Many wonder what dreams are all about, or if dreams come true. The bottom line is yes its true, dreams do come true. Dreams unfold things, people, episodes that will come into your life, and I offer my opinions/guidance to unveil what dreams mean. Although, it takes time for a dream to come alive, it may not happen tomorrow, next week, or in a month from now. I can personally tell you that your dreams do/can come true in a round about way. When, (I) say "round about" means that you will in a dejavue way just say to yourself "Hey I dreamt that."

On a personal note: In my journeys in life many things that I have dreamt have become real I felt strongly as they were a revalation to me. Some dreams may be frightening, worry-some, scary and on the hand very pleasant. We have paths that we must take and since birth we are on a path which on a technical not was "the birthing canal." Interesting part of a dream is to really get to know them, if they mean something to you then you must go back into the mind and find where you are at in life. Sounds too deep perhaps but its interesting sort of like making a family tree, in the sense of the branches. Those branches are our past, present and future. We can tell where our furture is going and what it may be like, in the sense we have our goals. This too can get deep as well, but the best way to understand is to slowly seperate the parts of the dream(s). Death is scary to say the least but this is where you face your fear(s), do not fear death as the #1 thing to keep in mind. As many think death can mean "END" and some say it can mean "another life" I am not here to tell you "right or wrong" on this particular topic as many feel death means something different to them. My personal opinion is to look into why you are dreaming death, find out what turmoil you are going through. If no turmoil is evident then, best thing is to search more into it. Since death does not necessarily mean something terrible. I have found a few meanings for you below, they are from the books I recommend below.

To dream of "Death" which has many speculations as to why we dream of death and with that so many explanations. As far as I have read up about death, it can mean numerous things.

(A) Dreaming your dead: Means you will work for someone in authority, will grow rich, live a long time, although not without much envy.

(B)To those who are married it fortells young children and they will be dutiful and give you great comfort.

(C)If it seems you are put into a grave and buried, that indicates you will die poor, although some people believe if you dream your are dead and buried means you will inherit property, the size of which will be in relation to the amount of earth under which you are buried.

"The Complete Book of Dreams" by: Edwin Raphael

"10,000 Dreams Interpreted" by: Gustavus Hindman Miller

From time to time I will share some of my dreams and you are most welcome to share as well. Please take a look at the dream books recommendation list and if you have any recommendations to add please feel free to email them toVictoria.