Moonstone Dreams Online

Moonstone Dreams Online

Welcome to the official site of author Victoria A. Wood as well as the official home of her Moonstone Dreams series. Victoria takes you through every channel of emotions as your soul absorbs every breath taking poem and short story. Victoria A. Wood not only captivates your mind & soul but she writes from the deep depths within herself, a place we find hard to reach in ourselves. A very moving author, very riviting writing, an absolute fresh breath this world longs to have as a true poet stands in todays world. As a teen Victoria's Poetry and Short story writings have made her an iconic figure through school and in today's world, as she captivates the world with her class A writing techniques. A soul of ripples in the waters of purity with the reflections of the desires of the heart, hopes, triumphant waiver of love lost, gained and recaptured.

Take with you a piece of her heart n' soul as you explore her web site.

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