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Anime Expo 2003 on Film

Hi, this is Sinclair's old college buddy Jesse, here to share some pictures from Anime Expo 2003! Please excuse the quality of some of the photographs; a relative was borrowing my digital camera so I had to make do with a conventional camera that I wasn't accustomed to.

* Being as lazy as I am, there probably won't be any detailed convention report on my part. However, my comments about each image will appear when you hold your cursor over their thumbnail (just like Sinclair's convention galleries). You can also e-mail Sinclair any questions you would like to ask me (he'll forward them to my mailbox). *

Sights Of The Convention!

The Pioneer booth this year was populated by shapely schoolgirls passing out promotional materials Abe Noriyuki, director of YU YU HAKUSHO, GTO and TOKYO MEW MEW, was in attendance at the Studio Pierrot panel Ardith Santiago, president for the Broccoli-owned Anime Gamers retail division, looks extremely weary (but at least it must mean that business is doing well) Also at the Studio Pierrot panel was Kitayama Mari, who provided character designs for YU YU HAKUSHO in addition to TOKYO MEW MEW Signing autographs at the Anime Jungle booth was Okura Junko, a rising seiyuu (voice actress) in Japan who also performed at the Masquerade! A smooth Yuuki Nobuteru (in shades) & the always napping Akane Kazuki (right) are known as the character designer and director (respectively) for both TENKU NO ESCAFLOWNE and HEAT GUY J Koushi Rikudo, creator of EXCEL SAGA as well as several doujinshi (including hentai, which he deftly claims to belong to an imposter) regaled his panel with non-stop humor as well as a vocal rendition of the ~Koushi Rikudo~ song! Rhona Medina, president of marketing at Urban Vision Entertainment, takes a short break from promoting the new NINJA SCROLL series Bandai's booth featured this impressive fully-armored CAPO soldier from JIN-ROH Promoting her first solo album (Fiction) was Kajiura Yuki, popular composer for NOIR and .hack, who also treated fans to a concert featuring Emily Bindiger (vocalist), Nishikawa Susumu (guitarist), and Konno Hitoshi (violinist) One of a very limited number of leather jackets produced exclusively for HEAT GUY J, autographed by both Yuuki Nobuteru & Akane Kazuki, heading for the AX charity auction All hail Ishiguro Noboru, the reknowned director of MACROSS and LEGEND OF THE GALACTIC HEROES! Shiota Tetsu, the always friendly manager of Little Tokyo's Anime Jungle shop located in downtown Los Angeles (although he still looks like a yakuza)

The Studio Pierrot panel celebrated YU YU HAKUSHO with character designer Kitayama Mari, director Abe Noriyuki, and Pierrot president Nunokawa Yuji (far right) Ishiguro and the #1 Macross fan are immortalized

Ueda Yasuyuki & Abe Yoshitoshi, producer/creator & character designer (respectively) for SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN, autographing my Lain cel and a shikishi from HAIBANE RENMEI (which Abe also created) A spectacular framed hanken mono cel of Morgan, Peorth, Skuld, Urd, & Belldandy from the AH! MEGAMI-SAMA MOVIE

Pretty hanken mono cel (produced exclusively for promotional use only) of Belldandy from the AH! MEGAMI-SAMA MOVIE

Autographed Stuff!

Please click on the image directly below to view all the neat items we managed to get autographed at Anime Expo this year!

Yes, this was all accomplished in just four days!  And no, I still don't consider myself an otaku!


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