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Witchcraft is not just healing, altering the weather, assuring fertility of plants and animals, protecting ourselves, and money spells… necessary though these and other workings may be.

It is a closeness and friendship with others like ourselves who are similar in attitudes, outlooks, and intellect...a harmonious relationship that can and does make coven members closer and more supportive of one another than even with families and blood relations. And yet, it is much, much more.

Each and every member of the Old Religion must live to grow and to become better as time goes on. Each Witch must ever strive to be calm and serene as a person, and to have a vast depth personally…the better to draw forth-internal strength and magic as it develops and is needed.

The Witch must constantly grow to be increasingly sensitive to people and to the world…far more than her or his fellows and neighbors. One must learn to thing magically, to live magically, to see the mystery and magic, which pervades and underlies all of existence...and yet work, maintain, support, and advance oneself solidly and self-sufficiently within the mundane world. The Witch must ever work, and work hard, to make a good life for herself or himself, and for families and loved ones. Life will never really be easy, but it can be made to be very, very rewarding.

One who pursues the Mysteries must always work to strengthen health and spirit, to build confidence, comeliness of face and body, and a personal magnetism to draw others within one’s influence.

All this and more is necessary to lay the groundwork for the Witch to live richly and fully, and long…far longer than one’s fellow humans. One who in every way masters the physical, mental, spiritual, and magical aspects of Self, will serve to build the magical “body of light” so that the Witch can pass easily and quickly into anew body, when the old one eventually can no longer be used.

The Witch must concentrate always on building sensitivities and powers far beyond those of ordinary humankind, yet always knowing responsibilities, high regard, and even love for all living things. “By helping others we ourselves are helped.”

There must be an ever-greater confidence and pride in oneself, for there is a building and expanding of oneself that never ends…ever seeking perfection of body, mind, spirit, and soul. Ever growing, ever gaining more within and without oneself. And enjoying it greatly. -

For the Witch, human horizons are not the limit…for ancient lore teaches that the true adept can eventually attain superhuman qualities and powers, and ultimately attain to demi-god/dess-hood. The human state can be far transcended, such that each who is worthy can gain the Portals into realms of time and space, and multitudes of realities and far dimensions that we, in our human form, cannot even conceive!

<the last part I don’t believe in truly>

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