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Anime Expo 2003 Cosplay

I'm not much of a cosplayer fanatic myself, but hopefully there is still enough in this gallery to satisfy those of you who are. (And if not, please feel free to visit the other photo galleries I have posted on this site for your pleasure.) This year's Anime Expo cosplay has by far surpassed every other convention I have ever attended (combined!), so you should definitely check out as many photos as possible to find out what else you missed!

Cosplay Gallery

Sango from INU YASHA Chidori Kaname and Tokiwa Kyouko from FULL METAL PANIC Suu from CLOVER Chloe from NOIR (pardon the image's fuzziness) Lillith from DARK STALKERS 3 (game) Gon Freeks from HUNTER X HUNTER Mitsurugi Ryoko & Kiribayashi Azumi from SAMURAI GIRL ~ REAL BOUT HIGH SCHOOL 2 Vash The Stampedes & Nicholas Wolfwood (center) from TRIGUN; at least one of them probably ate way too many donuts Hayase Misa from MACROSS Seung Mina & Taki from SOUL CALIBUR (game) Karou Kozue from SHOUJO KAKUMEI UTENA Kuroro & Hisoka of the Genei Ryodan from HUNTER X HUNTER Gattsu from BERSERK Yukishiro Enishi from RUROUNI KENSHIN SEISOUHEN Souryu Asuka Langley from EVANGELION Blanche from KIDOU TENSHI ANGELIC LAYER Rikku, Relm Arrowny, Yuna and Tifa Lockheart (bottom right) from the FINAL FANTASY X-2, VI, X-2, and VIII games (respectively) Momomiya Ichigo from TOKYO MEW MEW Haruhara Haruko from FLCL (FURI KURI) Sephiroth & Cloud Strife from FINAL FANTASY VII (game) about to share a yaoi moment Onizuka Eikichi from GREAT TEACHER ONIZUKA (GTO) Bear & BT from .hack//SIGN Beyond The Grave from GUNGRAVE (game) Sora & Kairi from KINGDOM HEARTS (game) Mireille Bouquet from NOIR Chii from CHOBITS Mutou (Yami) Yugi, Bokura Ryou, & Ishtar Marik from YU-GI-OH DUEL MONSTERS Surprised enemy soldier from METAL GEAR SOLID (game) Kikyo from INU YASHA Evila & Ulala from SPACE CHANNEL 5 (game) Nausicaš from KAZE NO TANI NAUSICAA Hongo Yui & Yuki Miaka from FUSHIGI YUUGI apparently switched their hair colors Lenne from FINAL FANTASY X-2 (game) Sesshoumaru from INU YASHA Meroko from MANTGETSU WO SAGASHITE & Fin Fish from KAMIKAZE KAITOU JEANNE Fuse Kazuki from JIN-ROH Deedlit from LODOSS TOU SENKI Yuna & Lenne from FINAL FANTASY X-2 (game) Yuna & Lenne from FINAL FANTASY X-2 (game) striking a sexier pose (too bad the camera was out of focus) Okay, so this photo of the Dark Magician Girl from YU-GI-OH DUEL MONSTERS actually came from Comic-Con a few weeks later, but who's keeping track anyway?  She was at AX too, at any rate...

Yuna & Lenne from FINAL FANTASY X-2 (game) close up Alexander Anderson & Alucard from HELLSING Inu Yasha & Sesshoumaru from INU YASHA The entire cast from AZUMANGA DAIOH (well, minus Yukari-sensei & Minamo-sensei), including the different seasonal school uniforms and cafe festival costumes! Tsukasa, Helba & BT from .hack//SIGN Kanzeon Bosatsu, Genjo Sanzo, Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo, & Son Goku from GENSOMADEN SAIYUKI, complete with a fully motorized Hakuryu jeep (yeah, I know, the flash didn't work properly!) Aino Minako (Sailor Venus) from BISHOUJO SAILOR MOON, Millenia from GRANDIA (game) & Lulu from FINAL FANTASY X (game) Persocons (Kotoko, Yuzuki, Sumomo, Chii & Freya) from CHOBITS Mibu Kyoshiro from SAMURAI DEEPER KYO Baiken, Testament, Sol Badguy, Johnny, Dizzy, May & Zappa from GUILTY GEAR XX (game) Vash the Stampede from TRIGUN, Shinguchi Sakura from SAKURA TAISEN, Inu Yasha from INU YASHA, Katsuragi Misato from EVANGELION, & Kotoko from CHOBITS Yuna & Lenne from FINAL FANTASY X-2 (game) even closer up (yeah baby!)

Motto! Motto! Cosplay!