Sri Damodara

Divine Vison of Love

To Him who broke the yogurt pot,
Because His Mother Yosoda gave him up for the milk that was hot.
This divine vision of love who all that are pure in spirit know;
That Surpreme person who His pastimes flow.
Thinking of Him with respect and pride,
writing of Him is taking a good ride.

This beutifull boy whom all the forrest is in love with so much,
Does all these things in complete bliss to keep us in touch.
How is it they didn't know He is God when on just His little finger held a forrest hill,
when He returned from the forrest with all the Cows and Calf's,
all the Gopi girls looked upon Him from their window sills.

Pure love is just to know and sing His Name
They didn't care that He is God, Love is for Him, He is one and the same.

Chant Hare Krsna

Sri Govinda


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