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Premonitions & Intuitions

Welcome to all! before I begin I want you know that I don't label myself as a "god" I merely share a gift that has been a part of me for years, I am finally bringing it out to share with ones who find it interesting and perhaps share the same gift as I.

I realized I had a gift back in high school, after an incident happened when some kids started harrassing my friend Rigo & I. One day it was so bad I turned to Rigo with the last straw and uttered the words that I knew would somehow change my life, "Those kids are going to be sorry for bugging us." I looked at the guys whom were laughing at us and said "you know you should be careful cause something is about to happen to you that may be very bad." The next day Rigo came to me and said "you're never gonna believe this but those guys that kept bugging us were in an accident" I did not believe what he was telling me at first, until he said to me "you warned them too" in kiddingly voice called me a "witch" Glad to report the kids were'nt badly hurt. Coincidence or?? You be the judge.

Somehow I believe those words I uttered hit home to them because they stopped the harrassment. After taking it all in through the day I came home and thought it was coincidence and told myself to just forget about it. I found through the rest of my teen years, that incidents were happening where I was predicting them before hand and it was errie for me because at the time I did not know how to handle it I was afraid to tell anyone for fear they might think I dipped into the liquor cabinet{wink}.

Into my early 20's I got married and it was a semi rocky marriage, I woke one morning and it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was going to be alone soon. I was a bit scared of this feeling of knowing exactly what was going to happen and it was strong. I dismissed it at the time I couldn't do anything other than trying to shake the thoguht away, which I did. A few years later my husband was diagnosed with cancer and at that time it hit me "this is why you felt you were going to be alone" I saw it coming and there was nothing I could do other than pray for a miracle.

My husband left my world in 1997 and thats when I studied more into my gift, it was a therapy for me to help ease my mind. Above all I felt that it would be beneficial to not be scared of the gift and work with it to possibly help others that come into my life along the way. So I became more interested in the gift and now I find it quite facinating and interesting to know.

For those whom have emailed me; I dont study witch craft, paganism, nor claim to be a witch. Although I have been approached to study in a coven I never felt that was my place to be.

In my recent journey with a roomie whom was severely lost in life, I tried to help guide her, to somehow help her see the decisions she was making were not right ones. I don't dictate to anyone, I offered my guidance, although she chose the path of ignorance she learnt that I was right from the beginning, things I told her were going to happen ahead, DID. Blindness upon her heart, only made her dislike me more, in conclusion she wanted to make her mistakes herself, rather than be warned. I stepped aside let her walk the path and watched her destroy her life, a hard thing to watch, but in the end I asked her to leave only because her choices would harm not only myself but my children. Hope one day she will learn if not from me, but someone else with the purest intentions.

Premonition: Previous notice or warning; a Forewarning. Anticipation of an event without conscious reason presentment.

Intuition: A quick and ready insight; Immediate apprehension or cognition; knowledge or conviction gained by intuition

Prophetic/Pro*phet*i*cal: one gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight;one who foretells future events : Predictor.

In Closing; I was finally ready to share my thoughts and gift with my mother and a couple of friends, whom felt it very interesting and enlightening. I felt I was ready to come forward and discuss it with them. Something I learned though I am not always right but 95% of the time I hit it on the head. I teach many whom are ready and willing to learn.

Thank you for visiting my site, hope you enjoy your stay and for those that have inquired about "readings" I am not quite to that point in my life I am merely act as a guide in one's life, touching by preminitions, fortelling what others must be cautious about in one's life. Mostly leading to the dangers that lay ahead of one's life, more a 6th sense. My Care *Victoria*