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Welcome to my little bit of the Web.  I am expanding this all the time, so keep coming back!  If you are new to Paganism, please read my list of WitchCraft Terminology.

An essay I wrote for a message board I belong to, then it was re-written for an online magazine, Ancient Heritage, of which I am a contributor to.

A story I came across a while back, called Never Again the Burning Times.  Quite powerful, most witches I know that have read it, cry.  Enjoy it, share it, and if you know who wrote it, please let me know so I can credit them properly.

I have a love of witch bottles, it probably comes from my love of bottles of all kinds.  I wrote this for Ancient Heritage Magazine, for the November issue, I think.  I might add to this later, but I think it's good right now.

This is a hand-drawn Year Wheel, that I found online. I have use Mike Nichol's Sabbat information here. Just click on the Sabbat you wish to learn about and enjoy. Feel free to contribute if you have one that is of great quality, you will get full credit.  The story of the Decent of the Goddess is the link in the center of the picture.  I have used the version Doreen Valiente wrote for many reasons, one of which is it is richer and more fleshed out than the other versions I have come across.

   Is quilting one form of The Craft?  Read this if you are interested.

  Come learn what your Chinese and Western astrological signs are....

  An old favorite of many.  Great for the novice, but also a good read for the "expert".  



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