Gopis, Eternally liberated Souls in Womans bodys who are married to Gopas. In this pastime the Gopas are Jiva Atma and are Liberated, but in the Eternal atomopshere the Gopas are Krsna Tavta. The Gopies are never really separated from Krsna. These are actually Krsna Shakti - internal potencies, bound by an intense eternal love of Godhead.

    That this is the explaination of a great mystery and that this is the highest truth, that in is real sense then Krsna is actually enjoying his pastimes with wife's married to other husbands other than expansions of himself as in the Spritual World

    Prabhuda writes that the gopies achieved this position in Gokula as they were in previous lives as great sages and yogis and yoginis who were desirous of having His association by being lovers of the Lord, and being in his personal company in this Rasa. They were awarded his company by the Lord's causeless mercy

    The actual constitution of Krsna's energy are that of Visnu Tatva - Expansions of the Lord himself, the marginal energy which are the living enities the atma tatva - part and parcels of the surpreme Lord in smaller degrees, actually anu -- atomic particles and the external energy, matter.

    I have a tape from the tape Bhaktivedanta ministies, Prabhupada stated that "Just as the gold in the gold mine is Gold, A portion of the gold particles are not equal to the total gold in the mine as a whole. So Krsna is the total and the living entities are the small particles of Krsna, and the Jiva'a are not equal to the whole, but are part and parcel of the Lord.

    The rain water is distilled water -- pure water -- but falling down from the clouds it becomes muddy when it hits the ground. The consciousness of the living enities -- Jiva Atma -- ARE PURE IN ITS ORIGINAL STATE BUT COMING INTO CONTACT WITH MATTER -- The living enities have become conditioned due to the influence of the three modes of material nature Goodness: Satva Guna , Passion: Rajas Guna, and Ignorance: Tamas Guna.

    Actual meditation is that on the Surpreme Lord and not any thing impersonal, void or on ones own self. As a lamp in a windless place does not waver the transcendentalist who mind is self controlled remains allways steady in meditation on the Transcendent Self.

    It is very difficult to control the mind, for it is very obstinante and restless, but it is possible with constant practice and by detachment.

    From what ever and when ever the mind wanders due to its flickering and unsteady nature, bring it back under control of the self.

    I will explain more Lilas, and the three Visnu's. And the three localized aspects of the Lord, Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan.

    Actually we are not the does of our activities, The Bhagavad Gita states that our activities are carried out by nature and that the soul actually does nothing.

    The Srimad Bagavatam states that as on a cloudy full moon night, the clouds move past the moon quickly and the moon appears to be moving yet is still stationary, so the soul appears to be in action yet is still.

    More Lilas:

    The Cow Heard boys enjoyed Krsna's assoication in the hills and forest of Gokula Vrinavana. They also were awarded this rasa as they were great sages and yogis who desired Krsna's Lila.

    Krsna and the Cow Heard Boys imatated the animals like the croaking of frogs and then when the frogs jumped in the water Krsna and the Cow Heard Boys jumped in after them when they jumped away.

    Krsna displayed his multi omnipresence durring lunch time. Each Cow heard boy thought that he shared his lunch with Krsna individual and personal as they all sat in a circle about Krsna in the center.

    This is the way of the Spritual World, Each devotee is with and are with Krsna personally, and there are pastimes in eternity, beyond a limited time concept of past present and future. All singing the glories of the lords pastimes, As allmost on a leval with the lord or being his parents or frinds or servants or intimate lovers.

    Narada Muni also saw a wonder display of Krsna's omnipresence at Dvaraka. When Narada visited each palace Narada was surprised to find Lord Krsna there in each palace performing a different function with his queens and children and maidservants within the palaces simultaneously.

    I visited the Los Angeles Temple yesterday, and as I saw Rukmini - Dvarakadish
    I rememberd this saying:
    "The eyes that have never seen the beautifull form of the Lord, are liken to the decorations of the eyes on the plumes of the peacocks feathers - USELESS Vision."

    Well just take your problems to the Lord, and just concentrate and clear your mind of the worldliness and may a great feelling of comfort come upon you.

    This is really sad, but it's a favorite Lila of the devotees:

    After Lord Krsna's departure form Vrindavana, all the inhabitants of Vrinda were full of seperation form the lord and spent thier days singing of the glories of the Lord and crying for him to return.

    The Lord went to perform his new pastimes of being a king and going to war and killing demoniac kings.

    The Lord meet Radha in Kuruksetra after a very long time of separation during this time, and their talks are very intamate and heart breaking in this reunion.

    Radharani said " You are the same Krsna, as I am the same Radharani, but this is not the same place." As Krsna of Vrindavana is a simple Cowheard village boy, Now Krsna is in the Royal Order as the Dwarka King surrounded by opulence befitting a king.

    The Srimad Bhagavatam is full of instructions and it's beauty is very poetic. Even a great demon who is finnaly killed by the Lord is very Philosophical.

    Ravana said that the way that many travelers will come to a rest stop or a dinner, they have come together as strangers and are separated to go their own way in a short time. Just as many leaves or twigs in the current of a river may bind or join together for some time and distance and are eventually separated again in the currents

    And as the World goes and its events the Bhagavatam states that as many millions of bubbles and foam are created in the waves of the ocean repeatedly, so as the names, forms and activities that constitute the events and actions of the this world are also destroyed as liken to the popping of the bubbles and the sea water again goes back into the totality of the ocean and still again another wave, bubbles and foam again to be destroyed repeatedly

    I wanted to explain in more detail about the actual situation of the Maha Tatva.

    I also wanted to incorporate some science into the light of phenomena.

    There are many millions of Bramha's in each of the millions of universes. The universes are created due to the Yoga Nidra of Maha Visnu Laying in the casual ocean of the Maha Tatva. The exhalations of Maha Visnu brings forth the universes from his breathing out. The universes are again absorbed within Maha Visu when He again breaths in, His inhale.

    Krsna again as Visnu expands again as Garbadaksayi Visnu Laying in the ocean of Milk at the bottom of each universes again. The lotus flower springs from the navel of Garbadaksayi Visnu and Bramha is born from that Lotus. Bramha creates the universal construction of the universe by the ingredients supplyed from Garbadaksayi Vishnu's body because there were no other ingrediants to use.

    Of course we are not Pantheists, but there is nothing that actually exsists without the pressence of the Lord and His energy's

    The Lord then again expands as Kisheradaksayi Vishnu, The Lords presence in each and every atom and within the heart of the living enities.

    The Atoms in which Lord Kisheradaksayi Vishu enters, themselfs originate from Krishna" Brhaman (Eternal Spritual Light Photonic Energy)in which the atoms comine to form the moloucules which are according to type and combination form the 8 material elements of the temporal region, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Mind, Intelegence and False Ego.

    The universes in Mahatavta are themselfs are continum adinfinim higher to lower dimentional universes at the atomic level.

    One atom is a universe consiting of atoms and universe's consiting of atoms and Universe's etc....

    Krshana says in the Bagavad Gita that all things rest on him as pearls are stung on a thread.

    The external matter energy is itself not the actuall substance but appears to be by reinforcement in this region as the living enity in contact with matter is constantly harrased to perfom for others and nothing is ever good enough and if it is, it is only for a short while, and then new relationships will be developed.

    This mater energy flow is within 3 dimmentional time and space. Past Presnt and Future are the elements that consist of Time. The spiritual world is devoid of Material time and is the Eteranl Time Moment.

    The Srimad Bagavatam states that "Just as the Clouds pass by the Moon on a windy night, The Moon apears to be moving, but is actully still. The living entites within matter perform no actions or travel any distance within any 3 dimentional space, That it is only matter that apears to be moving by the waves of material nature and the 3 modes of material nature, Goodness, Passion and Ingnorance and the combinations that they produce.

    I would like to explain the proccess of Karma

    The definition of Karma is this: At each and every moment a being is the entire acumultion of one's entire past. this occurs at each and every instance in our moment to moment existance in temporal time Past, Present and Future.

    It also incorporates Action and Reaction as a body in motion will remain im motion unless impeded my an outside and impeading force. Most of the time this body in motion changes directions.

    The Karma is in our hearts, acumulating since time immemorial throuhout our journey through 8 million, 4 hundred thousand species of life in the cycle proccess of repaeted birth and death.

    We make our own destiny which is awarded by the supersoul within our hearts by our actions based on the choices we make that are presented to us at each and evey instance in time

    Yukta Vyragya.. dove tailing everything in the service of the lord

    Life and Soul of the guru

    The Whole World is Fighting for Sense Gratification Body: The Whole World is Fighting for Sense Gratification

    Prabhupada: In the material world, everyone is given the facilities for eating, sleeping, sexual intercourse and defense. Now, if some dangers come, so we may be victims, but a bird immediately goes. He has better defense. Is it not? If some dangers come immediately... Suppose all of a sudden a motorcar comes and kills us. We cannot do anything, but the bird, small bird, "Hut!" He can do that. Is it not? So his defensive measure is better than us. Similarly, I want to have sex. I have to arrange for that, find out some... But the female bird is always around him, at any time. This sparrow, the pigeon. You have seen it? Immediately ready for sex life. And eating? Oh, there is some fruit. Immediately he can eat. And sleeping? That is also very comfortable. So these facilities, don't think that it is available on this skyscraper building. They are available for the birds and the beasts. It is not that unless you have got a very nice apartment in the skyscraper building, you cannot have all these facilities of eating, sleeping and sex life. Anywhere. Visayah khalu sarvatah syat. This is called visaya. Visaya means the facilities for sense enjoyment. That is called visaya. Our process is visaya chadiya se rase majiya. One has to give up this visaya and relish the transcendental bliss. It is a different platform. And these persons, bodily concept of life, their only enjoyment is this visaya. So sastra says that you are after visaya. This is available in any life. Why you are repeating this visaya in different forms of life either as bird or beast or tree or human being or cats and dogs? Punah punas carvita carvananam. Again and again, the same thing, in different forms. So those who are interested with this visaya, matir na krsne paratah svato va, they cannot become Krishna conscious, paratah, by instruction of spiritual master or experienced person, or by themselves. Themselves, they cannot. Even by instruction by the spiritual master or higher authorities. Paratah. Svatah, personally, or by others' instruction, matir na krsne, they cannot become Krsna conscious. Mitho 'bhipadyeta. Mithah, or by conference, consulting, making a meeting, "What is the problem of life?" They cannot take to Krsna consciousness. Why? Grha-vratanam. So long they have got this determination, "We shall be happy in this material world," they cannot take... Grha-vratanam. Grha means home and grha means this body also. Those who are trying to be happy within this body, material world, they cannot take to Krsna consciousness. Matir na krsne paratah svato va mitho 'bhipadyeta grha-vratanam. Why they cannot? Adanta-gobhih: their senses are so uncontrolled. Therefore they must undergo the process of punah punas carvita-carvananam, again and again, the same visaya: eating, sleeping, mating. That's all.

    Nitai: So our business is to convince them that they can't be happy in the material world?

    Prabhupada: Yes. That they have got experience. Therefore daily they are founding so many parties, manufacturing so many means and plans and this and that, but they are not happy. But they are so fool, great fool, that in spite of being repeatedly baffled, still, punah punas carv..., the same thing, under different form. What is the difference between these rascal communists and capitalists? After all, they are animals. How they can make things, better arrangement? That is not possible. The only thing... This man will say, "Exploit others," and other man shall, "Give food to the others." What is there? Give food to the others or exploit--the same animal propensity. Where is the advancement? The capitalists are thinking, "Exploit others." The same thing, like animals. This dog, as soon as he saw the shadow of his own body with the food, he thought that "Let me capture that food." This is exploitation. And another will say "No, first of all give food." So they are fighting like this. So everyone's aim is that we shall remain within this material world and happy. Therefore grha-vratanam.

    Satsvarupa: If we can get enough to eat and sex, we will be happy.

    Prabhupada: That's all. And then they become impotent and go to the doctor, "Give me sex medicine." You see? Punah punas carvita-carvananam. The same thing. Not at home sex, but "Let us go to the prostitute, go to the naked dance." They have no other ideas. Punah punas carvita-carvananam. These class of men cannot take to Krsna consciousness. First of all, one must be in knowledge that "I am not anything of this material world. I am spirit soul. My happiness is in the spiritual world." Then he can be.

    Haihaya: Some people say that what make us different from the animals is that we can enjoy art and we can enjoy music and we can enjoy all type of art...

    Prabhupada: The animals... the snake also can enjoy music. Do you know that? You play very nice music. A snake will be charmed. He will stand. It will not attack you. Similarly the deers... The hunters, they play very nice music, and they assemble here, and they fight and kill them.

    Nitai: The birds are also making their music.

    Prabhupada: No. That is another thing. But these deer and the snakes, many animals, they are very much fond of music. They enjoy.

    matir na krsne paratah svato va mitho 'bhipadyeta grha-vratanam adanta-gobhir visatam tamisram punah punas carvita-carvananam

    Next question is "How one can become interested in the spirit soul or Krsna consciousness? How?" This is the position. They cannot. So next proposal is, "How they can be?" Naisam matis tavad urukramanghrim sprsaty anartha..., yad-arthagamam, niskincananam, pada-rajo-'bhisekam.

    naisam matis tavad urukramanghrim sprsaty anarthapagamo yad-arthah mahiyasam pada-rajo-'bhisekam niskincananam (na vrnita yavat)

    Naisam matih. Esam, "of these rascals and fools," matih, "consciousness," cannot be turned. Naisam urukramanghrim, "towards the lotus feet of Lord Krsna, Urukrama." Urukrama means "one who acts very wonderful." And his lotus feet. So naisam matis tavad urukramanghrim: "Their attention cannot be converted or turned towards the lotus feet of Krsna who acts very wonderfully." Anartha apagamah: "And all these misconcepts of life becomes vanquished." How it can be? Now, "So long one does not touch his head to the dust of a devotee of the Lord who is niskincana, who has nothing to do with this material world, that devotee, who is simply interested in Krsna." If one has got the opportunity of touching his head to the lotus feet, to the dust of the lotus feet of such a great devotee, then it is possible. Otherwise, it is not. Niskincana, mahiyasam pada-rajo 'bhisekam. Mahiyasam, such glorified devotee, the dust of the lotus feet, can help him, that's all. Naisam matis tavad urukramanghrim sprsaty anartha.

    Satsvarupa: The pure devotee gives the chance to everyone, but only a few approach. So still the question is how can they become interested in the pure devotee?

    Prabhupada: No, this is the..., that you do it. If they do not do it, then who will come? This declaration is there, that "If you do this, then you can be interested." But if you do not, then you go on with your own business. A similar... The same things Krsna, sarva-dharman parit... mam ekam. Krsna is demanding that you do it, "Surrender unto Me." The sastra also says, "Surrender unto the representative of Krsna," mahiyasam. But if they do not do, what can be done? Just see this sparrow. The sex is always accompanying, any time ready. The pigeons, any time ready. Visayah khalu sarvatah syat. That is the only attachment for this material world, visaya. Whole world is fighting for this visaya. "I must have nice eating, I must have nice sleeping, I must have very good sex, and I should be defended by bank balance, by military soldiers, by police force, by atomic weapons." This is going on. Defense. Rascal does not understand that "In spite of all these things, I will have to change the body, and the same thing will be available again, in a different way." This intoxication, cigarettes. The ant, the small ant, they are very fond of intoxication. You know that? As soon as there is information, "On the top of the skyscraper building, there is a grain of sugar," they will go. (laughing) Because sugar contains intoxication. The wine is made from sugar, molasses. It has got the intoxication. You keep a grain of sugar there, and there will be hundreds and thousands... (laughter) Gold rush. Study. You see what is the difference of this civilization and the ant civilization, dog civilization, cat civilization. No difference. It is in the simply formation only.

    Dhananjaya: Yes, I've seen sometimes at the Sunday Feast we make some sweets, like sweetballs, and there's some left over. They'd find the next day so many drowned ants, because they'd been so wild, they'd jump into it and drown themselves.

    Prabhupada: So sastra says, labdhva su-durlabham idam bahu-sambhavante: "My dear human being, please note. You have got this form of life after many many births, bahu-sambhavante. You had to undergo the aquatic life, 900,000 species, the birds, trees and plants, two million. How much time it has gone by for this evolution. Now you have come to the human form of life." Labdhva su-durlabham idam bahu-sambhavante manusyam: "This is human form of life." Artha-dam: "Now you can achieve success. Although it is temporary, but you can achieve the highest perfection of life. Therefore," turnam yateta anumrtyu yavat, "before next death, you be very dexterous to complete the success." And if you think, then what about my sense enjoyment? Visayah khalu sarvatah syat: "It will be available any life. This life you spend for this purpose. Don't waste simply for visaya." Visayah khalu sarvatah syat. This you will get even if you become cat and dog. But in the cat and dogs, I will not get this opportunity, how to get out of this material existence. Labdhva su-durlabham idam bahu-sambhavante. These are the instructions of Prahlada. These rascals have no education to understand. Therefore we must give this education. We must induce them to read these books in the school, colleges. That is propaganda. Now we have got books. These rascals, they have no books to read about this realization. They have got only Freud's philosophy and this... What is that? And Darwin's theory. All rascaldom, simply rascaldom. Let them read these books. This philosopher, that philosopher. What is that? Punah punas carvita-carvananam. The same philosophy, repeatedly for sense gratification, that's all. That rascal Mahesh Yogi, he also said that, "You take this special mantra; your material enjoyment will be easier." The same: the punah punas carvita. He has no other information. "It will be better." And they accepting. "Oh, my enjoyment will be better? All right, take $35. Give me that mantra." They like it because they are promising that "You will get this..." Politicians also, they are promising, "You take this ism. Your sense gratification will be easier." The same promise. This ism or that ism. This yogi, that yogi. But nobody knows what is actually happiness. Harer nama harer nama harer nama. Na te viduh svartha-gatim hi visnum durasaya ye bahir-artha. They are trying to be happy by sense enjoyment, material body's enjoyment. Durasaya. It is simply a hope which will never be fulfilled. Durasaya. Asaya means hope and dur means very difficult. It will not be possible. Andha yathandhair upaniyamanah. And they are being led by such rascal leaders, who are promising sense gratification. Because they are blind, another blind man comes and says that "You will be happy in this way. Come on this way. Your sense gratification will be very much easily satisfied. come on." "Yes. Very good leader." Adanta-gobhih. Andha yathandhair upaniyamanas te 'pi. They forget that they are bound up by the stringent laws of nature. There is no freedom. Only varieties of sense enjoyment is offered because he want, want, wants. Actually, that is not enjoyment. That is bound up. Nature's... If you enjoy more sex life, nature says, "All right, you become impotent for ten years." And still he wants to enjoy. Little this way, that way--immediately punishment. "Oh, you have eaten more, three days suffer. No diet, no food. Suffer dysentery." And they are enjoying. What is this enjoyment? As soon as violate a little of the nature's law you are immediately punished. Na te viduh. Isa-tantryam baddhah. Isa-tantryam, the laws of nature, they are so much bound up, hands and legs. Still, they are declaring freedom. What is the freedom? Immediately he will be kicked by shoes as soon as he violates a little, immediately. There is ocean of salt. Now we require salt for making our foodstuff very tasty. But if you take little more salt, you cannot eat. No, you cannot eat. If you think, "Oh, so much salt? Let me put more salt, more salt," it will be useless. You can take only so much quantity. That's all. In this way you are bound up, always. And still, you are declaring freedom. What freedom? What is the meaning of this freedom? But they are fools. They cannot understand.

    Haihaya: Then Krsna consciousness is the right quantity of salt.

    Prabhupada: Yes. Krsna consciousness is giving you everything in right way so that you can save your time, you do not waste your time, and you can advance in Krsna consciousness. That is required. We don't say that you stop eating. You eat. Take little Krsna prasadam. We don't say that "Don't sleep." No, you sleep, but must rise early in the morning for mangala-arati. This is our philo... Eating, sleeping, and sex. No, we don't say no sex life. Yes, you have sex life. Get your bona fide wife, live peacefully. And defense also, we have. We never say that you forego all these things. No, this is not our philosophy. But similarly, as much as you absolutely require, not more than that. The balance time, save for advancement. These people are simply engaged for eating, sleeping, mating. They have no time for Krsna consciousness. This condemned civilization must be stopped. Killing, killing civilization. The human being got the opportunity of getting out of this punah punas carvita-carvananam, repeatedly, and they are not being given the chance. They are being engaged more and more for sense gratification, visaya. Killing civilization. Jnana-tapasa. Bahavo jnana-tapasa puta mad-bhavam agatah. By this process, bahavah, many, by knowledge and tapasya. Putah, purified, came back, back to home. Bahavo jnana-tapasa puta mad-bhavam agatah. Vita-raga-bhaya-krodha man-maya mam upasritah, bahavo jnana-tapasa puta mam... What is that, last word?

    Nitai: Mad-bhavam agatah.

    Prabhupada: Ah, mad-bhavam agatah. Mad-bhavam, "My nature." "My nature" means spiritual nature. Krsna is spirit. Or the another nature. This is material nature. This is another nature. That is kingdom of God, spiritual nature, Vaikuntha planet. Agatah: "They came." Every information is there, every opportunity is there. Simply they are not educated. Therefore the Krsna consciousness movement is meant for educating these rascals. That's all. They are mad after sense gratification. Nunam pramattah, mad. From the morning, as soon as they rise, "Give me a cup of tea, immediately I have to go to there and there and there." What you will do then? "Yes, I will die. I will die in a motor accident. They are waiting for me." All right, go. Nunam pramattah kurute vikarma. All kinds of forbidden works they are doing. What? What is the purpose? Nunam pramattah kurute vikarma yad indriya-pritaye. Purpose is only sense gratification. The rascal does not know that "I am doing all these sinful activities for sense gratification, and I will have to accept a very low-grade body." That he does not know. He has already got one low-grade body. He is suffering only. And he will still get another low-grade body, more suffering. That he does not know. But still, he will do everything for sense gratification. Nunam pramattah kurute vikarma yad indriya-pritaya aprnoti na sadhu manye: "Oh, it is not good." Na sadhu manye yata atmano' yam: "This kind of activities will cover your soul by body." "Well, this body is temporary. Don't bother." Then another body, rascal. This body is temporary, but you get another body, most abominable. Why you are doing like this? Asann api. Although this body is temporary, but why don't you understand that it is klesada: It is always subjected to miserable condition of material life. Klesada. This is klesada, another body you get, klesada. Any body you get, klesada. Why do you get this? Stop these activities. This is Krsna consciousness. That they do not know. Da means "that gives." Any type of material body you accept will be klesada. They have constructed this building. If for few hours there is severe cold, so many people will die, even in this comfortable building. Is it not? So klesada is there; either you remain in this way or that way, the sufferings will be there. And to take this comfort of this high building, how much klesada, how much miserable condition, one has to pass. "Sir, I am not doing; the workers are doing." But you have to collect the money to pay them. How much miserable it is to acquire this money to pay another klesada, laborer. So simply they are captivated by money. Otherwise it is klesada. Sometimes they fall down and die while constructing. Is it not? Now, I have heard that in New York there are many buildings and there is no tenant. Klesada. The proprietor of the house, he is also suffering. "I have spent so much money. No tenant." In London I have seen there is, for the last six or seven years, very big building. It is vacant.

    Dhananjaya: Tottenham Court Road. Yes, that big one. Central Point.

    Prabhupada: Yes (laughing). His klesada is if he keeps tenant, that is more miserable than without keeping tenant. Is it not? Yes. Therefore he keeps without. Because so much taxes will have to be paid that it will be more miserable than keeping tenants. So he is avoiding that. So while constructing, it was troublesome; now, keeping this, it is also troublesome. To find out pleasure they have manufactured so many things. But still, they cannot enjoy it. For few minutes they can enjoy; again it is nonsense. "Let us go away." (break)

    Satsvarupa: ...that I can actually become a bird or a dog because...

    Prabhupada: What are these... Wherefrom these birds and dogs are coming? Let them answer. Wherefrom they are coming?

    Nitai: Well, they would say from other birds and dogs.

    Prabhupada: Yes, other birds or these birds, wherefrom they are coming?

    Satsvarupa: But that's not my condition. I am a human being.

    Prabhupada: That you may think, but you do not know the nature's law. You have to accept. Just like this apartment, either you accept or somebody accept. Similarly, these bodies are apartment. You have to accept or your brother has to accept. Somebody must accept. They are also living entities. Wherefrom they are coming? As I am a living entity, they are also living entity. So changing body, I may change to that body, he may change to this body. Where is the unreasonableness? We are all living entities. These are different types of bodies. So we have to accept some body. Similarly, he has to accept some body. So he may accept my body, I may accept his body. This apartment change. I may go to this apartment, he may go to another apartment. But there are so many apartments, grha. Therefore it is called grhamedhi. If you say, "No, no, I am not going to accept that apartment." "No, no, it is not your judgement." Daiva-netrena. "What money you have got, sir, to occupy?" "I have no money." "All right, then go this apartment." You must accept. Karmana daiva-netrena. By your work it will be ascertained what kind of apartment you will get. It is not upon your decision. There are so many, many rascals. They think that after getting human body, he is never degraded. The theosophists think like that. That is very palatable. (laughing) But nature will force him to accept the body of a cat and dog. That is not your decision. Daiva-netrena, the superior decision. Just in office, you get promotion or degradation. That is not your decision. That is the decision of the higher directors. You cannot say that "No, no, I am not going to accept this post." No. You have to accept. Karanam guna-sango 'sya sad-asad-yoni-janmasu. These different types of birth are due to your association with different types of the modes of material nature. Otherwise, why there are so many varieties. One has become crow, one has become sparrow, one has become human being, one has become dog, one has become cat, one has become tree, one has become grass. But nature is so expert that in spite of different varieties of life, the nature assembles them in such a nice way that it looks beautiful. There is grass, there is tree, there is sparrow, there is human being, but arrangement is such nice that everything...

    [740530mw.rom] Morning Walk May 30, 1974, Rome

    His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

    Complete Global Political and Cival Unrest!!! The peace formula ~ your own spiritual civil disobedience. ~REPOST THIS~

    Mahatma Gandhi created a peaceful civil disobedient movement and fueled it by his austerities, virtues, fasting on holy days, and observed celibacy. India was peaceful and the Hindus and Muslims live peacefully along side each other and the British incited the tention between the two groups and the hidu Muslim riot wars erupted. Gandhi wanted again a peaceful united India again. Having had been assnianated India was divided into Pakistan and Hindustan (India). The whole Middle East is influenced by Jahid a holly war.

    The Iatola was a very powerful alie of the United Sates during world war two and became the self proclaimed prophet God, to incite Jahid during Regan administration.

    The Ikdia was trained by the United states and was very instrumental at pushing the USSR in retreat and one week later the Iron Curtain fell along with the then recent falling of the Berlin wall.

    At this day and age, The current affair is total civil unrest worldwide.

    Nature is responding and we can set the example and change that to influence nature to respond differently ~ more positive life giving results peacefully just by our own personal nomenclature.

    The Pantinjali system of mystic yoga incorporates a system of develooping the nessasary virtues by observing these guidelines no meat eating, no gambling, No intoxication, No Illicit sex . (Celibacy)

    We sholud external perform as if we have conformed but internally reflect spiritually.

    Here are some links to get started with your own spiritual civil disobedience.

    The Buddhism of. Nichiren Daishonin teaches that. the way life is, is ... answers all the aspects of. what Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is.

    more »

    Sri Sri Radha Govinda Deities that are in Jaipur

    Sri Sri RadhaGovindaji Deities that are in Jaipur

    Madan Mohana

    Deity of Madan Mohana, accompanied by the Deities of Radha on His left, and Lalita on His right

    Gopinatha Deity in Jaipur

    Gopinatha Deity in Jaipur

    Sri Caitanya Caritamrta Adi 1.19 ei tina thakura gaudiyake kariyachena atmasat e tinera carana vandon, tine mora natha


    ei -- these; tina -- three; thakura -- Deities; gaudiyake -- the Gaudiya Vaisnavas; kariyachena -- have done; atmasat -- absorbed; e -- these; tinera -- of the three; carana -- lotus feet; vandon -- I worship; tine -- these three; mora -- my; natha -- Lords. TRANSLATION

    These three Deities of Vrndavana [Madana-mohana, Govinda and Gopinatha] have absorbed the heart and soul of the Gaudiya Vaisnavas [followers of Lord Caitanya]. I worship Their lotus feet, for They are the Lords of my heart.


    The author of Sri Caitanya-caritamrta offers his respectful obeisances unto the three Deities of Vrndavana named Sri Radha-Madana-mohana, Sri Radha-Govindadeva and Sri Radha-Gopinathaji. These three Deities are the life and soul of the Bengali Vaisnavas, or Gaudiya Vaisnavas, who have a natural aptitude for residing in Vrndavana. The Gaudiya Vaisnavas who follow strictly in the line of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu worship the Divinity by chanting transcendental sounds meant to develop a sense of one's transcendental relationship with the Supreme Lord, a reciprocation of mellows (rasas) of mutual affection, and, ultimately, the achievement of the desired success in loving service. These three Deities are worshiped in three different stages of one's development. The followers of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu scrupulously follow these principles of approach.

    Gaudiya Vaisnavas perceive the ultimate objective in Vedic hymns composed of eighteen transcendental letters that adore Krsna as Madana-mohana, Govinda and Gopijana-vallabha. Madana-mohana is He who charms Cupid, the god of love, Govinda is He who pleases the senses and the cows, and Gopijana-vallabha is the transcendental lover of the gopis. Krsna Himself is called Madana-mohana, Govinda, Gopijana-vallabha and countless other names as He plays in His different pastimes with His devotees.

    The three Deities -- Madana-mohana, Govinda and Gopijana-vallabha -- have very specific qualities. Worship of Madana-mohana is on the platform of reestablishing our forgotten relationship with the Personality of Godhead. In the material world we are presently in utter ignorance of our eternal relationship with the Supreme Lord. Pangoh refers to one who cannot move independently by his own strength, and manda-mateh is one who is less intelligent because he is too absorbed in materialistic activities. It is best for such persons not to aspire for success in fruitive activities or mental speculation but instead simply to surrender to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The perfection of life is simply to surrender to the Supreme. In the beginning of our spiritual life we must therefore worship Madana-mohana so that He may attract us and nullify our attachment for material sense gratification. This relationship with Madana-mohana is necessary for neophyte devotees. When one wishes to render service to the Lord with strong attachment, one worships Govinda on the platform of transcendental service. Govinda is the reservoir of all pleasures. When by the grace of Krsna and the devotees one reaches perfection in devotional service, he can appreciate Krsna as Gopijana-vallabha, the pleasure Deity of the damsels of Vraja.

    Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu explained this mode of devotional service in three stages, and therefore these worshipable Deities were installed in Vrndavana by different Gosvamis. They are very dear to the Gaudiya Vaisnavas there, who visit the temples at least once a day. Besides the temples of these three Deities, many other temples have been established in Vrndavana, such as the temple of Radha-Damodara of Jiva Gosvami, the temple of Syamasundara of Syamananda Gosvami, the temple of Gokulananda of Lokanatha Gosvami, and the temple of Radha-ramana of Gopala Bhatta Gosvami. There are seven principal temples over four hundred years old that are the most important of the five thousand temples now existing in Vrndavana.

    Gaudiya indicates the part of India between the southern side of the Himalayan Mountains and the northern part of the Vindhya Hills, which is called Aryavarta, or the Land of the Aryans. This portion of India is divided into five parts or provinces (Panca-gaudadesa): Sarasvata (Kashmir and Punjab), Kanyakubja (Uttar Pradesh, including the modern city of Lucknow), Madhya-gauda (Madhya Pradesh), Maithila (Bihar and part of Bengal) and Utkala (part of Bengal and the whole of Orissa). Bengal is sometimes called Gaudadesa, partly because it forms a portion of Maithila and partly because the capital of the Hindu king Raja Laksmana Sena was known as Gauda. This old capital later came to be known as Gaudapura and gradually Mayapur.

    The devotees of Orissa are called Udiyas, the devotees of Bengal are called Gaudiyas, and the devotees of southern India are known as Dravida devotees. As there are five provinces in Aryavarta, so Daksinatya, southern India, is also divided into five provinces, which are called Panca-dravida. The four Vaisnava acaryas who are the great authorities of the four Vaisnava disciplic successions, as well as Sripada Sankaracarya of the Mayavada school, appeared in the Panca-dravida provinces. Among the four Vaisnava acaryas, who are all accepted by the Gaudiya Vaisnavas, Sri Ramanuja Acarya appeared in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh at Mahabhutapuri, Sri Madhva Acarya appeared at Pajakam (near Vimanagiri) in the district of Mangalore, Sri Visnu Svami appeared at Pandya, and Sri Nimbarka appeared at Mungera-patana, in the extreme south.

    Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu accepted the chain of disciplic succession from Madhva Acarya, but the Vaisnavas in His line do not accept the Tattva-vadis, who also claim to belong to the Madhva-sampradaya. To distinguish themselves clearly from the Tattva-vadi branch of Madhva's descendants, the Vaisnavas of Bengal prefer to call themselves Gaudiya Vaisnavas. Sri Madhva Acarya is also known as Sri Gauda-purnananda, and therefore the name Madhva-Gaudiya-sampradaya is quite suitable for the disciplic succession of the Gaudiya Vaisnavas. Our spiritual master, Om Visnupada Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Maharaja, accepted initiation in the Madhva-Gaudiya-sampradaya.

    Vishvanatha Cakravarti Thakur indicates in “Madhurya Kadambini” two yardsticks for measuring one’s progress towards steadiness in bhakti — the intensity in effort and the ease of chanting. Whether there is intensification or slackening in hearing and chanting and following the rules of sadhana as laid down by the spiritual master - this is a good indicator of whether we are becoming free from anarthas and progressing towards pure chanting. He also charts out in detail the different stages of anartha-nivritti, including becoming free from different stages of inattention during chanting (sleep or inertia, distraction, indifference), as well as freedom from tendency towards bad-habits, attraction for sense-gratification etc; we can judge our progress based on the progressive ease with which we are able to overcome these obstacles. Conversely, as long as there is difficulty in absorption and inability to relish the chanting, we can take it as an indication, as Lord Caitanya expresses in His Siksastakam prayers, that it is due to committing one or more offenses.

    The Vedas teach only the pure name “The devotee who is attached to chanting the pure name will also have the knowledge of the Vedas revealed to him. Gradually he'll also attain krsna-prema. The Vedas unequivocally declare that by chanting the holy name one experiences ecstatic bliss, as the holy flame is the source of everything. The Vedas further explain that all the liberated souls are residing in the spiritual sky and are always engaged in chanting the pure name.


    by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura Prabhupada

    Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.12.3
    by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
    Bombay, April 14, 1976


    Pradyumna: “Being called by the spiritual master, one should study the Vedic mantras regularly, and every day, before beginning his study and at the end of the study, the disciple should offer respectfully his obeisances unto the spiritual master.”

    Prabhupada: chanda?sy adhiyita guror ahutas cet suyantrita? upakrame ’vasane ca cara?au sirasa namet This is the training. The brahmacari should rise early in the morning and worship guru, agni, fire, surya, and in the morning there should be class, and on the order of the guru, they should assemble and begin reading Vedic literature, chanda?si. So for reading Vedic literatures it does not require any erudite scholarship. Simply one has to hear. Therefore the another name of Vedic literature is called sruti. Sruti sm?ti pura? adi [BRS 1.2.101]. This class means that everyone has to learn Sanskrit? No, that is not necessary. You may be a very good scholar or not, but K???a has given you the facility of seeing and hearing. You have got eyes; you have got ear. So in the gurukula the students, they first of all attend the ma?gala-arati, guru-vandana, hearing. Then hear this Vedic literature. Here is Vedic literature, Srimad-Bhagavatam or Bhagavad- gita. They are all Vedic literature. The Mahabharata is Pañcama- veda. The four Vedas are there, Sama, Yajur, ?g, Atharva. And Mahabharata is Pañcama-veda, the fifth Veda. Stri-sudra-dvija- bandhuna? trayi na sruti-gocara. Woman and sudra and dvija- bandhu, they cannot understand Vedic language. It is difficult. For them Vyasadeva made Mahabharata. In the manner of studying history, Mahabharata… Mahabharata means the great history of greater India. So in that history, Vedic literature, Pañcama-veda, there is the Bhagavad-gita, essence. So if you read Bhagavad-gita, even if you read Mahabharata, that is all Vedic literature, Mahabharata, Ramaya?a, the Pura?as, the Upani?ad, Vedanta-sutra, and the Vedas, original Vedas. Original Veda is Atharva Veda. Atharva Veda was divided into four parts, Sama, Yajur, ?g, Atharva. So they are all Vedic literatures. So especially in this age Bhagavad-gita is essence of Vedic literatures, and it is based on the Vedanta-sutra. It is stated in the Bhagavad-gita, hetumadbhir viniscita. Brahma-sutra padais caiva hetumadbhir viniscita. This Bhagavad-gita is based on Brahma- sutra. Brahma- sutra means Vedanta-sutra. Vedanta-sutra is very important. It is the summary of Vedic study, sutra. The janmady asya yata? [Bhag. 1.1.1], this is a sutra, a synopsis. And you can explain very nicely from the Vedas. So there are small sutras, aphorism. From that aphorism you can expand. The Vedanta is the summary of all the Vedic literatures, anta, the supplement of the Vedic literatures. And Srimad-Bhagavatam is the explanation of Vedanta- sutra. Bha?yaya? brahma-sutra?am. In every chapter of Srimad- Bhagavatam you’ll find brahma -sutra-bha?ya: “This is real commentary on the Brahma-sutra.” So one should read daily at least one, two hours. That is human life. They are going to the libraries for reading newspaper and nonsense literature, but they will not come to hear Bhagavad-gita, Srimad- Bhagavatam. Srimad- Bhagavatam is the essence of Vedic literature. Nigama-kalpa-taror galita? phala? idam [SB 1.1.3]. It is stated in the Srimad- Bhagavatam, nigama. Nigama means Vedas. Agama, nigama. So nigama- kalpa-taru. Vedas just like desire tree. Whatever knowledge you want to get, there is perfectly there, without any mistake, without any illusion, without any cheating. All other literatures, man-made literatures, you will find these things: cheating, imperfectness, mistake, and illusion. In the Vedic literature you won’t find these four defects. Therefore, according to Vedic civilization, if you give evidence from the Vedic literature, it is to be accepted. No more argument. Anything which is accepted in the Vedas, vedavata, there is no more argument. This is Indian civilization. All our literatures you’ll find, therefore, full of quotation from Vedic literature to prove it. That is the actual. It is not imaginary. So one should read or hear chanda?si. Chanda?sy adhiyita guro?. It is guru’s duty. Adau gurv-asrayam. Tad-vijñanartha? sa gurum eva abhigacchet [MU 1.2.12]. Tad-vijñana, transcendental knowledge, one should approach guru. So guru-kula means guru’s place. So he keeps the disciples to learn the Vedic literature. This is guru-kula. We are constructing such big, big houses. Why? We are inviting people to come here and live in this guru-kula and learn Vedic literature. This is our purpose. Bombay is a very big city, people are rich, so we can give you nice room, nice prasadam. Come here, live here at least once in a week and learn Vedic literature, Vedic civilization. The essence of Vedic literature is Srimad- Bhagavatam. Bha?yaya? brahma-sutra?a? vedartha-parib??hitam. Our mission is to invite people to take advantage of learning Vedic literature, chanda?si. And what is the ultimate goal of studying Vedic literature? That is explained in the Bhagavad-gita, vedais ca sarvair aham eva vedyam: [Bg. 15.15] to understand K???a. So therefore our movement is known as K???a consciousness movement. So chanda?sy adhiyita guror ahutas cet suyantrita?. Very well behaved. Just like machine works systematically. You have seen. Everyone has seen. The machine of the watch is working very systematically, correctly. Similarly, every student, every disciple must work very correctly, like the machine. There is no question, “Why you did not attend school or the class?” You cannot say that “This is this. This is this.” No. As machine work, everyone should attend the class, rise early in the morning, attend ma?gala-arati. This is called suyantrita?, working like machine, no discrepancy. That is wanted. Suyantrita?. Then upakrame avasane. In the beginning the students should come and offer obeisances to the lotus feet of guru. This is begin. Adau gurv-asrayam. Yasya prasadad bhagavat-prasada? **. This is the principle. If you offer your respectful obeisances to guru, he becomes pleased. Anyone, even one is offender, if he comes and offers obeisances to the superior guru, then even there was offense, he forgets. Father. Father of… The son may be offender, but when he comes and offers his respect to the father, he forgets. So that should be done regularly, suyantrita?, just like machine. As soon as one sees guru, immediately he must offer obeisances. Beginning, end also. When he comes to see guru he must offer obeisances, and when he leaves that place he must offer obeisances. And in the in-between, coming and going, he should learn from the guru Vedic understanding. This is the principle of living in gurukula. So upakrame avasane ca cara?au sirasa namet. Just at the lotus feet of guru the brahmacari… So our students, they are very obedient. And if our students see the guru hundred times, he practices this process, offering obeisances while meeting and while going. These things are to be practiced. Then danta. Brahmacari guru-kule vasan danta [SB 7.12.1]. Then he’ll be controlled, self-controlled. Obedience is the first law of discipline. If there is no obedience, there cannot be any discipline. And if there is no discipline you cannot manage anything. That is not possible. Therefore this is very essential, that the students should be very disciplined. Disciple means one who follows discipline. This is disciple, si?ya. The Sanskrit word is also the same, si?ya. I have several times explained. Si?ya, it comes from the verb sas, sasana, ruling. So si?ya means one who voluntarily accepts the ruling of the spiritual master. He is called si?ya. Si?ya, sasana, sastra, sastra, sasana—these things are the same, from the same root. So this is the instruction. chanda?sy adhiyita guror ahutas cet suyantrita? upakrame avasane ca cara?au sirasa namet This is essential. To make the human life real civilized, the children should be sent to the gurukula. But there is no gurukula at the present moment. So we are starting. We have got some gurukula in the United States, Texas. We are starting another gurukula in V?ndavana, and we can start another gurukula here in Bombay to train the students. I wanted to start this gurukula long, long, ago before going to the USA, in 1960, say ’62, ’61, but I approached so many gentlemen friends; they never agreed to give their sons to gurukula. They never agreed. Everyone said, “Swamiji, what benefit there will be by training our students in the gurukula way? They have to earn their bread.” So that is India’s position now. They do not care for their original culture. They are after money. You teach them something to earn money. Therefore they are after technology. This is not experience in India. In U.S. also, many Indian students question me. Long ago, when I was speaking in the Berkeley University, one Indian student came forward and he said, “Swamiji, what this Hare K???a will do? We have to learn now technology.” He said. So this is India’s mentality at the present moment, that they are not very much interested in the spiritual advancement of life. It is very risky, very risky, because these foolish persons, they do not know how much risky it is to spoil the human life simply for eating, sleeping, mating, and gambling. This is very risky life. This K???a consciousness movement is very scientific movement. It is trying to save the human society from risky life. Risky life means that if we are not cultured, if we do not take to K???a consciousness and properly trained up, there is every chance to become again cats and dogs next life. This is the understanding. Tatha dehantara-prapti?. I repeatedly say you. K???a confirms. K???a says and we are repeating K???a’s word. Dehantara-prapti?: You have to change this body to another. And if you do not properly work like human beings, and if you keep yourself like cats and dogs, then dehantara-prapti? means you get the body of cats and dogs and pigs. So they do not know this science. Therefore they want to forget that there is life after death. They think after death everything is finished, but that is not the case. So the K???a consciousness movement is trying to help everyone so that he may not fall again to the cycle of birth and death at the risk of becoming cats and dogs.

    Thank you very much.

    Narada Muni said: A student should practice completely controlling his senses. He should be submissive and should have an attitude of firm friendship for the spiritual master. With a great vow, the brahmacari should live at the guru-kula, only for the benefit of the guru.

    At both junctions of day and night, namely, in the early morning and in the evening, he should be fully absorbed in thoughts of the spiritual master, fire, the sun-god and Lord Visnu and by chanting the Gayatri mantra he should worship them.

    Being called by the spiritual master, the student should study the Vedic mantras regularly. Every day, before beginning his studies and at the end of his studies, the disciple should respectfully offer obeisances unto the spiritual master.

    The brahmacari should go out morning and evening to collect alms, and he should offer all that he collects to the spiritual master. He should eat only if ordered to take food by the spiritual master; otherwise, if the spiritual master does not give this order, he may sometimes have to fast.

    A brahmacari should be quite well behaved and gentle and should not eat or collect more than necessary. He must always be active and expert, fully believing in the instructions of the spiritual master and the sastra. Fully controlling his senses, he should associate only as much as necessary with women or those controlled by women.

    All living entities, moving and nonmoving, are My expansions and are separate from Me. I am the Supersoul of all living beings, who exist because I manifest them. I am the form of the transcendental vibrations like omkara and Hare Krishna Hare Rama, and I am the Supreme Absolute Truth. These two forms of Mine -- namely, the transcendental sound and the eternally blissful spiritual form of the Deity, are My eternal forms; they are not material.

    The essence of knowledge is that there are two kinds of vastu,or substances, One is real, and the other, being illusory or temporary,is sometimes called nonfactual. One must consider these two kinds ofexistence. The real tattva, or truth, consists of Brahman, Paramatma, and Bhagavan

    ."Learned transcendentalists who know the Absolute Truth call this nondual substance Brahman, Paramatma or Bhagavan." The Absolute Truth exists eternally in three features. Therefore, Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan combined are the substance from the nonsubstance are two -- activities and forbidden activities (karma and vikarma). Herein it is said, aham vai sarva-bhutani: the Lord is everything (sarva-bhutani), including the living entities and the material or physical elements. As the Lord says in Bhagavad-gita (7.4-5):

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